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  1. Hey there! I was going to do a Youtube Video about the lore of the Dystopian world, since I've done a bunch so far for other wargames like Infinity. But I can't find any concise sources. People say to "buy the rulebook" but I haven't been given a clear answer of which rulebook, and in any event, it seems like they're all out of stock near me and can't seem to be ordered by my FLGS. Any suggestions?
  2. Hey there! I'm interested in photos or descriptions of the flat-packed terrain that comes with the different boxes. I see that some of the helix boxes come with a single bunker. I also see a nice, and very tempting terrain pack. However, I'm having some difficulty finding photos of the terrain when built. I'm curious if anyone has some photos of what the terrain looks like either flat-packed out of the box, or alternatively painted up and ready. Let me know, I'd love to see what you can come up with!
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