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  1. If you could rewrite rules from scratch for SRS in FA what would you do?. Remember primarily for this exercise, that it appears the intent for small craft in FA is that they cannot travel too far from their parent carrier or operate independently outside of the command distance for too long. I understand that there will be as many answers to this as as there are Simpsons episode's but I would like to see the different ideas stacked up against each other. Remember the intent in FA appears to be to let SRS add to defense against torpedo attack..
  2. The Star Wars Xwing and Tie series did have you all too often shooting apart proton torpedoes and concussion missiles before they repeatedly slammed into that convoy you were tasked to protect .
  3. Could crew damage increase the chance of disorder or even cause it? In the same way being out of command distance. So make it ship specific and not affect the whole squadron?
  4. This is better, thank you . BlueFlcn that would be awesome. I agree, battle reports, whilst I applaud those making them are a bit lacking in, well, anything. My own idea was to film the 'Big moment's, the rolls, the boarding, and to show the general movements of the fleets on a PIP display, using Vassal or similar. My main interest is in the maneuvre tactics, rather than shimmy models and tabletop but I know others would want to focus on the 'display' factor. That gives this game two ways of being batrepped and displayed at least. Some enterprising would would probably be able to do both!. I just get fed up with the Firestorms generic and **** reviews based on 2009. It's 2016 and we have a fantastic reasonably granular game that offers the better player on the day a good chance of victory!.That granularity I mention is another reason, from another thread why I don't think this game's mechanics should be dumbed down to appease players who want a faster experience. I do empathise with that, I do, as it hurts my brain sometimes to just move my Interdictor into an optimal firing and distance keeping position. 4 strong cruiser squads. gotta love em, eek.. 
  5. Theres a little more BL loss for a destroyed Teuton +Aegis Squadron. Though in a way it obviously increases the effectiveness of said squadron, at cost. So if you're going solo T2 option (Not a bad one as Perseus goes into T3 at BF level) then it's a 5 BL loss squadron but with 1.5x T2 effectiveness. Rather than 8 BL loss for two squadrons or 9 if you have an Aegis with a second Teuton Squad Disorder checks for these two reinforced Teuton Squad's are still happening after a loss of 2x units, but I suppose the whole is greater than a 3Teuton squad so it will take longer to get to that 50% stage. Interesting stuff. Playing against Terrans - A 4 ship Reinforced + up hulled Teuton squad giving me just 5 BL for destruction plus a 2BL for destruction Perseus squad (whatever their upgrades) is a General Ulysses Grant nightmare!
  6. I love this game! There's a few things I'd tweak (PD coverage and have some modifiers for relative ship positioning). I don't find the shooting calculation or range bands to be complicated (imo). Calculating linked fire pools requires a little bit of working memory capacity but isnt exactly what I'd call taxing. It doesn't take too long either. This is all my experience of course. I know it took a while to get used to some of the common figures and combos that come up (turrets+ etc) but that number potentialling is part of the fun. It provides an engagement curve that I personally found rewarding to master.. Range band variation for different weapon systems helps to mix things up a little. Remember, range bands = weapon systems effect give ranges and not their maximum range. This appears to be a common area of confusion among get players, new and old. Having come from a naval wargame background I was used to weapon system's effective ranges and I believe that is what is at work here mechanics wise. Turn limit 0 - The table scale is different to that of the models. Again this is another area that appears to sow dissonance and controversy!. As long as the ship's organic crew and superstructure have a method to 'dampen' inertial effects, then as long as enough thrust is applied they could change their direction of travel up to whatever limits these systems and tolerances safely allow. So small masses, high thrust ratios, effective inertial compensation, could equal tight turn ratios. I personally fear that any future version will be dumbed down to appeal to a greater market. Losing mechanisms that whilst lengthy or more preferably complex actually add interest, capability, choice and greater fine tactical depth to a game. Games used to be enjoyed for their complexity. I believe the tabletop market is not like that any more. Long live the critical hit chart and a separate boarding assault damage chart Stoobert, I believe your friends will either love or hate this system. Task force may be more to their tastes. Quicker to play but still involves maneuvre strategy. This isn't a bad choice at all as gaming should be for your own enjoyment. If anything it seems that Taskforce needs the feedback to make it even better!
  7. Just forget I mentioned anything. Not worth discussing how a game is represented online.
  8. I again came across this post http://deltavector.blogspot.co.uk/2016/01/relthoza-halo-and-spartan-rules-rant.html on the Delta Vector blog site. Oh dear. Whilst I appreciate people have different opinions on pretty much every subject known to humankind the content of the rant does not seem to refer to the game I play? If anyone is inclined they could address each point raised in turn (the sensible reaction). People read this blog and will be discounting Firestorm if they come across this (via web search). BFG and SW Armada/ Xwing are fine fun games but things have come on a long way since BFG. It has a couple of nice mechanics (relative ship bearing affecting hit rolls) and localised ship hits leaving a temporary disrupting effect. Interesting if not 100% believable. I'm also dismayed by the majority of other reviews being old and referring to V1/1.5. I did write a description of Armada V2 on Board game geek under a review somewhere (The V2 page if I recall) but I don't know if it got posted. It was in direct challenge to a previous one stating that it was 'generic' and 'all' games result in a mass of ships in the centre of the table. Something I've never seen and not something I'd ever expect a player to win a game by. Addition: I don't believe I have ever seen a game system misrepresented on the web via reviews and comment more than Firestorm Armada?. Many game systems have more than one edition. Does this happen to others? Is it because of GW fanboys not liking anything other than BFG? On a positive note I have seen some good reviews (but only a few - Beasts of War for exp.) that have actually bothered to play and describe the game. Any review that actually goes through system mechanics and gameplay is I would consider a proper review.
  9. T3 Dindrenzi Frigates. Attack at range 6AD each. Turn limit 1 though. 90 points is it? for a 12AD attack up to 24". Throwaway unit for you but a pain for your opponent! They have a strict limit on squadron numbers as well don't they? Compared to other races. T1 Not a huge amount of varied experience. The Dindrenzi Dread can ruin anyone's day. Battlecruisers can be good versatile big hitters. At least the ones I have experience of. Terran, Drenzi, Corp and Sorylian. T2. I quite like the Directorate cruisers. Simple, not too expensive (good economy), a single hard hitting weapon system great linked, with a good Boarding attack for any of those double broadside factions who get too close.
  10. With mine you can hold it way away from adjacent ships so it's not so fiddly placing over a bunch of them. Works better for me. Also has any one ever done a 90 degree turn at TL1 in one go with the existing template?!
  11. Tarakian destroyer's would be interesting.. Long range effective Grav? or the Ambush MAR route?. Or for fun Grav in all four arcs.. with Ambush..
  12. Having Nuclear primaries that are most effective in RB1 can be hazardous to ones own health hahah .
  13. Yes recommended indeed!. I made ones for doing full 180's and 360's for each turn radius. They do shave some time off of movement as well as giving a clear indication of a ships tightest turn rate.
  14. That 'other game's' jointed movement ruler is a solution. Probably patented by now.
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