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  1. I was personally never bothered with the "2 Alliances duking it out"-thing. Just because Ryushi and Xelocians would never attack each other *fluffwise* doesn't mean that the rules doesn't support them attacking each other on the table top. In the current (2.0) setting, there being 2 grand alliances makes sense: The races in the Kurak Alliance have their reasons for being part of the Kurak Alliance, and the races in the Zenian League have their reasons for not being part of the Kurak Alliance. Now the fluff may be retconned or changed by Warcradle (I get the impression that it will be), and if so I expect them to write up new fluff which supports the alliances and/or lack of alliances. Either way, as long as they don't prevent "friendly" factions from attacking eachother rulewise, I'm happy.
  2. I hope those rumours are false, as they make no sense. Hawker is the Terran Spec Ops-elite. Them switching to join the Directorate makes about as much sense as Terquai attacking Aquans or Works Raptors becoming best buddies with Omnidyne...
  3. *Drags this topic from the depths of the void* I just started a Terquai fleet. Given that it was the only Kurak Alliance support-fleet I didn't own, it was only a question of time. I love the Assault and Torpedo Cruisers and the Frigates are decent (30 points for 0 shields and only 1 PD feels a bit lackluster but they're good offensively.) What are peoples opinions regarding our Dreadnought however? Or more precise, Dreadnought vs. Assault Carrier + Accompaniment? A Dreadnought /w +1 Shield, Second Assault, +3 Wing Capacity, 3 SRS, Special Forces and High Energy is 325 pts. An Assault Carrier /w +1 Shield, Second Assault, 4 SRS, Special Forces and High Energy + An Assault Cruiser /w Second Assault and Special Forces is 300 pts. The AC+AC combo is 25 pts cheaper, has 13 AP instead of 8, slightly better torpedoes (+1), +1 SRS, +1 MN +1 Mv", 1 better TL. The Dreadnought however is more resilient, has a noticeably better Gunrack (+4/+3/+3/+2), Launch Tubes and Elite crew. Thoughts on how to use either combo to the maximum of it's potential?
  4. Mine got shipped yesterday, but probably only because I sent less-than-happy mails to SG on their facebook and to despatch (because expecting a response from SG here - on their official forum - is seemingly a waste of time.), asking what the h*ll is going on with my 2 month old order...
  5. I like the new layout with the ships next to their rules. Was hoping for some rules-tweaking on the Syndicate and Traders though (seeing as Omnidyne got slightly tweaked). 3.0 isn't too far off though. Now if SG could only ...ship the damn ships! It's almost June.
  6. "Any day now" eh? 2 weeks later and still no update nor comment from SG. Last time I pre-order anything, this is quite frankly embarrassing.
  7. So we're a week into May now and still no word regarding the april pre-orders. Anyone has any info to share regarding when these will be shipped? Should I expect an order update next week or after 3.0 has been released?
  8. Good to know. Still wish they would've made Patrol/Starter boxes for OSO Corsairs and STL Traders though, it would've been that easy: For OSO Corsairs: 1x Racketeer Battle Carrier. 3x Brigand Cruisers 6x Outlaw Frigates. Single ship costs: £61 Fleet cost: £50 Savings: £11 For STL Traders: 2x Prospector Carriers. 2x Opportunity Cruisers 6x Millitia Frigates Single ship costs: £58 Fleet cost: £50 Savings: £8 Compare it with the Hawker Industries and Tarakian Patrol Fleets and you'll notice the savings are roughly the same: Hawker Industries: 1x Excelsior Battleship. 3x Resolute Cruisers. 4x Endeavour Frigates. Single ship costs: £57,5 Fleet cost; £50 Savings: £7,5 Tarakians: 1x Sanarl Battleship. 4x Rulak Cruisers. 5x Kurar Frigates. Single ship costs: £63,5 Fleet cost: £50. Savings: £13,5
  9. There are support-fleets without Battleships who have Patrol Boxes (Ba'Kash and Ryushi for instance), so they could easily have a Corsair Racketeer and/or 1-2 Trader Prospector's in their Patrol Boxes for Corsairs and Traders respectively. And I agree, I've already voiced my concern about how removing Patrol Boxes and making the game itself more expensive is a possible turnoff for potential new customers.
  10. OSO Omnidyne and STL Syndicate had Patrol Boxes when they where released last summer. OSO Corsairs and STL Traders who where just released have no Patrol Boxes...
  11. Ships hitting on 3's is no big deal for me, it's usually the sixes that matter and which turns a 6 AD-pool into a double-crit on a Battleship anyway.
  12. I like 2.0, it just needs some tweaking. I'm not a big fan of this massive (and unnecessary) overhaul that 3.0 seems to bring. if you change the game too much, you *might* get new customers, but be sure that alot of current ones will leave in the process. Take GW and Age of Sigmar as a warning example... With that said, I'll await final judgement until 3.0 is official.
  13. It's horrible for smalls. Let's say I need 15 small's for either OSO Corsairs or STL Traders (they have a T3 squadronsize of 2-6, and you want 3 extra as escorts) Old Price: 15 x 3,5 = £52,5 New Price: 5x14 = £70. That's a 33% price-increase. What do we get in return? Nothing. Spartan even saves money since there's no pewter involved now, and plastic is cheaper to manufacture. And let's not talk about the apparent removal of Patrol Boxes... Spartan Games is about to release a new edition of Firestorm Armada, and at the same time they increase the cost of their producs. That's a bad buisness model.
  14. Bad, because the prices skyrocketed. You could buy single ships before, so buying a blister of 3 now, for a higher price, has no benefits what so ever for the customer...
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