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  1. Go for the SUSA!...hang on a minute.. I think a good starter fleet are the Russians. You will get used to gunnery and boarding real quick
  2. I'm just waiting on the stats and availability of the new CoA kit...hurry up!
  3. Not that bit - they said the timeline advanced a few years, with allies etc potentially changing There is a link somewhere out there on the Interweb superhighway
  4. So...faith then? I will stick with spamming some Descartes at my unsuspecting Ruskie adversaries
  5. Yeah but I'm also sure that the allies etc were being looked into (I'm sure it was on a blog a little while back for 2.5)
  6. Are you sure - thought they were based on stolen Covenant tech: making them anti Covenant?
  7. I'm still curious why people would pledge for the book (and the models) if you don't know the stats etc... Just shifting my thought process to the League of Crimson - if I don't know they can ally with I could potentially have backed some models I couldn't use... In regards to the rulebook, personally I would like to see the revisions before laying down some cash.
  8. No need, just put a rim around it like I have on my board and get another piece of the same size wood (that you use for your rim) which you can slide up and down the board to adjust the board size. Using the area you don't utilise as your scrapyard / dice roll area
  9. I used Woodland Scenics water effectopic on my first table; very expensive and it shrank quite a bit. Second table I bought some clear lacquer and just put a few layers on with a brush - worked better and far cheaper.
  10. For myself and Portcullis we have about 4 hours to fit in a game, usually during the weekday after work so time is of essence. The board used to be 6 x 4 but we found that at least one turn was wasted making moves, whereas we prefer to get straight into the action. 2k is fine for 4 x 4, anything larger and (for us) it becomes quite dull. Neither of us field dreadbots or have ordered (or will order) the super size ships, so 4 x 4 is the optimal size for us, 4 hours, 2k (and time to eat plenty of crisps), but of course if you want bigger; build bigger!
  11. Pics from last night ! It looked amazing. Proper bonkers.
  12. Many thanks - about 50 quid to make!
  13. That's my 4x4 table. Perfect for 2k aside, allows one turn for movement then in the 2nd turn the gloves are off! Just need to paint on the various lines (on the raised rim) of the zones, such as deployment etc Job done!
  14. Deathbringer sub and the Elysium are my favourite sub and blimp-o-death
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