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  1. I used PayPal also and everything worked out. I now even have my refund from a previous March purchase. Contact customer service and they'll get you sorted out quick!
  2. I 'ordered' it on the 11th, and it went live on the 15th. I also got my shipping refunded on the 15th. So I believe that was 3 business days? I still don't have the 15% refund from a March purchase, but that's not that concerning to me - I know it'll get sorted out.
  3. My subscription went through and the shipping fee was refunded! Now when I browse the store it shows Corinthian prices. Easy as pie!
  4. Secryt

    Magnets sizes

    OK I have a silly question... why magnetize? Are you expecting to not use the more powerful model when you play? Or do you expect new things you can swap in its place? I'm having a hard thinking of a use case other than not taking advantage of the more powerful unit... Just wondering. I'm thinking of picking a box up and considering why I would magnetize. Thanks!
  5. Did you pull the trigger yet? I'm new to Firestorm but have played HFB and absolutely loved it. I've been hemming & hawing this week over which faction box to get. Fluff wise, I like the Terrans and I'm a sucker for the regular humans in games (I only play Imperial Guard in 40k) but I think that the Relthozans can offer a really cool play style. I also really like their ship models!
  6. Thanks guys! I like the combination of ideas. I think I may get the Taskforce box and then proxy ships to try out the Armada rules!
  7. Hi all! I'm brand new here. I have ever so recently become a fan of Spartan due to HFB. I'm in Southern Oregon and am beating the drum loud at the few FLGSs around me! Firestorm intrigued me but I was concerned at the investment I would need to do in order to have two armies (so friends could play with me). These Taskforce boxes look really nice and I like the skirmish feel to them that scales up. My question is whether or not these Taskforce boxes are sufficient enough to get a copy of Armada 2.0 rules and play with these. In other words, would I need to purchase other ships in order to make this Taskforce box playable with 2.0 rules? Or are the included ships in here enough to play with FA rules also? As a noob to Firestorm, Spartan's blog post (below) confused me more. It makes it sound like the ships in the Taskforce boxes aren't yet compatible with FA rules (are they new ships?) but they'll be errata coming out... So considering that I want the Taskforce box, if I want the FA 2.0 book also, are there any other ships I will need? Thanks! From the Spartan Blog:
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