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  1. HI guys, head over to the Downloads section for PDF's of ALL of the Alliance Nation Statistics - including the Invaders :)These are fully 2.0 compatible and form another part of the "living Rulebook" so keep an eye out for notifications of updates. There are also updated Major Nation statistics PDF's for you. Have a great weekends gaming.
  2. I can't give you any specifics on the release dates at this time...... but i can tell you there are many pretty painted toys here at Spartan Towers and this is growing by the day
  3. would it help if i told you that I am sat mere feet away from an eight foot by four foot board covered in lovely painted models........
  4. Hi Guys, its a lovely sunny Friday and here at Spartan Towers another model has rolled (or rather VTOL'd) off my painting desk and into a photograph It would be really mean for me not to share with you the delights of the Directorate Gunship. I NEED more of these in my life.....what about you guys?
  5. Ben


    glad you all like them........... more images soon. the bases are a mix and are either molded as part of the model or separate resin components. All will come pre-textured with a nice detailed and drybrush friendly ground texture that can be painted up in a wide arrray of schemes such as snow, desert, jungle or urban.
  6. Ben


    Fresh off the painting desk are the new Dindrenzi and Terran Planetfall Command vehicles, we thought you might like to see them .......
  7. HI all The statistics for the seven Major Nations are now available for download from the resource section of our website. These are part of the "living Rulebook" and will get updates from time to time, so keep an eye out for latest editions. We will let you know when these updates occur. Happy gaming Spartan Ben
  8. Hi all We have put the following races SRS Tokens into our online store parts service: Works Raptor Kedorian Tarakian Ryushi RSN Syndicate Oroshan Omnidyne They are in packs of 5 Large and 5 Small Tokens, perfect for all of those fighter clashes out in the black. Head over to the online store today to pick these up today.
  9. Curse you and your ninjary ways......................... more on Planetfall soon guys I promise
  10. HI Guys the applications have been coming in thick and fast so thank you all for your support. There are still applications coming in so I will keep accepting them for another week. At that point I will compile the final crew list and pass you all over to Delboy to get the rules out to you and to set the format for the testing. So don't worry we haven't forgotten you...... we are just snowed under with DW2. Come the end of May you will all be up to your eyeballs in Planetfall rules, merrily blasting the rubbish out of each other!
  11. Ben

    UK GAMES EXPO 2014

  12. Thanks for putting up the pics Kaptyn_Krys .................there are no Pics of me looking daft (for a change!) so lets leave these where they are
  13. interesting Mead recipes aside................... the applications for the beta test crew have been coming in thick and fast. It is very encouraging to see such support for our games. I will continue to take applications for one more week and then i will compile the final "Crew list" At that point you will (or won't if you incur my overfiendly displeasure!) recieve an email confirming your place upon the good ship Awesomegame. I will follow this up with what is expected of a Beta crew test member. Your contributions, your attitudes and the structure for how the testing will be run. This will be the point that you can run away screaming if you choose...... after that it will be into the rules with full swing..........
  14. well...................yes......................if they set fire to large parts of Tatooine and drove lots of tanks around on it
  15. The beauty with Planetfall is that it is a Galaxy wide conflict. It can be fought on any planet, in any terrain type and it will be awesome! I myself have already planned a dozen different armies with different themes and colour schemes to fit the different theatres of war............................................... current "Top Priority" is the Directorate Air Cav on a Jungle planet................"Sorylians Don't Surf!"
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