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  1. Epix

    Suggestions for Pf 2.0

    I like that. My suggestion rule wise is to keep it as simple as possible. Simplify shooting, the Flank&Aft bonus rule is quite complicated. Remove unnecessary rules like Forlorn Hope. Add scenarios.
  2. Epix

    Reprint of older ships?

    One of my favorite model is the old Directorate heavy cruiser. The reactors could be improved though.
  3. Epix

    So, uh... Fighter combat.

    I think both Taskforce and Fleet Action were a great idea. They are easier to learn with less book keeping, however I think they are not fast enough imho they should be streamlined even further. I realise it means twice more work for SG regarding playtesting and ORBATS. Why not asking help from the community? Why not creating Rule Comittees to help playtesting?
  4. I love using hexagonal maps for space games because I think it speeds up the game (no more measuring, easy movement) and it also allows simultaneous play. Here is my idea of how to use hexagons with Taskforce based on other games: 1- Range: Each 4'' is an hexagon, rounded up. 2- All ships from a squadron are deployed in the same hex. 3- The main difference is the movement phase, the movement of your slower ship in the squadron is divided by 2, rounded down, this give you the THRUST rating. Your mininum and maximum movement range depends on your last turn movement to represent the inertia in space. * Minimum move : Last move value - THRUST (if negative : 0) * Maximum move : Last move value + THRUST * Tiers 1 can do one 60° turn, tiers 2 two turns and tiers 3 three turns. For instance if your THRUST is 4 and you have not moved last turn then you can move up to 4 hexes. Next turn you can move between 0 and 8 hexes (4-4 and 4+4), if you move 8 then next turn you can move between 4 and 12 hexes (8-4 and 8+4) and so on. It is a bit of book keeping as you need to remember what was the squadron last move value. However you can use this book keeping to do simultaneous play : during the movement phase, everyone write on a paper its progammed movements for all his squadrons, for instance 3F2R means you are moving 3 hexes front then turn 60° left, moved again 2 hexes front and finally turn 60° right. In case of collision then the higher tier squadron move one hex away in an empty hex. So what do you think ?
  5. Are Belgium units going to be added to the French orbat in Fleet Action?
  6. I am a casual player and was only able to play few games of PF v1. Every time I play I need to read the rules once again and also to explain them t my friends (whose are casual players too), hence I really hope the rules will be as simple as possible. So please avoid making too many special rules (and rule exceptions) that do not bring much to the game, for instance do we really need "Forlorn Hope" ? Keep on the good work!
  7. Epix


    I think there is a copy/paste mistake for the Ground Attack rule "provided the target squadron are Flying models, it should be Surface models instead?
  8. Epix

    Epix's Directorate

    The cars are N scale I got them on ebay at 7euros for 50 cars. If you type 'N scale cars' in ebay browser you should find plenty.
  9. Epix

    Epix's Directorate

    Thanks all!
  10. Epix

    Epix's Directorate

    Thank you guys! I used pigments to make the dirt on the tracks, it was my firt try with pigments and I am happy with the results. The buildings were made using the Mantic Battlezones and some antenocities 15mm scenic elements for the doors, windows and the air fans. Here are more pictures of the buildings:
  11. Epix

    Epix's Directorate

    Hi all, Here are some pictures of my Directorate units I painted during christmas holidays. Let me know what you think.
  12. Epix

    Infantry Stat Update - 26/11/15

    7 TV for the Directorate Deadlock Grand Company of 6 infantry bases? It seems a lot compare to a normal cadre of 4 infantry bases for 3 TV. Is it a mistake?

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