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  1. Hello all! I'm back with another video. This time a battle report, The Covenant of Antarctica take on the might of Russia!
  2. So we had the game. I drew in the end, but most likely could of won, but the game would of gone on for far too long lol. I was up against Prussia, 2 Brit fleets and 2 Russians. I ended up going with 1x2 Zeno, 1 Hyperbius, 5 Thales, 4 Diogenes. I think next time 3 Fresnals may word out better for dropping enemy mediums. My smalls pack plenty of punch for killing other smalls.
  3. So the game starts in about an hour. I've decided to go with 2 Zeno, 1 Hyperbius, 5 Thales and 4 Diogenes. The Zeno i need to get in close, look at the Smalls and Broadside the Mediums. Thales will accompany them and lay down some extra fire power. Ill use the Diogenes to plink mediums with combined torps or go around dropping other smalls.
  4. There's so many lists I could throw together lol. I havent thought of 2 zenos, 1 hyperbius with the diogenes and the tales. The triple Zeno seems pretty cool though. The broadsides will murder any medium and the PA will crunch smalls
  5. Thanks for the replies all. I know my opponents will bring their toughest ships to even such a small game as this. I can field most things in this small game. I like the idea of 1 keplar, 1 zeno and 1 Fresnal actually. The zeno will be able to pick off smalls nice and easy, it even has a PA!! The Keplar will give me 5 more tiny flyers, which could come in handy, and the Fresnal packs a hell of a punch.
  6. So tonight we are doing an all vs all. About 6 of us. 500 points each. No larges allowed but normal 60% for mediums and 40% for smalls. I was thinking of running, 3 x 1 Fresnals. Either 2 x 5 thales, or 1x5 Thales and 1x4 Diogenes. Thoughts?
  7. Covenant of Antarctica Reinforcements have arrived!
  8. Thanks for all the tips guys. That dread and the tough flyers he will bring scare me so much lol. I wont go energy on the dread and Ill try and do the best I can
  9. Thanks for all the pointers and help I'll adjust the list and see what other large I can squeeze in and go from there
  10. Lots of valid points, and yes I am a new player I've just got plenty of new models and will be experimenting with lists. I'm not sure what I would drop or add to the large section. I obviously dont want to lose my Dread as soon as anyone gets near it.
  11. That's a really good tactic. Never thought of that. Ill give it a try, do you think this list could work vs russians then? I know hes bring a really tough dread too, and lots of frigates too, russians are a pain lol
  12. Ok ive done that and it puts me at 1500 points, would 3 Thales be a threat ?
  13. Thanks for the swift comments. I've changed my list up a little. I've dropped both Aristotle's. Large/Massive 1x Prometheus Medium 2x Fresnel 1x Hyperbius 1x Omega Squadron (2 x cleomedes, 2x Keplars) 1x Thea Squadron (1x Fresnel, 2 x Plato) Smalls 5x Thales 5x Thales 4x Thales
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