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  1. Aha I see. Well atm I'm pretty undecided if I should get more of them right away. I'm not a 100% sure what use both of the small armoured are in CF. I'll probably use them defensively as back up to more valuable units. Rugged construction on a small unit is pretty crazy tho xD
  2. Okay, good! When things seem madly powerful or weak, it's sometimes a sign that we got a rule wrong or something so I just wanted to check
  3. Is it just me or does this make Fighter SAS really powerful against aerial models? We had a situation were five fighter SAS took out one bomber each turn as they can just stay just withing 4" of one so the rest of the bombers in the unit can't counter attack, and the SAS just unloads with 10 AD with hunter aerial to boot, vs like 1-2 AD ( heavy blue as well) from the poor bomber. Maybe it's meant to be that way and it was just shockingly effective, but it felt insanely effective :0
  4. Ah I see, a little confusing. Thanks for clearing that up Now I just have to stare intently at my shopping basket until I can figure out what else to order
  5. The image on the store says 4 Fushi class small robots, but the text underneath in the description says 8. Also the number of SAS tokens are different too. Which one is correct? The image or the description?
  6. Can fighter SAWs attack land/naval units with their ack ack? And is there any difference if they initaite an attack run on another non SAW aerial unit, is it still 4+ exploding dice? It just feels really powerful in some cases so I think I'm missing something. xD
  7. How are you guys liking the armoured forces? I'm really loving the look of Shi class medium robots, but how does the Chinese land forces work? There's flaming rockets and flamethrowers, so are they close combat, gun liney or what's the 'feel'? Just trying to figure out if they're an army for me
  8. Ah I see, spotters is a nice addition. I'm gonna use the Specialist group squadron with bs-3's and a recon infantry tomorrow, giving the infantry Expert spotting for +5 pts sounds like a good deal. Speaking of, what are your guys thoughts on these Specialist groups? Any useful ones? the Geist Squadron seems interesting, but I'm not sure how good it'd be. As far as I understand it they just work like a normal unit, but has some mixed vehicles in them? It seems kinda strange to me to be frank, but I'm guessing I'm just too used to formations in 40k giving some extra buffs or something xD
  9. Well, I still lost this game, but only barely. The Reckes are a very nice unit with their shield bubbles, and the assault infantry was pretty devestating. I really really liked the zerstörers too, but I think I used them wrong because they flew on my right flank, bombing a few targets along the way, and then turned around to help the main battle by bombing the enemey Commodore, causing the corrosive critical hit and lightning rodding him so that my other tanks could finish him off. Would have been way more effective to just sync the bombings with a group of tanks (or two) shooting at the same targets as them. But as he only had one small unit of 3 non capital units, most of his army could only hit them on 6's when they were in the obscured height level, really nice! I've yet to feel the Sturmpanzer to be worth it, it melts very quickly under fire. Thank the Kaiser it has Redoubtable on all of its weapons :0
  10. Very nice batrep, that board is gorgeous too! How long did it take to play a 3000 pts game btw? :]
  11. Btw, how are the rItters used effectively? they just reinforce other units AP, right, so when are they a good idea to take?
  12. oh balls, I forgot about the limits on how many flyers I could bring for a land battle >.<
  13. Mikeymajq

    Mikes Prussian Panzer and Air Division

    Tesla weeponry operational mein Kommendante!
  14. Mikeymajq


    From the album: Mikes Prussian Panzer and Air Division

    Basically the 1.0 startbox done, just missing 5 more waltze small tanks
  15. Mikeymajq


    From the album: Mikes Prussian Panzer and Air Division

    some more smalls might be good to have to round out my force with.
  16. Mikeymajq


    From the album: Mikes Prussian Panzer and Air Division

    I freaking love that the Prussians have loads of blimps.
  17. Mikeymajq


    From the album: Mikes Prussian Panzer and Air Division

    Some smaller than small bombers
  18. Mikeymajq

    A6 V

    From the album: Mikes Prussian Panzer and Air Division

    tried doing an alternate colour scheme, but as we're no longer doing desert landscapes as we planned, I'm probably going to have to repaint this one!
  19. Mikeymajq


    From the album: Mikes Prussian Panzer and Air Division

    A 750 pts list.
  20. So here's my budding collection of Tesla toting Prussians! I'm going to repaint the bases for snow/tundra as that's how our new table will look, so for now I just left most of them brown.
  21. Oh. So a flying unit in the obscured height level can still bomb/shoot the living snot out of ground forces, is there any disadvantage to being in the obscured height level, apart from boarding ground forces?
  22. Holy moly this looks awesome! :D
  23. Oh man, I've totally missed that! That makes the A6-V a lot better in my eyes (and the CF-4's too then, if they don't lose the speerschleuder effect on linking). Gonna play a 750 game today, back to basics because our last game got bogged down by introducing too much new stuff and upping the pts by about 250-300 pts. I'm bringing a Gewitterwolke,1 Sturmpanzer, 3 Bs-3 Bombards, 2 Recke and 4 zerstörers. Might switch to some other medium tanks last minute I'm not sure on the Sturmpanzer yet.
  24. Thanks, I misread the whole thing the first time. This will help me board stuff a bit! Next question, and it's probably a silly one, can a flyer in the obscured height band attack other flyers in the obscured height band? (If I'm reading it right they need to be in the aerial to attack ground forces but it doesn't say anything about attacking other flyers).
  25. Wait, only capitals can be targeted by indirect fire? :0 I think my plan is this then, spot 'em, speerschleuder them with my zerstörers and then bombard them with my bs-3's
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