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  1. That being said, if you aren't putting idle units in Overwatch, it's a waste. Hitting on a 3-6 is worth it
  2. Hah, so did I!. Used it last game and it did help.
  3. For "scenario" based games, I'd say sure why not? Makes the game interesting. For tournament rules, that's a different story.
  4. So, some of the wording you guys are using about the crystals worries me.. Considering the only range on the Crystal is ER, that statement is misleading. Any attack from any unit at ER ignores Hover. Also, the crystal can't shoot around corners, it uses LOS like any other unit. All the crystal does is allow a unit to bounce their attack off of it. Odds are, you'd have to roll really lucky to out roll the initial shot. You can lose a lot of damage potential using the Crystal, and you also lose all Weapon MARs your initial shot owned.
  5. Perfect! That's what I was assuming. It's not PoV from the attacker, but PoV of the target. Thanks!
  6. So I'm wondering how people are ruling on Aft or Flank bonuses. Do you determine off the target's Arc (using the 90-degree template), or just eyeball it? For instance Are both of these instances In front of the target, or are they aft? Especially the far right example. He's far enough to the side of the target to be able to hit the aft section. Or would he have to be forward more to target the right side? Does the 50% rule apply to a single model?
  7. Makabriel


  8. So, from my understanding of the way the rule is worded, in the OP's example, only 1 Borka would be able to be attacked. Here's the rule, (emphasis mine) Here's how Validation would go. Visith squad declares attack on Borka squad. Visith Model 1 checks LOS and has LoS on all models Visith Model 2 checks LOS and only has LoS to one model. It can only contribute to an attack made against 1 model Visith commander has 2 choices. Attack with with 1 model against whole squadron, or his whole squadron against 1 unit. So you may be making attacks against a squadron, but you validate LoS against each model individually.
  9. And to expand on the above... If the Base contact initiates CQB, but the others do not, the Leviathan can retaliate against the based unit, and should be able to initiate its own standard CQB (assuming it hasn't already done so) against the rest of the units, as they have moved into it's 4" range and part of the same squad. In my opinion, of course..
  10. So as my very first post on the board, I'm going to be jumping into probably one of the more complex posts, From going by how the rules are structured for most everything else, the way I figure it is that there are two separate CQB rounds. In the above instances, what would happen would be the attacker initiates Leviathan CQB for anyone in base contact with the model, and then normal CQB for the rest. 2 separate CQB attacks Leviathan CQB round = Models that are in base contact, versus the Leviathan's secondary CQB rating. Models not in base contact cannot participate. Leviathan cannot target a model not in Base contact. Normal CQB round = Models that are not in base contact (as base models cannot initiate a second CQB attack) and within 4", versus the Leviathan's primary CQB. Remember, all squadrons may react to multiple CQB, but a squadron may only initiate once. Say for some crazy reason, the Squad decides not to initiate any CQB. In this case, the Leviathan either does their specialized CQB against models in base contact, or their primary CQB against -any- model in the squadron within 4". One or the other. That's my take. And hello everyone!!
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