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  1. Hell it's about time great nice work
  2. Maybe a 2.0 rulebook well redacted with all mistaked corrected and a bunch of missions to bring some variety to the game? And more options for each helix and allies of course
  3. Thank you very much, i'm still working on it
  4. Hi, as my post for Aquan I just open this for my Relthoza army too. I'm just working on the Leviathan, hope you like
  5. Málaga

    Malagamer's Relthoza WIP

    Album for my Relthoza works
  6. Aquan 2x Core 1x Leviathan Relthoza 2x Core 1x Leviathan Directorate (WTS) 2x Core 1x Works Raptor Recon
  7. I just finish one Khitari base: Hope you like it and one less to start the fight:
  8. Málaga

    Málagamer's Aquans WIP

    Here we have some pics of my works.
  9. Hi i'm starting to paint my fleet ill upload here my progress. And here are 2 pics of my first work
  10. Thx you sir, combining pinpoint values should be a broken MAR
  11. About pinpoint rule, I need a clarification, when you combine IE 3 Lamanas and do damage but not destroy, how many pinpoint dices you roll 1 (highest value) or 3(highest value weapon * number of participating weapons)?
  12. Well, yes and no, because you have to obey to priority chain when you fire, so if you shoot to your first target and destroy it with pinpoint rule then you can shoot to next one closer (in the same squadron) but if you fail with pinpoint roll then you have to allocate damage to previously damaged tank and if you dont damage any other you will lose your second pinpoint roll chance.
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