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  1. Hello everybody. Considering the weight of the wings of the Relthoza Cruisers, I suggest using a hobby drill to carefully widen the holes to fit magnet with 3x2 mm (the same magnets fitting for the flighpegs). This makes the ships a lot steadier. But by careful not to drill to deep or not deep enough because the connection points need to be smooth. Happy hunting fellow spiders!
  2. Hallo everybody, stat-problem is solved. As always, Neil's / SG's service is excellent! Thank you very much!
  3. The Question i have to ask is: What are the Ships Stats? I got my Sorylian vs Relthoza Box. Not only are 2 Ships missing. I GOT NO STAT CARDS! So til SG reacts i can only look at the ships and two empty flightstands..... Playing is Mission Impossible! Really disappointed here!
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