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  1. These sound really good guys. I'm getting a great idea of which way I should head. Noting the long range and using the zenos is what I need to hear and have ideas about. Does anyone use just flyers?
  2. And now 2 zenos and the pythes small flyers
  3. There doesn't seem to be many restrictions that I'm aware of. I'm not the only collector of COA so I believe most if not all the ships are available. I'm not exactly spending lots at the moment either so I can buy what I need. I have myself. The Hunter flotilla. Epicurus. Battle flotilla. One of the carriers and an orb
  4. Hi guys. As stated above am a new player to dystopian wars. At my local club we are playing the campaign with a limit of 800 points for your fleet. Naval only. I'm looking for advice. Which ships work better with others? Are there any I should avoid unless I play in particular fashion? As it is I have been building fleets blind and will be coming up against enemies soon. In practice I fought well with a pair of fresnels aristotle and the thales diogenes as littlen I should mention. I liked the look of the aronax so alot of my current fleets have 1 of them floating around haha. Anyway. Any advice on tactics. 800 point fleets would be most welcome. Thanks
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