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  1. OK thanks for the inputs. On a final note I currently don't own a Praetorian. Is it worth the investment or will the Nausicaa and Conqueror do the jobs just as well? (I have 1 x Nausicaa and 1 x Conqueror)
  2. Going with the list above it should be fairly resilient? Is it worth considering going 2 x Carrier or the like instead of one Battleship?
  3. We're now switching from 1K to 800 point MFV for casual play, and am considering the following list. Any Input is welcome. 285: 1 x Battleship, Nausicaa -1 Turn +10 +2 MN +5 Torp to Fore +10 Double Mines +10 Primary to Scatter +5 Split Fire +5 High Energy MAR +5 3 Escorts +45 390: 2 x Cruiser Squadrons (3 ships) Secured Bulkheads +5 120: 2 x Frigate Squadrons (3 Ships)
  4. It started at 930am registration for a 10am start, and we finished play about 8pm. We were capped at 5 turns per round.
  5. Sorry I neglected to add the 2 x 2 cruiser squadron. 4 of the ten players had 1400 points as that was written on the Facebook post but the fliers had something different. I included the dreadnought to bump up to close to that point count and it was the only extra model I had. I had to proxy another cruiser.
  6. Ended up 4-1 on the day losing to a well kitted Aquan team. Ended up taking the following: Dreadnought: -1" TL, +3 WC, Scatter Weapons, Split Fire Weapons, 3 Escorts Battleship: -1" TL, +2 MN, Open Fore Torpedoes, Double Mines, Scatter Weapons, Split Fire Weapons, High Energy Weapons, 3 Escorts Carrier: 2 x Cruisers, +2 WC, 2 x 4 Interceptor Tokens 3 x 3 Frigate squad It was fun and I deviated from the suggestion a little because I painted the Dreadnought and wanted to show it off (satisfaction of my own vanity, I know). I faced 2 x Aquan, 1 x Sorylian, 1 x Terran, 1 x Dindrenzi.
  7. That's really great feedback. Thanks for this. It gives me a week to chase extras for escorts, if not I have something to toy with. I am still adapting to rules different to Warmahordes and 40K and things like optional extras on ships I am getting used to. Will let you know how I go.
  8. Hello again. I now have the following, and wish some assistance in forming a list for my first tournament. Any assistance and discussion is welcome. I am still an inexperienced fleet commander so if I miss nuances in choices I do apologise. Restrictions: Battle Fleet, with 1200 Point restriction. I will most likely be facing Aquan, Relthoza, Sorylian and Terran fleets. Mostly Aquan though. Models to play with: 6 x Buckler Class Escort 6 x Hammer Class Frigate 6 x Thraex Class Frigate 3 x Fury Class Cruiser 3 x Secutor Class Cruiser 2 x Gladius Class Gunship 1 x Nausicaa Class Battleship 1 x Conqueror Class Battleship 1 x Falchion Class Carrier 1 x Retribution Class Dreadnought Thanks in advance.
  9. Thanks all for the suggestions. I thought I would update to say I did indeed purchase a Dindrenzi Patrol Fleet. I am now looking at fleshing out the ranks a little and am looking at either the Dreadnought Group or the Carrier Group. In your experiences what has a better synergy, and is it worth picking up some extra frigates and corvettes or should I go with another Cruiser Group? Similarly is Reinforcement Squadron good bang for buck?
  10. Thanks all for your feedback. I really do appreciate it. To ensure I am not misunderstanding, is this the box you are referring to? Dindrenzi Patrol Box
  11. Howdy. I recently took a demonstration of Firestorm Armada at a board and table top game meet and enjoyed the game. I tried out a Terran force against Aquan, and although I didn't do well, I did enjoy the myself and am now looking at investing in something of my own. Through looking at models and play style I believe I lend myself more toward the Dindrenzi, and as such am now looking to start my own fleet. What is the best place to start as far as models go, and what should I aim to have? Most groups here either play 500, 750, or 1100 point fleets, and as such would like a versatile 1100 point fleet to match the lower point levels. Thanks in advance for your input.
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