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  1. We are a small but dedicated group of wargamers who meet every Sunday at St Peters church hall Yeovil. We game from 12-9. First day is free then £5 a day. We have a good extra group of friends who cant make sundays but do play Dystopian wars, Planetfall and FSA along with others. We have a strong group of roleplayers in our numbers too http://yeovilgames.co.uk/ we are also on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/YeovilGames
  2. Protection from sas. Only saw no local after post whoops.
  3. Take 2 Springfields as escorts to providence.
  4. I find they live longer than the anna when I field them lol
  5. At the moment I'm preferring a sqn of Princeton's over the anna
  6. the Gustav has rb1-4 broadside Tesla torpedoes it gets to re-roll 2 die on its AB which is quite good. may be its just due to my opponent targeting it very early and crippling it made it feel weak in comparison as the Prov has a major blind spot that the Gustav doesn't have
  7. I've proxied the providence before and it feels weaker than the Gustav for the same points
  8. Dreadnought time

    Under 1250 I would take 2 heavy battleships
  9. Dreadnought time

    I took the enterprise in a 1250 game and it did well
  10. I agree with your comments and like your idea on a mk3. We definitely need torpedoes
  11. 2.5 quick reference

    commodore tables?
  12. How about making the old gen.1 battleships non capital ships
  13. The illustrious has redoubtable model mar, 360 movement, mines, can get shields
  14. The heavy bombers do need love too

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