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  1. They were scheduled to have a booth, I believe, but apparently something came up. There are at least a few Spartan Vanguards attending and running events. There is an Armada event on Thursday evening, and I am running three 2-hour Planetfall games on Friday (which have slots still available). I don't know about Dystopian or either of the Halo games, but there might be something happening.
  2. Echoing a couple of points others have raised. Impaired and/or Impeded need to be renamed so it's less confusing. I also don't like the idea that the damage taken from an asteroid collision is based on the toughness of the ship. The way it works in v2 is fine: a little ship can try to "Han Solo" its way through the field with pretty good odds of success, but will almost certainly be destroyed on failure. A large ship will almost certainly get hit, but can probably take it.
  3. I don't think the new edition will be released quite that soon, but I've been wrong before. I'm guessing end of the year or early next. I think Planetfall will get one of those slots and Armada the other, but I don't know which is dropping first. But I wouldn't worry about the current state of the game. The problems with it are minor (don't put forest down on your game board, and you'll be fine), as are the balance issues. Each race might have a unit or two that nobody likes, but nothing is crazy over- or under- powered. The rules are clear, play is fast and bloody with no fiddly movement, and the models, as you mentioned, are beautiful. I'm looking forward to seeing what they do in the new revision to make a good game even better.
  4. Thanks for building this; it's an awesome tool! Unfortunately, shield calculations don't seem to be working, unless I'm doing something wrong. I'm trying to calculate how tough the Aquan leviathan is, and I'm getting the same average hits regardless of what I put in for shield settings. Which, for an Aquan target is fairly important!
  5. If you have one of the rulebooks from the first printing, there are quite a few errors in it. The PDF copy is much better. Cloaking does work against cyber attacks. Maybe a side effect of cloaking is that their emissions are better shielded and it's harder to find a communication frequency to hack into or something? Debilitating Effect markers are applied once all the damage from that squad's firing has been resolved (Rulebook, page 107, Firing Consolidation). So you can't both soften up a target and benefit from its softening with the same unit, but any units firing later in that turn will get the benefit. It lasts throughout the game turn, or longer if your opponent is considerate enough to fail the repair roll!
  6. That's a wild guess based on the teaser released a few weeks ago. Since storming CQB and disembark/embark on the same activation might be done with command points, it makes sense that "get out of the spire before it gets blown up" might too. But I don't have any more information to support my theory than you do.
  7. It's also possible that assault vehicle, like storming cqb, gets rolled into command points so whether the transport has it or not becomes much less important.
  8. Hopefully, if I have to do that it's for pickup games, or so much interest that I can't fit everybody into the existing slots!
  9. If anyone's interested, I have submitted to run Planetfall demos for most of Friday at GenCon. I only submitted it a few days before registration opened so it hasn't been approved yet, but it probably will be official well before opening ceremonies.
  10. Kinda rusty, gritty looking, and almost doesn't look futuristic. But very well done with a nice, coherent scheme. Unfortunately, I still don't like that dragonflly interceptor model! Yours is cleanly painted like the rest, but I've yet to see a paint job that makes that thing not look stupid.
  11. And somehow, I missed that the heavy infantry lost Fearless in the last update, which was over a year ago. I must have thought that we got kicked in the teeth so hard with everything else that they wouldn't have messed with our only good objective taker! They're still a better choice than Jabri, but the Fearless bubble from the spire is now more important than I thought it was.
  12. Arranging for LOS to be blocked to the spire's arrival location is an interesting idea. I might play around with it, but I have a feeling that's going to be pretty hard to set up even with a zeroed in drop marker. Yeah, I picked up a second recon helix a while back, so my "other take and hold" squadrons tend to be four pods of heavy infantry. I try to hold them until fairly late in the turn also, and that's even more important with the lighter pods. I'm a bit rusty in managing the timing of my activations, which is a major part of the game.
  13. I tried a couple of Jabri spires in a 5000 point game last weekend, and I'm afraid my opinion of them has only gotten worse. Admittedly, my opponents dice were running hot and he got the timing right to unload his leviathan at one the spires when it came down, but even considering that their performance was dismal. Both pods, and both squads inside, died before doing anything! The leviathan hit one spire so hard that the overflow killed every single base inside, with room to spare. The second pod died to something else, overflow killed six of the eight, and I couldn't score six successes on three dice. I did think of another possible strategy though. Skip the pods and deploy them normally. Especially against another drop pod force, basically pretend they are caltrops. Spread out around the drop sites and hope to force a Skydrop scatter, or send them forward into death, but force my opponent to at least spend a few activations dealing with them. It's a cold-blooded thing to do, but hey, we're spiders, right??? I realize that biology probably dictates that Relthoza are actually warm blooded since an advanced brain requires it, but that doesn't mean our tactics have to be!
  14. I played a round of Reform the Fleet last weekend as well. The deployment is fairly bonkers, and I worry about its convenience in a tournament environment. Tournament tables are usually laid out in a long line, which works fine as long as most of each player's action happens on one side of the table, but that was not the case for this mission. My opponent and I spent a fair amount of time walking around the table to move ships on the other side, and that could be a problem at a tournament. (Have you considered this, Team Lansing?) Still, it was a lot of fun. I didn't take notes, but my opponent played Sorylians with a battleship, carrier, 4 cruisers, and two large squads of frigates. I played Relthoza, running a dreadnought with reduced turn limit, maneuverable, corrosive, and a couple of other things; 3 heavy cruisers (also with corrosive); 2 squads of carrier frigates, and my first try with the Task Force models: 2 light cruisers led by a gunship. One of my frigate squads didn't arrive from reserve before we called the game as a Relthoza victory, and the other two tier 3 squads got pounded into scrap pretty quickly by his cruiser squad (my tier 3's and his cruisers were arriving on the same side of the board). My dreadnought and heavy cruisers, helped by some corrosion but despite dismal self repair rolls, were able to take down the Sorylian battleship and carrier. We called it after that. Observations: The deployment, as I said, was very tricky. An awful lot of the game depends on making the reserve rolls, so I expect most players will bring the Hurry Reserves card. Our battle sort of broke down to three mini-battles: the dueling admirals, and the reserve fleets arriving at each end. Despite having similar point values, that's not always a fair fight. My tier 3 ships were quickly wiped out by the 4 Sorylian cruisers, but after that the cruisers were too far away to do much, Both admirals had drifted to the other table end, where my forces had the advantage.
  15. I still dig the Relthoza as an army, but there are some models like the Jabri that I just don't much like. The entire Heavy Helix is the other main example. I believe this to be a temporary problem, however. Spartan Games has shown a willingness to adjust the stats for balance on occasion in the past (the last one was not quite a year ago), and I think they will fix this eventually. I hope they don't mess up the Salamas when they do!
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