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  1. Hi, I'm starting to assemble my new FSA fleet and was just wondering when it comes to turrets do people generally glue them in place or pin them so that they can rotate to pint at targets I also need to decide if I should pin the generators or just glue the shields one on Cheers Andy
  2. Cheers I already play Halo Fleet and Planetfall so I'm familiar with the basic concepts Hopefully I'll get chance to read the firing and linking section in the rules I'll see what's involved in scenario 5 when I get home. Something that doesn't involve all the models will be good as it's less to build
  3. Hi, I don't currently play DW but got the operation shadown hunter box in the black Friday sale, it arrived just before Christmas and has sat on my to do pile since then. Now a friend has said he is free for a game on Monday and I can introduce him to something new So I need to sort out the models in the box and also learn the rules. Do you have any recommendations for learning the rules quickly - a you tube video for example? Alooking do you think I should throw all the boxset models on the tableor use smaller fleets The other option is to just use the fell to action rules. Any opinions on doing that instead? Cheers
  4. Hi, I'm just getting started back in DW after dabbling in V1 at lunch but then not playing for many years. I have Shadow Hunter on order (please arrive soon) and I'm backing the kickstater for the new book and toys (and scenery). I've seen somewhere selling the FSA V1 starter naval set for £20, in your opinion is this worth getting or am I better off just sticking with the new box sets? Cheers Andy
  5. HI. I played dystopian wars first edition but stopped many years ago. I'm thinking of jumping back in and potentially focusing on the first play rules at least to start with. Seen as the sale is on its may as well take advantage So do you think I'll be better off with battle for iceland or shadow Hunter + fast play rules? I already have the 2nd edition rule book but haven't actually read it Cheers
  6. Aktr


    TRHINOMITE! Tri- it's got 3 legs Rhino - it's got a horn of death More - as in Dynamite because of all the explosions it will cause
  7. I don't need shiny new things all the time but I would rather field a uniform fleet rather then a fleet made of 2 or 3 races I'm also currently considering task force and halo Damn you Spartan why do you make so much nice stuff
  8. Still not sure if I'll take the FSA plunge but I'm hoping to try a demo game of it at Triples. By the sounds of things you can get a decent game out of a patrol fleet so that's good. Thanks for the advice
  9. Offcial stats would be really good, hopefully they'd even do the minor factions as I personally think they are some of the best models. I imagine this could be a long way down the line through
  10. Cheers chaps What's this new "syndicate box" not seen that in the shop It's good to know a standard game is 800 points, I was expecting it to be about 1500
  11. How do the minor races patrol fleets compare to the big 6 are they all around same points level give or take I'm currently looking at Oroshan, Tarakian and Ryushi. Although the Sorylians could be tempting. 2- 2.5 hours sound be fine but any longer then that and we would have difficulty fitting a game in
  12. Hi, I've not played FSA before but I will shortly be picking up a taskforce box or 2. As I like the sound of the fat play time I've also been looking at the ships for FSA proper and love the look of some of them. So I'm considering picking up a couple of patrol fleets and I'm wondering How much fun is a patrol fleet only game, does it get dull after the first few games until you expand? Are the patrol fleet boxes balanced with each other? How long does a patrol fleet game take once you know the rules? Cheers Andy
  13. I'd love to see some normal FSA ships converted into Task force
  14. Not taken the plunge yet, I'm off to triples in a couple of weeks so I'll buy it/then there
  15. Cheers that does help. I play PF so some of those make sense I just didn't know if the would play the same in TF as they do in PF Sounds like I'll get the Sorylian/Realthozia set and maybe the Terrian/dindrenzi one as well Whilst I play Asians in PF I might have to avoid that set as my PF opponent plays directorate and the meer mention of cyber attacks gives we a nervous twitch
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