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  1. Welcome back to Firestorm Everyone!

    Can't.fully express how pleased I am to see the forums back online with it, there are a lot of good threads to go back through
  2. Played a game with some of the V3 rules.

    you see, this has been a directorate plot all along, allow me to spin the tale... we have sies in all your ranks, works raptor agents going by alias's of tarqui scientists and hawker engineers they have slowly but surely planted the seeds, allowing the directorate to "hack" any and all systems, until a joint effort powered by "tarqui" scientists innovation, and "hawker industries" ingenuity, and working knowledge of cyber warfare tech, have developed a new relay system, completely unhackable, it uses the tarqui short range teleporters (further developed from using overseer tech) to send the message via literal paper mail, teleported to the ship being ordered. the only catch is this device requires a powerful conductor, gold happens to be the best for these purposes ("hawker industries" swears by it) oddly enough, no gold remains after use...almost as if it too were teleported... and it uses rather large amount, however the method is "effective" and all the warships have been retrofitted, to avoid the anavoidable hacking of directorate ships (which hacks may or may not be administered from within, but i'm not telling) meanwhile, the directorate coffers fill with gold, as fleets must spend valuable resource to "power" the device
  3. I agree they should have waited, but to stop it now ...no I think that would be worse at this point, for us long time players who pledged, it would be deflating, for a new player, that would erase credibility, and they would not likely support it round 2, we've already seen some new blood in the forums, lets not loose them too quick
  4. Played a game with some of the V3 rules.

    I want a book, written just ...like...that
  5. Medical ships and fluff

    I personally don't mind the medical crews, it was in 2.0 as well (mind you, I got very annoyed when I had decrewed a ship, and it gets all it's crew back, with some of my cyber heavy vs carrier heavy encounters, I had become predictable, and he had 3 full tokens of support craft annoying yes, but it's part of the tactics, and prevented cyber from dominating now that crew loss doesn't matter nearly as much, an cyber can't target life support, and most criticals can't kill crew, yeah, medical ships will keep on top of things, but in 3.0, it doesn't matter as much the real draw for the new srs is that they can repair hull points. explain THAT one however with how fast ships die, again the usefulness will be mitigated
  6. Another poll, this for focused fire.

    please feel free to put up your reasoning, I have voted.
  7. Sorylian/Veydreth Re-Stat Discussion

    give it a new weapon (scatter cannon) only shoots in the first range band, but it shoots EVERYTHING in the first range band mwhahahahahaha
  8. Medical ships and fluff

    they have fold space drives, why not insta-heal pods
  9. focused fire is being introduced to firestorm armada, the question should it? in armada, it allows commanders to spend a CO point to give there dice a +1 to hit modifier in a given range band (varying by weapon type, primary, secondary, tertiary) this mechanic was unpopular in PF, but it will be different in armada, camping won't happen, as ships must move, or spend even MORE CO to stop, also it costs a CO in general, which many would rather not, or flat out be unable to spend. that said, what do you want? anyone please feel free to give feedback, in particular any planetfall players, that have used the mechanic? what are your thoughts? how do you think it will translate in armada?
  10. What is Size Class used for?

    of course those same small ships could be sent ahead to scout, so that the heavies arrive in the right position fluff-wise it could go either way, which if given a choice, one commander may place his tier 3's first (for scouting) another his tier 1's (his smaller ships positioning to face the perceived threat) so hers is to hoping
  11. i'm almost positive the first rendition will have a myriad of issues I just hope the revesions are swift and helpful, there is still a ton of potential here, it just needs some sifting and fine tuning (1.5 was a disaster, 2.0 was awesome, hopefully 3.0 transitions out of it's 1.5 stage quickly )
  12. Medical ships and fluff

    oops, I thought they had escort carriers my bad
  13. What is Size Class used for?

    i know fluff isn't the reason they changed it, the tactics side is diminished though. i don't mind a whole lot, but i don't see the reasoning 1.it's another rule to keep track of (not a complicated one, but it does nothing to "simplify" the game, besides removing tactics 2. it removes deployment tactics, not completely, but the effect is diminished, the best use of FTB often was forcing your opponent to deploy first, and one of the benefits to extra activations, is you could hold your tier ones, until your opponent placed there's 3.fluff (arguments can be made either way) the only real change is a decreased need for tactical acumen. allow me to site an example 2 grand fleets 2000 pts, i had directorate, he had dindrenzi, a good old border clash. i lost initiative, so i placed my admiral on the board first far left (you'll see) he begins to place his mediums and smalls on the opposite side (so i know his tier ones are likely coming on the admiral side) i place my mediums in the middle, and he eventually stacks his tier 1's (including a battlestation) on my admiral side, as i put my tier ones on the far side opposite his mediums (seeing this he puts his admiral, on a dreadnought on that side) my admiral was on a stealth system anarchist, and i moved at half speed, and used cyber to mitigate incoming fire, and stalled, while the rest of my fleet rushed his, with my admiral drawing the attention of all but 1 tier 1, i had a fairly easy time getting the upper hand on the rest of his fleet i used my cloaked carrier to tank his dreadnoght, shutting down weapons with the help of it's tormentor accompaniments(i even flanked in some gunships, started decimating from behind) his flanks went to deal with my works raptor destroyers. when my admiral was 23" away from his tier 1's, i used drives to max, and bolted hard right behind some asteroids, to join the fray, and finish his dreadnought. it was then reality hit him, i had set up my admiral as bait from the first squadron placement. his battelstation was in a far corner, hardly posing a threat (i could essentially deal with it at leisure) and his battleships, way out of position, it took another full turn to bring his guns to bear, but by that time his fleet was gone, all but 2 broken squads of frigates. mop up didn't take long. long story short, deployment is a major part of the tactics, and before placing tier one's was a curve ball, now it's mandatory. no a huge deal, but i'd rather not be forced to place tier one's first
  14. What is Size Class used for?

    and fluff wise, doesn't it make more sense that the tier 3's serving as scouts inform the admiral of what vessels they can see first, allowing the larger ships to deploy in a more advantageous fashion? rather then the admiral, and the other tier 1's barreling ahead, telling the frigates where to deploy after?
  15. Medical ships and fluff

    they might in the form of escort carriers but time will tell, which carriers carrying which SRS is actually the thing that i'm most looking forward to seeing as far as stat changes, well that, and all my beloved cloaked ships...

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