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  1. Please remain civil, this is a public board. I'm sorry my satire went right over your head.
  2. All I know is as a french SAS spammer (I own what... 20 Arbaletes?) I absolutely hated how Fleet Action made the models I specifically invested in as part of my strategy so... fecal. Not only can Arbe's in FA only be attached to large squadrons but their plane is a weapon now? I chose to play Armoured France because of the Arbalete and Mobile Airfield; so of course that's what gets nerfed to hell in the new rules huh? I would almost want to propose something similar to how minefields work in a change to DW SAS, so you activate a bunch of your planes, move them forward, and then they passively attack models that get too close. So say I activate my Mauselle, and since it's a carrier I can use it to send orders to the SAS wings I have on the table; and I would want to propose a MAR that would allow Arbaletes to also command aircraft. Sure it's probably not that graceful but in a way I think that's a better way to represent the command structure of planes. Maybe if you have no carriers, planes just always go last.
  3. For me the big issue with Spartan Games is they never release that much information to begin with, and the posts they do release are four to five paragraphs of utter nonsense and at the very bottom they say something like "By the way new models are coming soon" . They seem to only care about their new microsoft licenses (Which I still think is weird since they have no presence in america, where that license is well known) and the naval version of Dystopian Wars; all my American friends and I only care about the Armoured part of the game. These "Campaign Battles" were written for use by 1/3rd of their players that only play Naval. I fiercely defend my position that they should of skipped the relatively unknown Gencon in favour of San Deigo Comicon so that several million people would of been able to see their products instead of the handful of nerds that go to Gencon because they can't afford to go to SDCC. As the one American DW player, I really wish something was done about that.
  4. They actually do have every resource needed. As part of the production process they create 3D models for their production lines; so theoretically every DW model does have a accompanying 3D model they can quite easily have prepared for integration into Tabletop Simulator or any other graphical engine with a little more work. By "not having the resources" Beth actually means they can, but don't see any money in doing it; As they DO have the resources.
  5. Because it's fairly obvious what they can release; Halo is a shooter game franchise, there's only so much content to miniaturize. They alluded to practically everything the primary two factions have access to in the first game, and the detailed models are all right there from Bungie; it's not like Firestorm or Dystopian where they are inventing whole new designs and renders. The release teaser is vague like teasers are supposed to be. All the OP wants is the Spartan release timeline, which really isn't that bizarre of a request for a manufacturing company. While the release schedule seems to be pretty fast this year, we're still being forced to be surprised when we have new models to order rather than being able to go "Oh, the Halo starters will be here in a few months, I better set aside X money units to afford the price they pre-set"
  6. It's worth noting I have not played anywhere near as much as other forumites. However having glanced at statistics, only if you play smart. Conscripts are one of the weaker crew types, and obviously won't do too well against armies composed mostly of Elite or Reckless crews, such as the FSA. The Orlov tank is probably my favorite medium in the game, only because it's just barely a medium class tank; and pricewise they may be individually expensive but in squads of two it's not like you have to worry about blinking and them exploding; where most other heavy tanks have six inch thick paper mache armor.
  7. That is extremely helpful, thank you.
  8. "Each of the races" I am going to riot if they forget to release the Flood as a third army (Assuming that the robots aren't an army of their own) .
  9. I feel stupid for only just now realizing that the Grunwald is a modified Kursk; combined with my Poltava I have most of a list already! I just need to stock up on the mediums. I was looking all over trying to find a dedicated Grunwald model, lol. I know what minor nation army I'll be stocking up on next.
  10. Russian land armies are hilarious if you have a Kursk and a few packs of Orlov's with some Poltava beneath them. For one, their armor is so thick it takes real effort to annoy them; and their firepower is great for blasting away mid to close range enemies. The one kicker is all that firepower is manned by conscripts, and thus is only allowed to get in so close before it turns against them.
  11. Well I get Fore=Front, but as a universal model the bunker came without a base. Do you have a picture instead those weird degrees and things? Edit: Not meaning to troll! I seriously just don't think in terms of perpendicularity and degrees. So you are saying that the angled front guns indeed have angled 45 degree firing arcs pointing in the way they are physically pointed? Are the turrets pointing straight forward or angled as well?
  12. While the Ptolemy are really specialized bombers, if you like using minefields then I don't see how you could go wrong with a single pack of them.
  13. Has Spartan released diagrams of where the guns on bunkers are? Depending on what picture you look at the posture of the FSA bunker is different, and since the front of the model is at a slanted angle how do I decide what "fore" is? Whenever an FSA bunker is played, I still lose by default due to the lack of clarification regarding it. I complained about a year ago, and it seems like this was just ignored. My experience with learning DW was ruined by my friend buying a bunker; I refuse to play with him because he refuses to play without it. So I almost never play anymore despite having sunk hundreds of dollars into this hobby; my hundreds of dollars of french are still made useless by a single $10 bunker. The only reason I bought the Madam Liberte is because fortifications are the best models in the game (According to my FSA bunker experiences) It seems like the FSA bunker is the only one with this problem, every other bunker either has 360 swivels or an extremely obvious firing line while the FSA bunker fires differently depending on who you are playing with.
  14. From a "What you get versus buying it cheaper" perspective. The American markets for DW are different, it's far far far cheaper to buy the models individually or on sale from websites like Miniature Market or FRP games, download the PDF for DW, and only purchase one or two v2 base sets just to get the card decks and a few trays. So $100 for a small handful of models and the rulebook, or $100 for four core nation land armies of more than a thousand points each. I wonder which I am more likely to do... Edit: It's more like three armies. But my point stands
  15. I have to admit; yeah Spartan tends to let a lot of mistakes go in their boxes. So far there has been nothing bad enough to make me complain though, mostly it's silly things like the wrong drop-on or missing tiny peices.
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