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  1. Well Veydreth are going to need a ground-up rework with the neutering of Boarding and Mines, which were the whole focus of their fleet.
  2. It would be nice but it seems to be Spartan design that Terrans just don't have much access to Mines and I myself am against fleet homogenization. As tough as Aegis in particular, and Terrans in general are, I just don't think another non-degrading weapon type would be very balanced on top of so many ships having Torpedoes and Weapon Shielding.
  3. Another Mines idea tossed around with the locals: Allow a ship to go Full Stop and make a roll (based on CP or something) to reduce the strength of the mine by successes rolled to represent crew being sent out in pods to disarm the mines. Or even a direct fire attack within something like 8" or RB1, still requiring Full Stop outside of the Mines range.
  4. So that's per activation, meaning ALL activations and not just the squad being targeted's activation. Example 1: Your ships get targeted by enemy squad 1's torpedoes and SRS, your ships may use their PD to attempt fending off both attacks. Later in the same round, enemy squad 2 also targets your same ships with torpedoes and SRS. Your ships may again use their PD to fend off both attacks because squad 2 is happening during a different activation. Example 2: Your ships get targeted by enemy squad 1's torpedoes and 2 SRS tokens, your ships may use their PD to attempt fending off Torpedoes at full value, but must split PD against the SRS since they may only use it once per activation and both SRS tokens are coming in during the same activation. Later in the same round, enemy squad 2 also targets your same ships with torpedoes and SRS. Your ships may again use their PD to fend off both attacks because squad 2 is happening during a different activation.
  5. On Zombie ships, Boarding, CV's, and Mines: So Zombie ships. Entirely understandable IMO because in comparison to bluewater navies, a ship gets hit with a bomb or shell and it has a few ways of disabling a weapon. 1) Physically break the weapon itself, 2) Kill the men operating it, 3) Destroy internal access to the weapon (Ammunition feeding, manpower access, power supply cables, etc). Either way, it reduces the firepower of that ship. Boarding is quite unrealistic without a doubt. That being said, and echoing what has been said before, one of the big draws for me initially (and I continue to enjoy) is the sheer variety of options and style offered by FSA. This also applies to proposed CV changes and locking in Wing types. Half the fun, for me anyway, is building wacky lists and tweaking them. More options are always better IMO as long as they can be reasonably balanced. Mines are another hotbutton and drivebys are of course a problem. Single target mines kind of defeats the purpose. If that's the desire, why not just scrap Mines and give all ships rear arc guns? My solution: Any ship that begins it's turn in range of an enemy Mine(s) but does not also end it's turn in range of the same Mine(s), does not trigger and is exempt from the damage of said Mine(s). Bonus fluff reason - Time delay fuse to allow the minelaying ship to get out of the danger zone before the Mine arms.
  6. The good: Open arcs, great boarding ability, lots of mines, above avg speed - Well suited to hyper aggression. Fly right into enemy formations and board, mine, shoot, brawl like demons (or perhaps dragons). The bad: Mediocre defensive stats, sometimes with more Hull Points to compensate - This usually leads to a high HP ship losing lots of dice to damage degradation. Cautious, defensive play will probably get you picked apart before your ships can do anything useful. The ugly: No SRS whatsoever - Very vulnerable to enemy torpedoes and SRS, this compounds with the soft defensive stats. .
  7. Only SRS can cover other friendly ships outside of their own squad. No models can do that, which makes it a non-issue if this one squad has high PD because it is either sacrificing elsewhere or is priced appropriately. Even if Escorts had umbrella type coverage, they are at least triple the price and far less maneuverable or resilient than SRS which would go a long way towards nerfing the power of umbrella coverage.
  8. I tried magnets on both sides(top-bottom) for my Terran's but they still like to fall off. I think your way might be sturdier if the magnet holds the nail in horizontally while the nail stabilizes vertically.
  9. I don't get it. Did you glue the nail in one end and sink the magnet into the hole on the other? I'm not happy with the strength of the magnetization on my last job of Terran Cruisers and now I'm eyeing Veydreth Cruisers to magnetize but I haven't done anything yet because I need a stronger hold for moving things around in play. If you did what I think you did, that may be the ticket.
  10. Unfortunately no, you can't use Terran only, Alliance of Kurak, or Marauder TAC's with a mixed fleet like that. It's General only.
  11. Great article to get newbies into strategic thinking.
  12. Idea for the Heavy Cruiser: How about a Hardpoint to make them really want to start on the table? Free (+5 Mines, -2AD to all Beam Weapons). This would make them perfect for starting on the table and fit their lore as being designed to fly towards the enemy and be a distraction/absorb fire for the rest of the fleet to get into position. They would still have good AD on the short range Fore weapons (until they get shot up on the way in) and be focused on flying all the way up into short range to brawl with their Fore weapons, decent boarding, and strong short range Torpedoes, while covering the backfield on the way in.
