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  1. Beth's no longer here to reply to that, amigo. You'll have to email Spartan about it, they seem to be scarce on here now.
  2. I'm okay with people quibbling measurements when it's a half-inch or inch, but if it switched to metric and I had someone quibbling over half-centimeter measures, I'd probably slap them.
  3. So with Spartan Beth now sadly having left, it begs the question of how community interaction will fare now she's gone. She was about the only Spartan I saw around here over the last few months. I hope we won't be getting silence as we did before, especially given the many issues people are having atm. :/
  4. At least your sense of humour is intact, too easy to lose that sometimes.
  5. Hope you're heading to a good place Beth, thanks for dealing with the vitriol and such on here, hope it hasn't greyed your hair too much dealing with it all.
  6. Halo is fundamentally very different, though there's vague similarities. (Exploding dice, but different. Linked attacks are a core feature. Movement is simplified.)
  7. Worth noting as well that while people here have quoted Privateer Press as running both Hordes and Warmachine, those games are deliberately designed to effectively be one game, with a few important differences. Ergo they likely mitigate requirements as far as development of rules and playtesting.
  8. To add my opinion to the pile, it's pretty much the same as anyone else. I'm relatively new here, so the modus operandi you have kinda galled me in a way. I picked up Halo Fleet Battles on-release and set to work selling it hard to the local community, because gosh-darn I really love the Halo universe. Then there was a six month hiatus, interest fizzled due to the lack of new units, and my player pool faded. And then a blistering pace of releases came up, and they were good! They accumulated issues however, that somewhat went unanswered, but it was promised they would be, and I relayed these promises to my now-regrown playerbase. I even started a campaign of Battle Reports online to get people interested, which seemed to be mostly successful. However, Ground Command began to rear its head and Fleet Battles petered-off. Ground Command itself ground on a month or two over schedule but it wasn't until a couple of weeks ago we got the confirmation that it'll be 2017 before Fleet sees any updates. I can't keep selling this game to people, not like this. In 2015 I was parroting your promises that we'd see MAC Platforms, Halcyon Cruisers, and DSCs by Christmas. In early 2016 I was promising that a big update was coming, because the UNSC ships lack variety and some units don't really function. In late 2016 I'm still making that promise, with the addendum that we'll see those Christmas 2015 Halcyons in 2017. I can't keep lying to people like that. Now...I know more about how Spartan is run internally than is probably prudent, by way of a friend who used to work there. It's really starting to show is all I'm saying. The lack of long-term planning, the month-to-month scheduling meaning that I have no idea when I can hope for an update to a game I really came to enjoy. The fact that promises are made and then seemingly immediately forgotten. The bit that really blew my mind was going to Salute. A table set out for every game you have? Cool! Actively showing the gameplay, awesome! A single table for each game, including your new "flagship" for the year, Ground Command, which was promptly swamped and clearly gathered a lot of interest. Gottedammerung had two tables. Why was twice the table space set aside for a "fun side project?" Guys, you really need to focus, is the core of this. Gotte should've had maybe one table off to the side, with two set aside for Ground Command. HGC is this year's big release, why are you not pushing it as hard as Yet Another 15mm WWII Wargame?! HGC is literally stretching your resources to their absolute limits, and you're planning more games?! Additionally, though I don't know if it's just our, little channel that gets this, but on top of promises about games I've had promises that Spartan would help us in cross-promoting our Halo Fleet Battles content on our Youtube channel, while we promote your game via said channel. Mutually-beneficial, it was agreed by all. That was in February, still nothing, we've had to drop HFB as the viewcounts have plummeted due to the lack of interested players. Forum and Facebook traffic have likewise followed suit. We were promised by a Spartan Vanguard that we would be visited with an early demo copy of Ground Command in order to film a demo game and unboxing ready for release, to assist you in that initial push for interest. We still have not seen this Vanguard, nor any sign of this happening. This has meant that our first piece of HGC content is landing next week, long after we could have helped you push the content. If the initial videos underperform then we'll have to drop the line as a whole, which is a damn shame, but at least we can play it among ourselves locally. We had to cancel the three demos to push the game locally, mind, due to repeated delays, so after remembering the track record for Fleet Battles we've opted not to push it locally either. I would really love you guys to be able to handle the games you've swamped yourselves with, but hot-damn I just can't see how you can keep 6 game systems running, when a leviathan like Games Workshop only has 2-3, and companies of a similar size to you run 1, maybe 2.
  9. Yoooooooooooooooooooooo!

    1. CoffeeGrunt
    2. Ellran


      Sad to hear you're leaving.  :(

  10. Judging by the fact that the August release has disappeared, September will likely be the Ground Command Dropships. That only leaves three releases for this year, in which Spartan have promised two faction releases for HGC and many vehicles. :S As a fan of HFB, I think we're both going to be waiting 'til 2017 for new releases, though HFB at least got a good run in the first half of this year.
  11. No online stores in Eagleland that would deliver to Mexico? Just saying as I don't buy direct from Spartan, and I live in the UK.
  12. Buy from a local distributor, to be honest.
  13. Hi CoffeeGrunt,

    Over the last week or so I've been avidly watching almost all of your unboxing videos for Fleet Battles, as well as most of your battle reports. 

    You guys explain what you are doing well, your ships are excellently painted, and your camera work is very good!

    I'm located in Ottawa, Canada, and Fleet Battles is all but impossible to get access to locally. As someone who doesn't possess a copy of the game (yet), or have any opportunity to pop by a store to get a demo in, watching you guys play the introductory scenarios was hugely helpful for me in digesting the rules.

    On your video feed, I see that you have the first three scenarios uploaded, but beyond that I only see unboxing videos, painting guides and full on battle reports. Did you ever film the other scenarios and upload them? If you've done so, I apologize for my incompetent searching abilities; would you mind pointing me in the right direction?

    The specific reason why I'm asking has to do with the wing's phase. I'd love to see an example of where someone works through the complete wings phase on camera, including movement, locking, unlocking and executing dogfights and bombing runs. Beyond that I feel like I've been able to get a pretty good grasp of the rules without actually being able to play myself.

    Thanks for all the videos you post, in my opinion they are the best Fleet Battle, battle report videos online, and I look forward to the ones you'll be posting in the future.



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