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  1. Polaris

    Firestorm Painting Group

    Just finished my Weaver battelstation, I'm still debating on whether or not to install red LED lights drilles in through the bottom to light the place between slats, but oh well
  2. Polaris

    SRS rebalnace

    As far as toxic rat's idea goes, we could rule that carriers can switch out SRS as he suggests, but battleships, battle carriers ect. Keep what they bring initially, this would give carriers a boost, without nerfing the others As far as redesigning SRS, my only hope is they don't become another weapon system, like taskforce, I think the tokens having a presence on the table adds to the game That said, I don't know what V3 will bring, but has anyone else had a chance to test these proposed house rules?
  3. Polaris

    SRS rebalnace

    The problem is 1 wing of anything but interceptors or support shuttles, cannot meaningfully contribute, 3ad with 1 bomber, that can be driven off/destroyed by 1. Five or 6 respectively, isn't even worth the 5 pts
  4. Polaris

    SRS rebalnace

    I guess you have a point there i don't think it's bad to deteriorate a squadren, but I can definitely see your point for me it was always there lack of firepower after losing even 1 or 2 ships that was frustrating, but oh well
  5. Polaris

    SRS rebalnace

    I fear though, if frigates cover there own PD, but also get 3-4 they remain as hard to hit as if they linked, but this defense does not deteriorate with the squad, it could be done, but we would need to alter every ship currently in the game... And, I think a little PD mountain early in the game is a feature not a bug, the fleet starts cohesive, and protected, but as time wears on, those torpedoes get more and more effective, and they don't degrade either, I've always seen them as alpha strike, and late game finisher weapons, if you have to dismantle an opponents fleet before opening up the way for consistent torpedo kills, I think that's ok, I do think torps could use a little more AD though, even with defenses stripped 6AD torpedoes (in the judgment battleship) are kinda laughable...
  6. Polaris

    SRS rebalnace

    As far as keeping SRS at all, we will see what v3 brings, as far as what they add here besides flavor 1.bombers/ fighters a way for capital ships to reliably hit smalls, especially elusive targetsas well as cloaked ships, without degrading providing an alternate to torpedoes, and providing cover in arcs you don't have ( like the omnidyne dreadnought being pestered by smalls I the aft arc) not integral, but I feel it does add something 2. Interceptors, allow the fleet to support each other, and counter other SRS, granted this would not be required if here we're no start, but there is tactics to bringing inyerveptors and covering otherwise vulnerable craft (this rulest seeks to alter while not entirely ruin the current effectiveness of such) 3. Assault craft they provide sustained boarding assaults, and are often a repo-fleet's only security, that all there work doesn't go out with one or 2 wiffs They can be shot down, but provide a way to get repeated boarding (it hasn't proven OP in games I've played, you get nothing from capturing smalls, and cruisers have defenses enough, that it usually takes prep working, hardest part is driving off tokens of 6, which hopefully the escorts buffs here will fix 4.support shuttles, these are a great security measure vs bio hazard, and cyber heavy fleets, I don't like playing against them when I use directorate. But I think it is a fair defense especially since their range is short, and they provide no offense or defense. In fleet building this allows ships and fleets to customize there style and feel further, a carrier carrying bombers and assault craft, vs one with supports and interceptors, are very different things, while both remaing priority targets I like the flavor of SRS, but I can certainly understand prefering a game without them
  7. Polaris

    SRS rebalnace

    That, and there is the flavor of having carriers, dogfights, if nothing else the fluff is fun at this point though, it would be difficult to remove them entirely i did play a couple games last night, no one used escorts yet (we did dreadnought duals, no small ships) but with the house rules above, SRS were not insurmountable, we had an aquan and relthoza dreadnought, vs a Terran and sorylian. Torpedo hits were scored on all parties, with difficulty but despite the full bomber tokens, and the sorylian interceptor token, in the end the Terran shield proved the best defense from torpedoes in late game If nothing else, rule 1 worked well, torpedoes did not feel worthless despite heavy SRS presence on one side, they couldn't cover each other, and gained mereley 3 PD on approach and bombers retaining PD was not an issue, especially once attack runs started despite "nerfed" SRS aquan/relthoza won (Granted we all know the sorylian dreadnought is awful, I tried to convince them to play something else) but even still it ended with both aqaun and sorylian dead, the aquan had 2 HP left, and the relthoza had only 1 HP of damage (it repaired 3 over the course of the game) i would also argue that tactics were better for aquan/relthoza. (focused down sorylian, then double teamed terran, while Terran/sorylian spkit there fire between aquan and relthoza) regardless, the Nerf to SRS isn't crippling to large ship engangements, we have games planned to test this on the patrol fleet level next
  8. Polaris

