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  1. Hi all, I'm just getting into UcS but don't have a rule book. My question; should I go ahead and buy a version 2 release of the UcS rule book or is what will be digitally released by Spartan this year essentially an updated rulebook, thus making the purchase of the version 2 book unnecessary? Please let me know some thoughts and thanks! -GM
  2. Painted or Clearance-Priced Ships, Game Bits

    Thanks for the replies; I'm in the US.
  3. Looking for Painted Ships/Game Bits for UcS

    That'd be AWESOME! I'm in the Midwest US but would be more than willing to pay some shipping. Please share those deets when you can!
  4. Hi all, I'm relatively new to war gaming and interested in collecting some painted UcS ships and game bits. Yes, I know it's all but dead (barring a digital rules release this quarter) but I still love the ships and would like to try some games. I've kept an eye on ebay and just thought I'd throw it out here too. Any links to some painted ships, game bits or even unpainted ships at clearance prices would be great. Thanks for any and all responses, GM
  5. Hi all, I'd like to start collecting some Dystopian Wars ships and game bits. Where's a good place to find either painted or clearance-priced items? I've been on ebay for awhile now but wondering if I should be looking elsewhere. Thanks for any help, GM

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