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  1. a Assault Carrier without srs? invest the Points in something different or find Points for at least one Token of 5 Bombers or even better Assault Shuttles. also take some Bio Hazard into consideration to weaken the crew before Boarding. Assault Cruisers are a tough Squadron you probably want to shunt in because of their lack of range firepower, if not you should go for the standard cruisers they are pretty good at boarding as well.
  2. you also need different ships for different tasks, - T1 are usually not the best shunt bombs because of high costs (you don't want so much points of the table) - Babysitting Waypoints is also not a glorious job for a Battleship - Escalating Engagement force all your T1 to start in reserve - fighting other smalls with difficult target is better done by other smalls (if you don't have scatter) also if you go very heavy into T1 you will have less activation's then your opponent and you will get overrun
  3. normally I would say you are crazy but in this case its absolutely natural,... its FSA!!
  4. i think mines are ok, if at all I would change the "drop into 4' of aft arc" to "drop in base contact" so it gets harder to do perfect blows on hole squadrons with a drive by. it is mostly just one drive by attack per game like a boarding attack if you let your opponent get very close. You want to have more and powerful Attacks when the fleets pass each other or circle each other for several rounds which would result in weird gameplay. close combat should be brutal
  5. Beardman

    Peg Dimension?

    a pencil sharpener! thx,... I allways used a rasp yes the taskforce pegs are better but the "break it" procedure give me shudders every time
  6. FSA Stats are not included in the Boxes. Go to the download Page for uptodate FSA stats. The stats for the Escort are not included last time I looked at Kurak Fleet List.
  7. iam not sure it is "out of stock" just because the stock count is not listed in the store, did you place a order? The stock count is only listed in a few Products and iam pretty sure I orderd some where there is no stock count listed in the past. actually the only Boxes with stock count are the patrol fleets for most factions I would say just place a order
  8. Hawker fills some gaps in the Terran fleet like some Cyber to work with against PD for more torpedo fun and dr5 ships, so I can see the better results in a mixed fleet.
  9. the critical Point for Terrans is the shunting, they have powerful shunting Units like heavy cruiser, missi frigates and Apollo but if you roll bad for reserves you just loose because of a handfull of d6 rolls. if your Forces enter on Turn 2 you have a Chance if not it is probably already a lost game in my experience
  10. Terrans Need to work hard for Maximum Effekt, shunt into rear arcs (pray for good reserve rolls or loose the game because of it), hide behind Terrain as Long as possible and fire Torpedos (pray for some lucky hits against pd mountains) and try to get between the enemy fleet for Multi arcs. (pray your Opponent let you do it) I own both terrans and direc. and i can tell you i not won once with them against direc. if the fleet list is well done. They just take crits/double crits non stop and have medicore AD´s. Biohazard is not needed against Terrans at all. I dont have that much exp. with them against other Fleets but for directorate Terrans are no match.
  11. the well not so much like a comet but yes you have to roll and move the models accordingly. it seems like the Consensus of the Players was to Play on the other half of the table to not have to deal with the well at all.
  12. Table 3 felt more like 50% Terrain, really difficult to maneuver around the rocks to get usefull arcs. my dindrenzi Opponent had a very bad time on this layout and i had to go full stop with my Anarchist in one of my two matches on this table because there was no more way to move and not to collide with something... I recommend no more Comets or gravity wells for tournament gameplay, it just eats time and have a really minor Impact if at all.
  13. great Organisation, nice and competent Players. hope to find the time for October as well.
  14. to give out of production Models seperate Stats would frustrate many Players which dont get a Hand on the models or only for high Prices from the second Hand market. but to get a Chance to order the Oldtimers for maybe increased Prices( for all the additional work related to it) would be welcome, some of the old models are awesome
  15. SRS Token Size matters, you spawn in contact with your carrier, dodge fights and attacks start with base contact. so better not take a random token but get one with the shapes and size of the real ones. (Bombers, Boarding and Fighters use the large one, Interceptors and Support Shuttles the small one)
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