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    vonHymack got a reaction from greg in Russian Coalition Colour Scheme Database   
    Previously posted in the Armoured Clash section.

    In more details, there is only steel and markings.

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    vonHymack reacted to Frans in vonHymack's fleets of doom   
    Yeah, and I would really like these rules to allow for the Foundry to be “split up” like this.
    I have had the Foundry model laying around for some time and, based on the casting detail on the connecting surfaces, have wondered from the start if the miniature was specifically designed to allow for a split up version to be used in the game.
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    vonHymack got a reaction from Pathogen in vonHymack's fleets of doom   
    Hi all,
    I finished some FA ships in order to play scenarized games. Firstly there are some bad guys :


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    vonHymack reacted to Karun in Lizards in a dusty urban environment   
    Here are shots of my 2500 army ready for battle on thursday:)
    The pics are not really good.

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    vonHymack reacted to numbat in Vonhymack's scenery : industrial harbor   
    Thanks VonHymack for the inspiration!
    After reading this thread and seeing how look the pontoon-bridge ships look, I've had a go at doing my own one. I've used a block of staples as the cargo, and I still want to add a crane to the front.

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    vonHymack got a reaction from Zeph in Vonhymack's scenery : industrial harbor   
    I have just finished my modular industrial harbor this morning. It took me about 1 week to finish it! (without addind the time for the cargos)
    I used DW industrial scenery, TUS harbor ant Triang Minic buildings.

    It's modular (4 sheets of 4mm plasticard) and suitable for both DW and AC, so I can constitute 2 small harbors, or 2 industrial zones.
    The jetties are magnetised so I can unmount them.

    The 10 cargos were scratched from :
    - landing barges bits
    - airfix pontoon brigde 1/76 hulls
    - miscellaneous bits
    -textured plasticard


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    vonHymack reacted to Karun in Lizards in a dusty urban environment   
    Thanks dudes, glad you like it !
    Here are the Veloci'ja'gor, little vicious predators ^^
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    vonHymack reacted to gr1mdan in Planetfall ORBATS V6 - LIVE!   
    Now LIVE guys!
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    vonHymack reacted to Brimat in Brimat's Sorylians   
    At last, the next batch of minis got moved from box to workbench and the first paint was splattered on.

    With the borkas i tryed the repositioning of the legs, building one with two left legs and one with two right legs. (inspired from someone here in the forum, can't remember who it was....i'm getting old  )
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    vonHymack reacted to Málaga in Malagamer's Relthoza WIP   
    Hi, as my post for Aquan I just open this for my Relthoza army too.
    I'm just working on the Leviathan, hope you like

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    vonHymack reacted to Karun in Open the box : PF Acrylic tokens   
    Hi guys !
    Don't remember seen any review of the tokens, so herre I go
        Color isn't the same as the ones in the rulebook. Most a orange fluo, don't appear much on my pics, but it's really fluo, almost burning my retina ^^ but thats OK. For those who possess the Terquai reco helix, the yellow is the same fluo yellow as in the portals. they appear green on the pics but are really yellow.     Really thin jonction make them easy to tear appart, and it's olmost invisible on the token then. Good point !     Damned, Directo striked again !   Should be great in game !
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    vonHymack got a reaction from HMS Triumph in Merchant fleet   
    ... and the rest of the Airfix bridge gives you...

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    vonHymack reacted to terror in Relthoza of Terror (Ground Legion)   
    Med walkers testing a color scheme.

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    vonHymack reacted to cas in Sorylians - 1371st mudrunners   
    The mudrunners get a brand new ground command skiff.
    Im afraid I had to do a corruptd and change colour scheme. The yellow was killing me.
    Not really sure I liked the shield but thats what experimentation is for. The effect does kind of suit the skiff role in the army I play (shields for everyone!).
    EDIT - redid photos after a good solid coat of matt enamel. Much better

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    vonHymack reacted to knightperson in Relthoza Color Scheme Database   
    Not sure how you are going to categorize such things, but here is mine:

    All the colors are shaded metallics, but it varies by helix. The core is purple (mostly), the heavy is blue, the recon is green, and the leviathan is black. 
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    vonHymack got a reaction from tansalus in Relthoza Color Scheme Database   
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    vonHymack reacted to Overread in Leviathan Gallery! Post your Leviathan pics   
    Looking good Knight! Back the camera off a little though in some of those shots so we can see all the detail from front to tail on the big beast. I agree there's a distinct lack of bugs being shown off here!
    And in light of the need for more

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    vonHymack reacted to tansalus in Leviathan Gallery! Post your Leviathan pics   
    Just to add to the recent Relthoza insurgence here is my aerial leviathan.

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    vonHymack reacted to c0rruptd in c0rruptd's Terrans 2.0   
    Well, as requested: more Terrans! Sort of...

    Just a quick picture of my completed Recon Helix, with it's two Sinirs (finally...).

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    vonHymack reacted to icarius in Aquan in aqua style?   
    Hello folks!
    Like Karun and Vonhymack, I decided to expose my work to the spartan community! So don't be astonished if you have already seen it on the french forum.
    So enough speeaking lets see the pictures
    Half core helix + heavy helix :

    Here are some details on the "updated" stinger battery

    Leviathan helix (with an extra Imzani) + recon helix without infantery

    I've added a Directorate drone on the base, done with greenstuff

    And some other views of the leviathan

    Leviathan in da action !!

    Well that's all folks.
    Next steps : infantery, and terquai recon helix.
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    vonHymack reacted to slimeball in The start of my Directorate consumer relations force   
    I wanted to wait until i had painted a few more squadrons before i posted but am excited by how these came out so here they are.

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    vonHymack reacted to Forest in Crashed Aquan lobster shuttle   
    Since Aquans have organically grown spaceships, I figured they were basically space lobsters - grown with a shell.  In the Planetfall starter box there is a crashed shuttle that I thought I'd try to paint to look like a lobster.  A few quick photos (the photos don't do it justice, it looks better in real life) and my inspiration lobster in the last photo:




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    vonHymack reacted to ckpmax1108 in 118th "Shattered Heart" (Ken's Dindrenzi)   
    Minor Update:
    Basecoated (well...base-sprayed) my Heavy Helix. Did the masking a bit differently from my core to differentiate the Helix with them.

    Masked them to have 3 paralel dark sections running along the tanks, unlike the core that has them in a chevron pattern running across.

    Shown here is the difference between the Circe tanks

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    vonHymack reacted to ckpmax1108 in 118th "Shattered Heart" (Ken's Dindrenzi)   
    Lighting is a bit off on the pics, but hopefully its clear enough.
    Drop pods are done, which brings my half helix done.
    Pics for ya:

    ...and the whole Helix together

    Next is the Heavy helix..
    As always C & C is welcome!
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    vonHymack reacted to Zebo in Zebo's Terran   
    The Hirdmen and their Sinir form part of the new finished Army. With their numbers, surface damages etc...
    First the valuable transport.

    And second, the glorious Hirdmen ready to join combat.

    Now, It's time of the second Heimdalls scuadron, but I have no idea of what names use with them :S
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