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  1. I like the idea of using the carrier with 3 cruisers. Just need to get myself a carrier now..........and some cruisers. and finally can use bombers and interceptors but does this count as a teir 2 squadron? As you are replacing a tier 2 model with a teir 1. If its still counts as a teir 2 squadron that makes it very good for leading a recon battlegroup.
  2. Im a player and a sockists username: Final Re-Roll Address: 6 Nelson Street, Norwich, UK, NR2 4DN www.facebook.com/finalreroll medium stock
  3. Finished painting my Taskforce box and a few planets with moons to help make demo games look nice.
  4. -balteth I do agree with you on all these point as in most cases the summaries simplify the game or tactics. As a space lizard i would like the sheet summaries to be correct but in small point games it is already easy just to remove all the disorder tokens using the nomal biding system. As the games get larger im sure experienced engineers with become much more important.
  5. Well i read it as cyclic shielding works against any weapon attacks, but boarding is a non-weapon attack (see combining non-weapon attacks p17) the same as bombers so i say no. But can it be used against (not yet seen) cyber weapons and gravitational weapons as they ignore shields and point defence but the cyclic shielding says 'ALL weapon attacks. If it doesn't work against them, they should have changed it to say it can use shield against torpedoes. As that is all that is left to affect.
  6. I have noticed a few differences in the MARs between the Rulebook and the Fleet stat cards. I will list them below and how i see the differences. I have cut out some parts but have typed the important lines. Difficult target: book: -1 to attackers roll on damage table when targeted by weapon attacks. card: -1 to attackers roll on damage table. Result: bomber sorties and boarding assults are listed as (non-weapon attacks, p17 of the book under combining non-weapon attacks). So they should not be effected by this MAR when attacking if using the book but will if using the card. (This may have just been shortened to fit on the summary but is important to note) Cyclic shielding: in the book it says ALL weapon attacks. So can this be used against weapons with MARs that ignore shields and point defence? It lists (including torpedoes) but that is all it's useful against as bomber sorties and boarding assults are Non-weapons. Nuclear: book: roll a D6 for any models within 4" of that target. On the roll of 4+ the model suffers a disorder marker. Sheet: on a roll of 4+ ALL models within 4" suffer a disorder marker. Result: the wording of the book makes it sound like you roll for each model within 4" separately. But the sheet is very clear. Is the sheet right then only a few changes to the books wording would have made it say the same or was the sheet summery shortened but then way say 'ALL'? Experienced engineers: book: all models with this MAR remove 1 disorder marker in the repairs step on a roll of 4+. Sheet: you can roll for EACH disorder marker a model may have. Result: the wording of the book means each ship can roll a dice and remove a disorder marker on a 4+, but the sheet add a whole extra line saying you can roll for each Disorder marker. So is this a case of the rulebook having to have a sentence cut but they included it in the summary sheets? Minefield and cloaking fields are fine but could warn that the rules contain more then is in the summary. The rest are either fine (even if worded differently) or have not been seen on a fleet summary card yet. What are your thoughts? Is the book or summary cards correct? Its hard to tell as both contain more detail then the other depending on the MARs you are reading.
  7. Thats a very good point and makes sense to me when comparing it to multiple firing solutions. Just need to wait for a carrier option for my lizards to help defend my fleet i guess. Thanks.
  8. that sounds very harsh to me as you have very little chance of defending yourself. When your against the relthoza those disorder tokens soon start building up. So we have been playing it as the first 4 successes are lost in total from either rolls.
  9. Well damage markers affect the attackers boarding crew rolls as thats the only roll they make when boarding. Thats why im wondering how it affects the defenders 2 sets of rolls.
  10. Disorders markers reduce defensive successes thats easy to work out normally but for boarding you get the point defence and then the crew point roll off. If i had 4 disorder markers and 3 successful point defence rolls and say 5 successful crew point rolls. Would the first 4 successes be canclled meaning the 3 point defence and 1 crew point roll. Or is its 4 from each of the rolls or from just the point defence or crew roll. Thank you for the help in advance.
  11. In the rule book it states you roll 1 dice and on a 4+ You remove a disorder marker. But on the soryilan stat sheet its says you roll once per a disorder marker. So am i getting confused for no reason?
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