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  1. Greetings, Thanks for the replys, glad I have not missed anything just yet. I will never be able to unsee/ unthink this now.....just need a sutiable noise to make as the swarm bob into contact lol
  2. Greetings All, Just pre ordered the sweet new STO models and was wondering if any of the rules have been released at all yet? Many Thanks,
  3. Hey Guys, Thanks for the replys. Unfortunatly I cant open the link right now as im in work so will have to wait. Good news about the Cruisers just need to wait for it all to be delievered now. Alverstar
  4. Hey Guys, Some friends and myself have taken advantage of the recent deals to finally break into FSA. Now im taking the Directorate side of RotO and while I am waiting for it to be delivered I was going to look into lists, but I cant find any rules/ stats for the bulk of the models in the box: Anarchist BS Turmoil R&D Cruisers Annihilation Gunships Im guessing they are only found within the starter set? Once I have them, can they be used within normal lists/ games of FSA? Also I brought the Cruiser box is this a good addition to start with? Many Thanks, Alverstar
  5. Oml, Thanks for the reply, thats good news thank you.
  6. Hey guys, Am thinking about adding some allies to my CoA and just trying to get my head around the 'Allegiance Table'. CoA = Major power and is close allies with Free Aussie Otto Sepa Thats the easy bit, but im not sure on the other table so under Minor power 'Free Nations' there are 4 listed: Free Aussie Otto Sepa League of Italy SU of SA# Can the CoA allie with League of Italy or SU of SA at all? Thanks
  7. Hey Hubcap, Thanks for the confirmation, just wondering why the change and point hike?
  8. Hi, I hope this does not count as thread resurrection. Im a little confused about the this thread, im here looking for ways to use the Hippasus as I dont seem to be able to make it work for me and in the above posts Tincancaptain says that it was a no dread tourney but his list contains x2 Diophantus? I was wondering why the Diophantus got moved up to a dread? Is ours the only dread fleet carrier? Also can someone give a good 'guide' to using the teleport generator as everytime I use it i mess it up, and this is putting me off using what sounds like a potentally useful unit. Many Thanks,
  9. Hey Guys, Thanks for the quick reply's. TBH I didn't realise that the designation acted as rules MAR's though now you have pointed it out I can see Wave Lurker's don't have it as a specific MAR either. So much to get used to looking at again lol. Cheers, Alverstar
  10. Hey Guys, Been looking at the C Orb in the ORBAT and its listed under the land forces. Does this mean its no longer availiable to use in the water surface level? Alverstar
  11. Bah I was afraid of that , well best get looking for that high tech secret dry dock I have hidden somewhere. Thanks for the help guys. Alverstar Edit: Found the original box with all the missing models in. Happy Days.
  12. Hey guys, I have a question about the contents of the old boxes. I'm coming back to DW after a long period and looking at my collection I have x3 Cleomedes and a Diophantus and x3 of the new SAW movement trays but no Hippasus or Thales. Its not helping my confusion the fact that I have lost one the Cleomedes templates. Now my question is did Spartan release a box with just them in or have I miss placed a load of models as well? Many Thanks, Alverstar
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