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  1. glad you got a laugh out of my pain haha thanks
  2. been getting my arse kicked by my mate and his invisible bloody spiders recently, it prompted me to do this little doodle
  3. hey guys, i got a flechette group painted up also started my lucerns, heres the first what do you think?
  4. you make a fair point, will take pictures from further out next time i have to admit i was cringing a little at these, you cant see most of the little mistakes irl because they are so small, kinda humbled me a little, i was so proud of these untill i took the pictures and saw the real detail.. good motivation to improve i suppose and thanks about the name, iv heard of gratuitous space battles but never played it myself, most of the names for my ships have been inspired either by game events or just out of thin air shes very much living ip to her name, allways plucky and a pain to get rid of. iv named one of my heavies the "S.V.N stop it tickles" because my relthoza buddy had so much trouble scratching it with his little beams
  5. got an update, maneged to paint up my escorts and a couple of shots of them with big bro time to work on some frigates i think
  6. thanks guys i liked the idea that the heat from the sorylians turning up their temperature controls would cause a glow on any thinner parts of the hull, such as near the engines and weapon ports, that and i love the idea of the weapons firing so rapidly that they glow white hot after a salvo or two. iv got this mental image of the ship lighting up like a Christmas tree full of shotguns when they get into a fight > as for tactics, im mainly fighting relthoza, getting real tired of those sneaky bloody spiders! my group has a dindrenzi and a terran player too so il have to get in some games with them il try making better use of my boarding assaults, iv been trying to stick to RB2 to get the most AD out of my attacks, every little counts when shooting at invisible space spiders!
  7. greetings all, a new admiral has hatched i just recently got into armada with a few friends and thought id share im playing Sorylians and loving their aesthetics and lore i currently have a broadsword dreadnought, 2 hasta battlecruisers 4 kopis heavy cruisers, 4 falcata cruisers, 3 lucern light cruisers, 2 harvester gunships, 2 kestros destroyers, 12 flechette frigates and 3 kontos escorts its proving a to a bit of a learning curve to get any good results out of my fleet but im having fun anyway here are some pictures of my broadsword and a couple of cruisers, sorry for potato quality, taken with my phone. cruiser front aft dreadnought front aft group shot
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