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  1. It will kill Tribal even more, with that changes, Agi will be even better.
  2. I think classic - 3 Agincourt + Dominiom. For big boys, in my opinion, Bastion's are better and cheaper, however Dominion + anything with Guardian gen, turret and torpedoes seems like solid combo. The only one who looks questionable with it, is Hood.
  3. I understand that stoic crew is good for fluff, but it isn't very useful on cruisers or any mediums with good AP, maybe add diehard on Tribals to make them super stable. I don't like idea of changing turret or adding Mar's on it, prefer standards for similar weapon system.
  4. For me would work - lowering the price or 15 aggressive AP (like I was suggesting in other thread, elite is too much in my opinion) or changing-adding generator (2 generators on medium ship - sounds pretty KoB) , don't know for which one, Tesla sounds ok, mayby Guardian (2,8",+1) or Mine Controller.
  5. I think it was already asked, but does Avenger have right stats on his turret battery 9/12/6/-, quite strange for KoB, or it's misprint?
  6. It's not greate indeed, but it's option on Tribal (mayby for +10, not +5) and there still huge difference in price and role, Vanguard have specific role, Tribal is all arounder.
  7. And what about Swift, Valiant, Vanguard? If it will become the only KoB naval with this tipe of crew, a lot of people will think about Tribal like wery flexibal unit. You always can said that there Scotsman crew there.
  8. Tribal just need upgrade to aggressive crew, not stoic, with this change it will be good alternative to Agincourt.
  9. I belive there is only regular hit, crit, double crit (14AD or more on this ship), triple crit & so on, psge 38 of starter rullebook, for 13AD you will get just a crit.
  10. Can I use GNE generator effect on myself or only on other skimmer squadron, it is activates before movement and there is no problem with range or LOS, you always can see yourself.
  11. Why, it's burrowing + muilty purpose, doesn't it mean that Arronax can submerge land and sea?
  12. Ika, Arronax, Sturmbringer was very popular in 1.1, Vengeance not so popular, but common choice, and they all was very annoying and fearsome enemies. I think it will remain in 2.0 so torpedoes will have a job.
  13. Thanks a lot Ater. According to changes, what about shield/jammer, does it work against one attack in a row, like AA/CC, or against all.
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