  13. Yeah I generally shunt as much of my fleet as I can but Mine heavy opponents can pose a problem for that. I can see the Apollo being an effective minesweeper to plow a path for the rest of the reserves to follow.
  14. What turn do you guys try to bring in the Apollo? I might try it with Perfect Timing to get it to come in on turn 4 or 5 when the enemies weapons are degraded.
  15. Wow those look great! If you want to make a BL counter out of acrylic then you could do a numbered slide just like the cardboard one. Or if you have a couple sticks and some buttons or something, you could make a sort of 2 row Abacus contraption. For a nice simple take, you could just use dice. If you like the acrylic then you could make a dice dock type piece with a - on one side and a + on the other or a - on one side and flip the piece over for the +.
  16. They must be pretty balanced then! Also if you like Armsmen, you should check out Terqai Sular class. THOSE I would run if I had some ally points open. My experience with Armsmen is that sure, they get two chances for a lucky hit but both attacks are so weak that it's a tiny chance. Missionaries on the other hand are gunboats that will probably crit whatever it is they're shooting at, and disrupt the opponent who drops what he's doing to return fire on them. It does all depend on how you use your T3's because they each fill vastly different roles. Shunt entry from reserve is something all ships can do unless they have the "No FSD" MAR.
  17. I mean my Apollo just gets shot up before getting into RB1 and is rendered ineffective by that point. I've wanted to try flying it in among a squad of Shield Cruisers to see if that helps anything but I haven't tried it yet. I don't like shunting it in alone behind enemy lines because it's been a very effective way for me to get it blown up in the next 2 turns and I'd rather drop 2 squads of Missionaries back there instead. Another fun trick is to have a squad of Wayfarers advance toward the enemy inside a squadron of Shield cruisers. Sector shielding gives you 2 shields in the only arc that should be facing the enemy, and it also leaves your other broadside facing your own backfield to assist against enemy shunt drops.
  18. I know a lot of people like Armsmen/Pilgrims but I've never seen much use for them. Missionaries and now Wayfarers far outclass them IMO. You definitely need to use Shield Cruisers. I've had success forgoing Teutons altogether, spending the points elsewhere and running Aegis in their place, as my Toots usually get shot up without doing anything useful just like the Apollo does.
  19. I too think Escorts should be the major Torpedo defense instead of SRS. IMO Escorts should have a PD umbrella that LINKS with nearby squadrons while still combining with its own. For SRS I like the idea of the combat air patrol to attach them to a squad and Link with only it. Escorts are able to be targeted and removed by normal fire, which gives the opponent some chance to mitigate their effect. This would also justify their higher points cost. Perhaps also allow them to be fielded as their own squad an unattached to another(Escorting the whole fleet in defense against Torpedoes and SRS). Interceptors would then become less effective at anti-torp, but just as valuable at anti-SRS. Perhaps certain Escorts should get Bigger Batteries and/or s boost to their "to hit" dice vs SRS as a boost to some fleets with less access to SRS(interceptors).
  20. So I was wanting to take Omnidyne Escort CV's in my Veydreth fleet but to my surprise, their Fleet List does not allow for ANY Escort Carriers at any points level. I wonder if this is intentional or that it just hasn't been updated since the introduction of non-big 6 Escort Carriers.
  21. They're all good in their own way. Maybe start with Natural Allies to whatever main faction(s) you already own? I'm partial to the looks of the Syndicate myself.
  22. I'm confused. Looking at the Downloads page http://www.spartangames.co.uk/resources/downloads I see: Alliance of Kurak Fleet Manual [PDF, 0.4MB] – UPDATED: 06-NOV-2015 Is there a different place for newer downloads? As for the escorts. They are tough little buggers. 3/5, Reinforced Fore, +1 shield AND weapons AND PD? I do like them.
  23. They have BB level PD. I find the lack of mines odd as well because they really want to start on the table and chew on torps, but as the only un-mined ship in the fleet, you would really rather have something else dropping mines as it advances up the field. I think this is also supposed to be their anti SRS ship because Veydreth have no srs of their own. The 6th HP is supposed to make it tougher as well, although 6 really doesn't give you much more survivability than 5 because it's an even number and one extra crit will finish off either way. It does hit your own Battle Log though. Their extra firepower is also nice in a CL squadron if you are not focused exclusively on Mines or Boarding, though both are still adequate with the CA in the lead.
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