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  1. A building assembly tutorial would be welcome They are not all that intuitive, at least not to me. On the plus side though this game looks amazing. I'm very excited about trying it.
  2. Oh, sure. I'll target a BB if there's nothing softer to shoot at. The situation always dictates target priority for me. Generally though I find the EotBS plays very asymmetrically with the opponent's fleet. Larges pick on mediums, mediums (especially towers!) pick on smalls, and smalls pick on larges. Boarding to mop up. I'm going to have to get some of the destroyers now that they get that MAR. That's a nice little boost for them.
  3. Easier said than done. EotBS rockets are best at RB4, while gunnery at that range is practically nonexistant. There are solutions though. One can race forward the smaller, faster corvettes and frigates to score hits with close range gunnery while the rocket-equipped units hang back. Or one can just take more rockets. I'm a fan of the reinforced cruiser squadron and the rocket towers. Each unit throws 13 AD worth of rockets. That will reliably damage anything short of a battleship. TBH, battleships and bigger probably shouldn't be shot at anyhow. It's generally a waste of firepower. Kill everything else and board the big stuff.
  4. I recently ran a Dystopian Wars event at my LGS, Dragon's Den Games in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. We had 8 players, which was a pretty impressive turnout for the middle of summer! Sensors and communication intercepts have established that an object entered the atmosphere over the Gulf of Siam 2 days ago. The object broke up, and scattered over a wide area. The area since has been experiencing strange weather patterns and electromagnetic pulses. We must investigate the source of these anomalies so we have placed you in charge of a small, elite task force that will investigate the crash site. Each player brought a 750 point tournament list. Core naval or core air was allowed, but all of the players brought naval. To keep things moving quickly we nixed STAR cards and the alternate deployment rules. Those who follow the forums know my opinions on those two subjects anyhow. We did allow reinforced cruiser squadrons, although noone except I (who had to fill in one round) took one. We had 3 French, 2 British, 1 FSA, 1 Antarctican, and 1 EotBS player. I told the players up front that every fully-painted fleet would win a prize and we had 4 painted and another painted except for the TFTs. The first two rounds were head-to-head games which represented the task forces bumping into each other on the way to the gulf. The fleets that did best in the first two rounds would receive some advantages in the big, communal game at the end. Round 1 is about to begin! The fleets: Alex's Antarcticans Dave's FSA Geoff's British Keith's French Roch's Japanese Shaun's British We had two unpainted French fleets as well but I'm at my pic limit for the post. Sorry Leif and Allan! The first two rounds took two hours each, with a half hour luch break sandwiched inbetween. Dave and Leif had the most success during the first two rounds which meant they would get to choose their deployment areas first for the big game and get initiative each turn. When the task forces finally arrive at the crash site they realize they are not alone! A black-ops FSA task force arrived a day earlier and has already done studies and gathered samples. Their freighters and passenger liners packed with scientists, data, and samples are attempting to flee the area! Other samples are still floating, unrecovered in the water. The black-ops FSA vessels have orders to fire on all vessels entering the area, including Dave's FSA. It's a classic case of the left hand not knowing what the right hand is doing! The task forces must prevent the civilian ships from escaping while gathering samples of their own. Destruction of the black-ops vessels and the other players' fleets might be desirable, but will not be worth any points. Players score points for each squadron that begins a turn in one of the three target areas. The three target zones are visible here, although I took this picture on turn 2 so the neutral ships are mostly gone. The players quickly destroyed most of the FSA vessels and all of the civilian ships before they could even move! Allan's French formed an alliance with his neighbours. Alex switched to his Japanese core-air fleet for this game because, well why not? Poor Shaun at the far end of the table was ganged-up on by Dave and Roch from the get go. Roch's Ika here is eating one of Shaun's Lord Hoods although the Hood put up a good showing. Its concussion charges critted the squid on the way in and his marines took off 7 of the squid's AP. In the end Keith stayed focused and kept his eyes on the prize. His vessels gathered the most samples, while also destroying a pair of the civilian vessels. Well done Keith! Perhaps most impressively we managed to get in a full three turns in a game with 6000 points on the table. We had two players activating at the same time, and we eliminated the 10 free TFTs for each player to speed things up. It worked out pretty well. I'd like to thank everyone for participating!
