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  1. I like the Illustrious, and have used it with a chanura a while back when I was new to the game, but also with a majest, to help them keep up in some Ironclad scenarios. I was hopelessly out activated buy some French, largely as a result of the dreadnaught, and it didn't go well, I continued to use the Illustrious as a safe place for a commodore and a late game boarder, I'll look into pairing it with the chanuara again sometime,
  2. @Maccabeus when is this widget? I being blind and can't see it. @Spartan Mike Thank you! Lol, fair enough, I'm sure they'd rather it was larger... @Benchpresser Ok, thank you. I'd sort of rather know before ordering, but fair enough.
  3. @Spartan Mike Can you confirm if we will know when the first 150 have gone? Also why does Spartan hate my wallet...
  4. It's much better than it's post industrial reputation might suggest, lots of culture, gaming and today 30 degree heat...
  5. There are still spaces at the the Outpost for this, a last hurrah for 2.0 always a fun event. Tickets here: http://the-outpost.co.uk/our-products/tickets/Ticket-Hard-Pounding-XI
  6. So will be tagging along with my wife to a conference in Victoria, by way of Vancouver, and wondered if there were any players in either of those cities as I could pack a small fleet for a game whilst I'm there?
  7. I've got my ticket, looking forward to it. Though the adding in of 2 exactly 250 point force editions was taxing the little grey cells, till I realised it's just 4 Halifax heavy bombers ;-) (I wouldn't actually bring this)
  8. Makes me wonder if the Avenger gains rugged, given it's a similar design.
  9. I had noticed that when I skim read it. It really does make some of them a one turn weapon, I'm thinking of the KoB torp ones. The Dominions is currently 16" which means move to range two use it, fire torps next turn use it but with no rb1 torps on dominions n tribals you are then probably too close for the squardon to fire at it. Agincourts can but that's pretty limiting.
  10. I hated facing PAs, especially zenos, but I agree the previous rules fit the idea better. Also drones are supposed to be able to handle situations which a human pilot can't and yet they are slower. I think they could have been cool as faster say all 16inch+ but dr1 outside of special model mars, would have fitted with the picture in my head of the ones from stargate Ancient tech... oh well, more tea vicar?
  11. Presumably this tactic effects a cap if also under the template.
  12. I agree with most of what's been said above. The bombardment box is ace. Halifax, stalwarts, Vanguards, all excellent. I like the Illustrious, at least n theory. It's a safe place to put a commodore and if it gets close enough can mine/bomb/board something. It is overpriced and/or under gunned though.
  13. @Lifegiver I'm not sure the Indus needs a nerf. Compared to the stalwart it's ok but the stalwart is better for 5 points more. The Indus was buffed last orbat update as it was only 5 point cheaper than stalwart and nowhere near as good.
  14. @tansalus thank you, that's helpful, I don't remember seeing it so probably haven't filled that bit out right but will have a look. @Spartan Mike ace, thank you, will be great to see. Now just have to make sure I get it...
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