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  1. The em-purr strikes back? Revenge of the hiss?
  2. A miracle obviously, space cat lives!
  3. Yeah, the best example I can give is the directorate battlestation, it has acrylic spires surrounding the outside, and if you look at the kedorians ships, they have similar structures (look for pictures of unpainted kedorians battelships)
  4. Definitely goa'uld mother ships, but hey, not only do they have very similar attitudes to kedorians, the overall rounded ship fits the kedorians theme as well i don't know if your looking for recommendations (it being a work in progress) but you could perhaps cut out some spires from a flat piece of acrylic (inexpensive, if difficult) and set them between the three large gaps around the vessels (using epoxy for a good bond) this would fill the gap with detail, as well as bend them further toward the kedorians theme (You could even add smaller spires to the smaller gaps if the larger ships) Overall those are looking great keep it up
  5. And to clarify, basically all three dice types effect 6s Light/black, a 6 is just 1 success, like a 4 or 5,. If you have 8 dice, 8 is the maximum number of successes, and you would need a lot of luck Heavy/blue, 6s are 2 successes but do not explode
  6. Thanks for the feedback @reddwarf the reason I attached those rules to split fire, rather then all scatter, is it actually ends up being more selective to sorylians. almost all their tier ones can take split fire, and outside sorylians, relatively few ships have it (I know the directorate dreadnought does, but that's another ship that could use a re-work) If this mechanic was made available to all scatter weapons, the ba'kash would have it as well, as would many dindrenzi ships, who can upgrade thier gunrack to scatter. And it may get more complicated if all the tier 2s and 3s with scatter also had split fire, the math starts to get muddy fast
  7. (I would like the areas in blue to have a glow effects)
  8. So I'm planning on revisiting models I painted years ago, and giving them a touch up/re-haul as I was new to model painting at the time after painting my omnidyne, I fell in love with glow effects, this emodels had a black base, and made a blue-white glow really pop out I'm running into a problem though, my old directorate, are all white, blue, and silver (yellow dots for the "glow" of the engines) But I want to have more then just the engines glow, my question, is if anyone has any recommendations on how to add glow to a white model? Do I need to intentionally darken an area to make it glow? If so, how? (I do not own an airbrush...)
  9. Here is another one for everybody Countermeasures Is it good, is it bad, if bad what would you change? (Generally I think this one is fine, but I know a lot of people don't like it, I'm open to suggestions )
  10. I like it ill try and playtest that, see how it goes
  11. I have one for everybody, decimator warheads A lot of people say they are too weak or overcosted, how would you change them, if at all?
  12. Yeah I'm with you on that one, the colored dice just aren't worth it in my opinion opinion. I for one always liked that a frigates COULD hit a battleship if it got lucky, black/blue dice take that away, and when ships get so damaged they can no longer hit, they just have to shunt out :/
  13. @Brimat as far as boarding, I could definitely get behind 2nd assualt as an upgrade, it fits the faction theme, and makes boarding a better option for them But 20ad can hurt a lot more then tier 2s Especially if crew has been lost, or they lay thermal controls, that 20 AD then averadges about 20successes that's scary no matter who you are... All the more reason to go second assault though, as the tac can only be used once, unless they pay some Battlelog the question then becomes though, would that be too much?
  14. @Ryjak It was actually your old posts that led to make this movement changes andnyiur right,bit may turn out to be too much, but I played an 800pt game this past weekend, I used relthoza, and he used sorylian, we were Rusty, but I still pulled ahead +12 to -3 one game does not mean much in testing, I will likely be using sorylian on the next run (not to brag, I just have a really good track record), and use battle fleets (As all the other changes really just effect tier 1, they were not represented well in this last game at the patrol fleet level) but if anyone else wants to give it a shot, I would live to hear your experiences
  15. I looked at boarding, but I ran into a couple balance issues, since they have access to a fax that gives them +1 to hit, I can't give them speacial forces, other wise they would hit on 2,3,4,5, and 6 and when you look at those heavy cruisers, a squad of 4 could drop a 20 AP boarding assualt, it's a bit excessive Giving them cyber would be difficult to balance, which leaves biohazard as perhaps the best option, but directorate and relthoza can already get biohazard, if sorylians get it too, terrans are going to rage but im open to suggestions
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