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  1. Polaris

    smack talk

    It may be Mn 2, but there is a new Mar "rainbow kitty mine" Inheriting the powers of both Rambo, and rainbows, these mines have a +2 to hit, and explode on all dice except 1s, rerolling ones on the intitual roll "Behold all you hold dear assimilated to the rainbow" Brought to you by omnidyne, an apology for the pathogen
  2. Polaris

    Stripping Models

    I don't know about simple green, but be careful with the hot water, it won't hurt the resin unless you leave it in too long, but it makes it flexible, and if you bend it, and it hardens wrong, you may have to boil it again to bend it back
  3. Polaris

    750 Point Patrol Fleet

    The Crux of the issue is battleog, if you lose an area, you lose a tier 1 squad (and the associated points) If you lose a battelcruiser, and a frigate squad, you lose a tier 1 and a tier 3, (and the associated points) For most people the potential loss isn't worth it, but there are potential gains, and being Terran, tour frigates are by no means easy points i think it may depend on who your fighting, against aquan (multi arc, high SRS) I would take the carrier, it's still just one target, and you can counter or mitigate thier SRS prescence against dindrenzi, they will pound the one thing they shoot at very hard, so I would take the battlecruiser and frigates, that will collectively last longer. but really what I would do, is choose between a carrier, Or a battlecruiser with frigate accompaniments, extra PD, AD, and no extra points put on the table to be claimed, the leftover points can be used on upgrades through the the fleet, being Terran, you have plenty of upgrades to sink points into
  4. Polaris

    Firestorm Painting Group

    @ChibiPotatoes as far as naming conventions and such, a long while back, I began to paint squadron insignia on all my directorate, the right side would have a unique squadron symbol, the other side had symbols which were identical through the the fleet, and essentially counted off the members if the squad (though I had different names for the symbols) It was a ton of fun, because I didn't have to name everything, but everything had a personal designation and insignia, what made this more fun, is the enemy can eventually recognize specific ships, one of my frigates in particular recieved the nickname "defiant" by an opponent, it happened to be the soul survivor of a squad in a match, but preceded to criticize a battleship (luck) and a cruiser (also luck) but he could not seem to remove it from the board anyway, I have enjoyed it, certain ships have reputations for greatness, others, for never landing a hit... either way it's great for developing lorw and narrative too
  5. Polaris

    Firestorm Painting Group

    I like how crisp they look well done
  6. Polaris

    Space Cat

    I respect rotwilers to avoid personal injury We best respect Lazer shooting kitten blimps, to avoid planetary genicide But in the end, we respect nanotech space spiders, to avoid galactic conquest ;D (Edit: I've just been informed by corporate, my remarks are out if line, the directorate ALREADY owns everything, one way or another) ;D
  7. Polaris

    Firestorm Painting Group

    @Skyhawk I did indeed
  8. Polaris

    GenCon 2018

    Did you make those satellites yourself? They look awesome
  9. Polaris

    For sale section?

    He isn't trying to sell, he was responded to my post last week, he said he was looking for aquan, and I was directing him toward eBay, or the Facebook shipyard (I am not selling on either, I was just making known some resources) And he is clarifying that he already owns 2 overseer boxes (he is not selling them) Sorry for any confusion
  10. Tried to post some pictures of models I recently finished painting, but couldn't, the site is currently telling me that I cannot post anything larger then 3.4 mb Is there a limit? Is it time based? Or do I need to find another way to post them
  11. Polaris

    Firestorm Painting Group

    I had pictures from more angles, but it won't allow me to upload them, says 5 mb is the max, but the pics are only 3.5
  12. Polaris

    Firestorm Painting Group

  13. Polaris

    Firestorm Painting Group

  14. Polaris

    Firestorm Painting Group

    Finally finished my virulence gunships/iramon light cruisers

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