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  1. Ah. That would be the problem. I got no boxy flat nubbins. Instead I got two angled nubbins. I'm going to scour the box again but I'm 90% I didn't get one in the relthoza patrol box.
  2. Sorry about the blurry pictures. Hopefully they convey the necessary information. Basically, the two sockets don't point in the same direction. The front one is the culprit, pointing off at an angle which the stand cannot enter without skewing the whole ship. Furthermore, they are not at the same height, suggesting I may have to cut the stands to adjust, but before I do something like that I'd like to ask whether I'm supposed to be cutting stands at all. It may just be I'm not doing it correctly but I can't find any other parts in the box and the other sockets are used by the other Relthozan ships. All stands appear to be of the same length too.
  3. Hello all. I am in the process of assembling the Nexus Bship from the Relthozan Patrol Box and everything's fine with it except one crucial part - the little bits that you insert the plastic stands into. The bship has two niches where they are supposed to go, but the problem is that one of the sockets doesn't line up at all with the front niche (the back niche is fine). It's supposed to glue in such a way that the hole, and thus the stand, point directly downwards, but instead it points away at a weird angle no matter how I arrange it. The only way I can see to make it work is if I take a modeling knife and shave away large parts of either the stand or the socket, and that doesn't seem right. Anyone have any tips? Cheers.
  4. Hello! Requesting a new player add . Valerius San Francisco CA US Cheers.
  5. Hi guys, thanks for the replies. It does seem Sorylians are more about their cruisers than their capitals. I still might pick up their patrol fleet and see how they go however. However the Ba-Kash definitely appeal to me. Their aesthetic reminds me of the Ork fleet from BFG. I may just get both see which suits me better.
  6. Greetings forum! I recently found out about FSA and am currently choosing which beginner fleet set I should purchase. I've played 40k and WFB, but never a fleet game or a Spartan game. I'm looking for a faction that is resilient and straightforward to play. Currently, the Sorylians seem most suited to those parameters. I was wondering if there are any factions that are even tougher? I really enjoy playing factions and/or classes in games that frustrate the opponent by never going down, and I really like small numbers of larger, stronger capital ships as opposed to swarms of escorts. Cheers.
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