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  1. Hi, I'm also ready to help out with the wiki in whatever way I can
  2. Yes, the Latin Alliance's members all speak romance languages (Cue angry Flemish people). In fact, the only romance-language nation that's confirmed to not be a member is Romania (With the parts of central and south America that may or may not have been annexed by the Americans/Chile/Celestials or be part of the SUSA in the new fluff remaining unaccounted for). From what Warcradle has hinted at, it seems to me that the various members are supposed to be on a more or less equal standing, and that the RoF is only currently "leading" the alliance through diplomatic shenanigans within it (and overseeing the Spanish Infante's regency). I also think it's less of a long-standing alliance like the Celestial Empire is made out to be and more of an "allies of convenience" type of thing, only in place because most of the members would have been easy picking for the other major powers otherwise.
  3. Good evening everyone, Which games produced by Warcradle Studios do you play? Dystopian Wars (and Armoured Clash, now that it's a separate game) How long have you been playing these games? about 3 years Where do you play? France (Paris most of the time) Which fleets and armies do you own? Which fleets and armies do you plan to add to your collection? I have some French, Ottomans (missing the close alliance already ), Russians, Japanese and am planning on adding some Italians to that list. What is your favourite Warcradle Studios model? Really hard to say, probably gonna go with the La Rochelle, but there are too many fantastic models in the range to count Anything else you would like to tell the Warcradle Studios Community? Thanks for picking up Dystopian Wars, and let's hope we (as a community) can keep this game going for years to come! Also, I cannot overstate how much I second this :
  4. Alright guys, let's get the discussion (and rampant speculation) going! It seems that among the new factions, we ended up with one of the most contrasted one, along with the most potential for internal conflict. So what do you think is going to happen to this already surprising alliance?
  5. Hello everyone! It's nice to have a forum again Hopefully most of the old community will find its way here, with plenty of new members as well.
  6. Well, once per model with an ice generator, but the way I read it, multiple ice generators could be used to move it further
  7. That. Would. Be. AWESOME. Of course, it would make the Alma completely redundant in naval games, but still. Full-sub list Ftw
  8. Well, the 16" spotter stings, given that expert spotters were given 24" spotting in most other cases, and with the changes to corrosive, the epaulard lost some of its bite. But I agree that the Marans is the alma's best friend. I'll try to run such a list once mine arrives, I'll see how the alma fares then
  9. I really don't know what to think of the Royan: as pointed out above, it seems lackluster compared to our other medium options, but it also works in a completely different way, which makes me think that if used properly, it could really find its place in my lists. I guess I'll have a better opinion after some playtesting. The Marans, on the other hand, seems absolutely awesome
  10. Well, to me, the rulebook's fluff reads more like they didn't have a standing army to begin with, relying on the Portuguese East India Company for their military, so when the EIMC bought the PEIC, they also took control of the Portuguese military forces. So Portugal isn't ran by the EIMC, but any Portuguese involvement in the war is going to be through them. As for Romania, they weren't annexed (unlike Belgium which is effectively french now), they merely signed a treaty with the PLC.
  11. I've had my opponent's Lord Hood double-crit a pristine Kanuni dread on turn 2, then completely cancel the all my attempts at retaliation via shields, then, in the next turn, teleport my Sadrazam off the table. Then again, there was a time when I completed my field order with the second shot of the game, courtesy of a ridiculous chain of mag explosions, against the same opponent, so it goes both ways
  12. Yes, that's right: TT only generates extra AD, not extra AP.
  13. You could simply have the defender's excess hits against one attacking group be shared among the others instead of being lost (one of the biggest reasons corvettes can end up prizing a dread out of nowhere), I think it would balance things out while still keeping boarding somewhat potent. Maybe reduce prizing's bonus VPs a bit as well.
  14. Except it says this applies "in some cases" When I first read that, my guess was that it would be specified in the relevant ORBATs, but I haven't found any with something to that effect, so I've got no idea when this applies
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