    Cruiser Rankings

    And just a suggestion, for those of you that hate the confinements of fleet building, a hiuserul my group has used in the past was doing away with minumum/ maximum number of whatever squadren, and have minimum point presents instead, the ratio we often used was at least 10% of the fleet value needed to be tier 3, 25% tier 2 and 25% tier 1, This allowed a lot more freedom to build fletts as player saw fit, while still ensuring all tiers were represented, and yes, 10% is not a lot of tier 3, but this is minimum required, in an 800 point game, you need 80pts of tier 3 (about 1 squad) in a grand fleet of 2000, 200 pts are needed (2.5 squads, of standard frigates, but maybe you take upgraded frigates, and can reduce the squads to 2, or take 6 squads, it's up to you. )
  9. Polaris

    Cruiser Rankings

    I feel there would have to be a limit on distance and activation, if I can acitate the frigate here, the destroyer back here and the cruiser on the other side, they may all be able to Target the same model, this breaks cohesion too much, you can't anticipate an opponents activation, when any number or random models could be next, versus seeing a group move together, and planning a counter strike. If no limit is set on distance, it will feel more like a free for all...
  10. Polaris

    Cruiser Rankings

    This would also allow antier 2 to be accompanied by 1-3 tier 3s in fleet building
  11. Polaris

    Cruiser Rankings

    So maybe the answer initially, is rather then change the way squadrons and activation work from the ground up, we could make some alterations, specifically, tier 2 squads can include tier 3 ships (up to 4 per squad across the board) And partial squadrons may group up with other partial squadrons within command distance, by taking a successful command check during the reserves phase. With battelog, this wouldn't work, but with victory point it would, to allow it to function with Battlelog, perhaps you would still lose points as is you had lost the squadron that was absorbed? Not sure
  12. Polaris

    Firestorm Painting Group

    Just finished my Apex
  13. Polaris

    For sale section?

    anyone know of any Ba'kash cruiser groups? I wan't to get some, if nothing else for the challenge of magnetizing ;D
  14. Polaris

    SRS rebalnace

    And hive, that is a good point you make on fighters, the range is an advantage, and currently I'm ok with it, the 2 factions most hurt by these changes will likely be aquan, and relthoza, as they field the most SRS, and as torpedoes ignore cloaks, the loss to PD is no small thing, most agree that aquans are strong enough, that this hopefully won't hurt them much, and if relthoza get the most milage out of fighters, I don't think that will be awful (My playstyle with relthoza is a little more up close and personal, even as a relthplayer I used bombers, but I can see what you mean, I may have been a little hard on bombers, but we will see after a few playtests)
  15. Polaris

    SRS rebalnace

    I play directorate, works raptor, omnidyne, and relthoza, trust me when I say, I'm not trying to buff PD mountain, I'm trying to rebalance SRS to maintain usefuleness, while making escorts and torpedoes relevant, and I am not sure my solution is the best, it simply factors in my personal experience, as well as what I have read on the forums And that's why I need help play testing this As it stands, this rule set results in less point defense, as of now, you can pay 30pts for an interceptor token, and everyone within 6 inches gets 12 PD With this rule set, even if you spend the 45-60pts (75 for rsn) to get 3 escorts you only get 9PD within 8 inches, and the escorts are subject to primary fire, yes they still defend against torpedoes, but not as well as interceptors currently do, and again, the escorts can be shot at, and will yield battle log when destroyed, that in and of itself is a balancing factor However I lack enoguh playtest data to say this is or isn't a good solution, if the other commanders out there would help me test it, we can come to a consensus on the individual rules, and we can remove or alter them My Hope is we can come to a generally consensus as a community (I know we won't all ever completely agree ) but if we can even get to the point where we can agree, that the eventual ruleset we create is better then rules as currently written (even though they will not be perfect) I'll consider that a huge success But we can't know for sure until we test this

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