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  1. In regards to Chris Houghtan's Aquans, I don't think they're that bad. I mean, last year we had 4 different Aquan lists and they came 1st, 10th, 15th, and 19th.
  2. I REALLY dislike the removing of degrading weapons. While it would be nice to see things like Grav brought down to normal, I can't help but feel it would be less thematic, and make tier 1s remain powerful even on low hp. 1 Weapon that fires 15 shots is still firing 15 shots.
  3. Just run Relthoza with full Biohazard and Assault Cruisers.
  4. Was great fun - already planning a list for next year. =)
  5. 1000 point tournament results at Reading Warfare: Unsure if any of them are on forums. Players: Dave / Jake Points Value: 1000Scenario: House ScenarioFactions & Allies: Relthoza / Omnidyne-SyndicateBattle Log Scores: 15 / -1 Players: Dave / (Forgot the name) Points Value: 1000Scenario: House ScenarioFactions & Allies: Relthoza / DindrenziBattle Log Scores: 15 / 6 Players: Dave / Chris Points Value: 1000Scenario: House ScenarioFactions & Allies: Relthoza / AquansBattle Log Scores: -4 / 14 Players: Dave / Chris (A different Chris) Points Value: 1000Scenario: House ScenarioFactions & Allies: Relthoza / AquansBattle Log Scores: 15 / -1 Players: Dave / Ryan Points Value: 1000Scenario: House ScenarioFactions & Allies: Relthoza / TerrakiansBattle Log Scores: 11 / 3
  6. Dreads can be good, but are often a detriment due to the sheer cost - often, they aren't THAT much tougher than a Battleship - a couple of unlucky hits and they get gimped heavily.
  7. Remember we have Wrath of the red dragon (iirc the name), which means everything in range (plus the commodore/battleship) auto-passes isolated systems for a turn.
  8. I disagree. 14AP is enough, even if it IS conscripts. And Redoubtable is nice, but two turrets is better.
  9. Nah. While the Battleship DID have some awesome moments (double critting a Dreadnought, and TRIPLE critting a heavy battleship with a total of 37 successes), the main stars were the SAW tokens, the gunships, and the Battlecruiser.
  10. 3. The ability to link the two turrets with the broadside is just too good to pass up. Rest of the list was 3 Gunships, 3 Carriers, 4 Destroyers, and a Battlecruiser.
  11. I was going to address the op point by point, but it was so terrible I couldn't be bothered. Instead, I'll just say that the single good idea you had-the mines, would work better than what we have now. As for your 'focus group', sounds like Firestorm is the wrong sort of game for them. They should either look at another game system, or play Taskforce.
  12. The Taskforce frigates come with smaller bases for ease of movement. As only the peg matters, can we use the smaller bases for older frigates? @Spartan Games would it be possible to have an official ruling on this?
  13. No rush, just wanted to make sure I was on the right track. ty. (Also, would the despatch office accept Spartan Vouchers?)
  14. I emailed them a few days ago, but no reply yet. Does it take X working days for them to reply, or do they scoop up all of their emails every Wednesday or somesuch?
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