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  1. vonHymack

    Brimat's Sorylians

    Nice scheme! It reminds me the Planetside videogame!
  2. I'll probablu go for the 3. but with a treatement near of the 2..
  3. Thank you! The final pattern will be more angular.
  4. For my Veydreth, vote for 1, 2 ou 3!
  5. Very cunning and nice work!
  6. vonHymack

    Erebi's Planetfall

    The aerials are really impressive!
  7. ... and the rest of the Airfix bridge gives you...
  8. Wow, really impressive! Where did you get these long rods?
  9. Excellent work on the purple spots!
  10. Thanks to all! The cars are made in China so you can find them on eBay while tipping "N scale" or "N Gauge" + "car"!
  11. Many thanks! After grabbing lots of plastic N scale cars and busses... I wanted some scenery which matched more with infantry. So there is my barricades!
  12. AT LAST!!! This piece isn't related with SG but... I'll be able to paint again! The different colors are due to different resins. Perhaps I'll do my version of the Nor'Bar'Ro...
  13. They are from the Pendraken sci-fi or Zombie range! And I plan to get some zombies and Giger style Aliens for special scenarios!
  14. Thank you! @ Forest : I really like your deserd Dind ! (But my antennas were glued on my Sory since feburary!)
  15. Thank you! These pieces come from Conflix modular building set.
  16. Taking a sunbath in old bizarre Relthoza ruins is never a good idea!
  17. Incomming transmission... WE ARE UNDER ATTACK!!!
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