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  1. The laser cut verion is immense!
  2. I will look into that cheers. I love the Works Raptor models, I haven't seen any stats on them, I will have a look are RSN any good? I love their models too...??
  3. Thanks for that. They are definately intriguing, I like the styling of the ships. I think I want to try a long range fleet...any suggestions?
  4. Hey guys, Just wanted a little chat and some advice...first fleet I have is Sorylian, not sure which to go for next...I really like Xelocians, Dindrenzi and Directorate, undoubtedly I will end up with all of the above, but right now I am looking short ternlm...I'm thinking of going Directorate just interested in peoples opinions and insights on the factions and how they play
  5. Looking for people to play Firestorm Armada in the Derbyshire area!

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