  5. Why wouldn't they come with the bunker complex? That seems like an unfortunate omission.
  6. I agree. It certainly does not function as intended. In some cases because of the range restrictions on their AA they can be completely useless.
  7. I kind of like the OP. It adds a bit of a bluffing element to fleet design, and could make Radio Network-equipped models targets of higher priority in situations during games which would be interesting. The 8" bubble one is easier and more elegant though. I wouldn't be opposed to either one.
  8. That's an interesting idea for Radio Network. A blanket +1 initiative every turn might be too powerful. Maybe have a +1 token that can be redeemed as long as your Radio Network is still alive or something like that.
  9. That's a great idea! +1 internets to you sir.
  10. The shield tower has great synergy with the Russian fleet. It has long-range gunnery that the rest of the fleet lacks and a shield generator for your mimic generators to copy. It is also great for Prussians. Again the long-range gunnery fills a need, and they can provide cover to get your Arminius frigates close. For the Blazing Sun however the rocket towers are where it's at. They are cheaper, their firepower does not degrade with damage, they start raging fires, and they can shoot in multiple directions instead of one. By all means try both, but I'm sure you'll end up with the rockets.
  11. Oh, is that what this thread is for? Because the OP, who is not you, simply posted a house rule that changes the way the STAR cards are used. I respect his intent, which was to lessen the impact of the cards on the game and salvage the Radio Network MAR. Unfortunately with his system I felt that it would have too much influence on fleet design. People should not be designing their fleets based on how many cards they want to draw in a game IMO. If you want to start a thread "dedicated to trying to improve the STAR cards" then go right ahead and I will give it a wide berth.
  12. Well as I said in this thread AND the other thread I have little interest in balancing the cards. I prefer the game without them. It's sad that the Radio Network MAR ends up as collateral damage but that's how it has to be. If Spartan really wants cards they should create a new deck from scratch and allow players to customize their decks with faction and unit-specific cards, much as they have done for Dystopian Legions. But really I see no reason why a tactical miniatures game needs cards at all.
  13. The problem here will remain the same though: the unbalanced nature of the cards. Just drawing less of them is not a solution. I feel like the entire deck just needs a mulligan. It was poorly conceived and executed. Spartan should chalk that one up as a learning effort and move on. I don't think there's much there to salvage. No offence Naz, but I don't like your idea at all. With your system people will be designing their fleets around the cards instead of having the cards (as was Spartan's intent, I think) add some flavour to the game. It would be like the cart pulling the horse. A poorly balanced, tippy cart with a wonky wheel. I guess I'll start painting my unit of 3 communications towers just in case this idea takes hold:(
  14. Like I said before, I don't think the cards do/are any of these things. I think the game plays great without the cards. The cards provide neither flavour nor nuance IMO. You are definitely not alone, however. As of my posting fully 22 out of 83 players use the cards over half the time.
  15. Disliking the cards is fine. Claiming the cards are unbalanced is also fine. I don't think my position is "extreme", just as I don't think yours is. However, you can't really compare the cards to dice as you are trying to do. Sometimes a player will roll the dice all game and never roll above (or below) the curve. That happens. As players of a dice game that is something we have all agreed to accept. However the broken, unbalanced cards ARE in the deck. Players WILL draw them. That's something I don't want to accept. After the game I want to talk to my opponent about tactics, deployment, target priority and whatnot. I should have placed this unit here, or I should have activated this unit first instead of that one, etc. When we used the cards the conversations after the game were inevitably all about the draw and play of the cards. That's a horrible feature for a tactical miniatures game, and a sure sign (to me) that the cards had too much influence on the gameplay. So anyhow, you can stop claiming my position is "extreme" now. And you can look at the poll results and see that card users are in the minority. I think for good reason. However if you enjoy the cards I will permit you to keep using them.
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