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  1. Guys. hello. Have you any plans on Sturgeon model as Enlightened Boss?
  2. Hello guys. First & Main question about Beta: where can I found squadron sizes? :-) Where is no squadron sizes at unit card, but I am sure that Frigates doesn't come solo to battlefield
  3. I have Restitution in 1250 naval games (2.0 version) and this dreadnought robot is amazing.
  4. This is kind of Ctrl+C & Ctrl+V, new Spartan Games method of doing things
  5. Okay, i'll continue with EoBS: 1) Sokotsu isn't massive. No way; 2) Give my Hachiman mines. He have mines on the rear of model 3) Mizuchi. Same problem as annapolis - 25 strategic value; 4) Arashi. Too expensive; 5) Zarigani nerfed too much, but this is good improvement for Raigin; 6) Suzaku. Correct him in special squadron. I don't completely agree with TP rework and node projector nerf. TP must be as in 2.0 but work in command consolidation and node launcher was normal. Nowadays I will not take models with such generators at all.
  6. Mississippi Mk1 have Sustained Fire (Heavy Volley Gun), but have no Heavy Volley Guns
  7. Okay let's start. My point of view on Americans in this new orbat. 1) Without "3 DR on crit" commodore ability where is unnecessary to nerf Restitution. It is already nerfed, but please, remove hull breacher from Colt-cannons version: it's difficult to damage opponent in close combat with gatling gun! And correct "Marksman" special shooting style: "Shooting and submerged and obscured flyers"? Maybe Models? 2) All massive models has strategic value. They cannot be taken as allies. Is that correct? Anyway all battlecruisers such as Annapolis has strategic value too. Doesn't know is that necessary in 2.5 with new Allies rules; 3) All models that can take huge rocket battery instead of shield gen (Liberty, Independance) should have Barrage (Rockets) like Mississippi Mk-1 or this is useless upgrade; 4) Mississippi Mk1 "This model has Barrage (Rockets) Munitions type must be in MARs, Special Rules section, not Options. 5) Make Lexington 2-4. They are only 10 points cheeper than Georgetown and much more worse than Georgetown; 6) Where is target painter on my Savannah?
  8. @Spartan Mike Mike, please, open your ORBATS template and fix EoBS Bomber specialist squadron. Or place sticker on your monitor 'CORRECT NAME OF EoBS heavy bomber in spec squadron'. This is 2-years old mistake. And I don't want to see it again in new ORBATS. Thanks.
  9. Guys please, can you publish army lists from Adepticon somewhere?
  10. There are no Dreadbot ban on Adepticon, where is Restitution as easy to counter SAS spam?
  11. As for my factions: Nation: EoBS Model: Nakatsu Problem: Week light cruiser Suggestions: Make squadron size 2-4 again Nation: EoBS Model: Ika Problem: Low speed, low damage output at last turns Suggestions: Make it aquatic assault, to allow boarding from submerged level or increase move to 10" Nation: EoBS Model: Arashi Problem: Overpriced Suggestions: Discount of 5-10 points will help Nation: EoBS Model: Kiyohime Problem: Not an "assault" carrier. Low survivability, low damage output, low carrier value Suggestions: 2 ways to fix it: make it 6/10 and Rugged (2) and 8" movement, or Carrier (9) and change its type from assault carrier to fleet carrier Nation: EoBS Model: Sui, Yurgi Problem: Useless Suggestions: Limited amout of weapons and low damage output. No special mars. Make them Pack tactics (2) maybe? Nation: EoBS Model: Raigin Problem: Low survivability. Useless squadron support. Suggestions: Make it Combat deployment (EoBS, Zarigani 5) for 80 points, give him Rugged (1), give him Combat Coordinator (Zarigani, Terror tactics (1), increase points to 180 Nation: EoBS Model: Tsukuyomi Problem: Useless generators Suggestions: Increase cost to 155 give him option to take Generator with Node launcher for sonic or for disruption at +5/+10 pts cost. Nation: EoBS Model: Onryo Problem: Overpriced, Useless Suggestions: Generator is too weak. Overpriced for one turrent and 5 bomb (increase it to 7 for example will solve problem) Nation: EoBS Model: DFA-170 Problem: Overpriced Suggestions: Discount of 5-10 points will help Nation: FSA Model: Restitution Dreadnought Robot Problem: Imbalanced. Gun variant is too powerfull, Hammer variant is too weak. Suggestions: Decrease 2AD from Colt Cannons at all levels. Increase range of Assault for Hammer variant to +4 inches. Increase movement of Hammer variant. Nation: FSA Model: Lexington Problem: Overpriced, give him Sharpshooters back Suggestions: All such light cruisers must be 2-4 squadrons. Nation: FSA Model: Washington Problem: Turrets cannot link Suggestions: Make their arcs 270" instead of 180 Nation: FSA Model: Reno Problem: Overpriced, useless tank Suggestions: Give him back ability to attach one to Trentons, give him back Devastating ordnance. It was normal in the past, but now it is broken to sh*t. Nation: FSA Model: Avion Problem: Low survivability Suggestions: Increase their speed, make them difficult target, increase pack tactics (one of this solutions)
  12. As for me I want to see 'mixed' options for dreadnought Robots. For example Svarog with one gun and one axe, 2 guns options for Winsor (where are 2 variants of cannons in the box).
  13. I know that this is not correct place for this message, but here is Spartan Mike and he answers fast, so: DWFA, FSA ORBAT: Valley Airship and New Orleans Support Airship are Large Naval Models. Maybe they are Aerial and this is mistake? DWFA, ORBATS: Dreadnought Robot can be taken as part of Dreadnought Robot Battlegroup and there is a rule for this battlegroup "We stand Alone". But there is no rules in Restitution stats that I can take it only as part of DredRobot Battlegroup, so I can take it in Core Armoured, or this is logical mistake? DW2.0 FSA ORBAT: Where are two Mobile Airfield Battlegroups on page 6. One with Alamo (thats correct) and one with some armored models (this is mistake?) DW2.0 RoF ORBAT: Faucon Squadron. 3 Heavy Bombers and 1 Interceptor. Is this correct squadron? Or this should be 3 interceptors and 1 Heavy Bomber? DW2.0 EoBS ORBAT: Moeru Okami Squadron: 1 Kechibi Heavy Bomber and 3 Tetsubo. There is no Kechibi Bomber in EoBS. It must be Suzaku. @Spartan Mike Can you fix this? We play with this mistakes for 1-2 years and time to time post them on this forum, but they are still in our ORBATS.
  14. "a long-range Energy Painter Generator was placed at its fore" (from SG blog about new Covenant battleship) 16" inches? Really? I hoped that this will be first realy long ranged target painter (32" for example) and not for topedoes, but for energy weapons. Cause it is Energy Painter... but my wishes all are ruined now :-(
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