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  1. I think EoBS, but I'm a little biased
  2. Ika: Tentacled death from below!!!
  3. I literally cheered when I noticed this doing my review of changes between 2 and 2.5.
  4. I don't know if it is because that was just an example. They use Areal and Flying multiple times throughout the ORBAST.
  5. Should be a robot rule, Any robot can attack or board anything that occupies the same height band whahaha
  6. Compilation of errors I've found so far for EoBS Tenkei - Rocket Turret (t) One Rocket Battery (t) has 360 Migea - used to be Miagea Line Infantry - is now a small fortification ?! Close Infantry - has not ARC of fire Recon Infanry - Spotter (Regular, 16")
  7. I have complete the comparison. If you notice anything I missed, let me know.
  8. Is there a difference? EoBS Raijin - Lg Cap Aerial EoBS Tsukuyomi - Lg Cap Flying Their Min Move, Turn Template and Turn Limit are all they same, neither has MAR: Momentum. and both are Gyro's
  9. EoBS Yurei - Bombard Rocket Battery Rg 2 should be 9 instead of 6.
  10. I'm going through them slowly and noting all the changes. I will post them here: Sokotsu - now Massive Yokai Mk I = FSA Ika - Minelayer, +1HP Yurei - Lg turn, Bombard Rg 2 = 6 Arashi - Medium Capital Naval Model Zarigani - Small Navel Diving Model, Diving Robot, -1 HP, +10pts Kitsune - -1HP Raijin - Squadron support changed to Combat Deployment Tenkei - Rocket Turret (t) One Rocket Battery (t) has 360 Onryo - Aerial to Flying model Migea - used to be Miagea Forward Deployment Base - Used to Wani but is now EoBS!!!!!! changed from water to Naval Fortification Small Infantry Bunker- removed *Important Note: Small Infantry Bunkers chosen in squadrons MUST field Infantry Formations of the same Type* Infantry: Assault - CR+1 Line - is now a small fortification ?! Close - has not ARC of fire Recon - now a repair model. Spotter (Regular, 16") Reserves - Removed
  11. The Yokai MkI is now FSA?! Traitors!!!!
  12. Unfortunately there is precedence with the forward deployment base being Wani and not EoBS. All those beautiful rockets and no incendiary
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