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  1. Yep over a month, and no response to my email. Guess my Christmas presents will be even later than expected, kinda hard getting people in my club interested in spartan products when this occurs.
  2. At least we black Friday buyers are in the same boat. Odd how my order after my black Friday purchase was delivered as were others. If anyone notices their black Friday purchase on the move or is delivered let us all know, thanks for feedback everyone.
  3. I am currently at over 3 weeks for my order, apparently it is still being processed. My order placed a week after it, arrived a couple days ago, and my email to spartan's customer service, that I sent a week ago has had no response. I really would like to get other people into their games, but at this point I'm on the verge of dealing with my creditcard company instead. And why is it there is never a tracking number for their orders?
  4. Kinda wondering why it is that there seem to be far more tier 1 options for a faction than tier 3.
  5. I've been using a Battlestation, stationary (well 2 move), but 2 shields 2 sets of 8AD torps and every angle has a long range beam weapon, not to mention wings, Minefields, can upgrade to 3 shields, and energy transfer 2. But only been playing a little. Not as keen on the model and that might end my use of it.
  6. (Following link is to our club forums, update for forum is in works. ) http://www.arvardardboyz.com/SMF/index.php?topic=6273.0 A small painting contest with nonfaction models, civilian ships and turrets, to help promote the game in our area. I'll post results to show off neighborhood skill levels. (Pardon me if this should go in hobby)
  7. So far I've only played 2 800 point games and one small demo game. In the demo it was Aquan vs Aquan laying mines against eachother no MAR but still effective. In the other two games I laid minefields in front of their weaker ships, and either cause devastation and frustration or cause significant movement turns. One senerio I laid mines all around a debri field, allowing my faster ships to get there to the objective first, while his faster ship s had to contend with moving through 2-3 str6 mines. While I like the tactical use of mines it does seem to slow game play. Are mines a bit unbalanced in game terms? Should I stop using them? What have you found in your various games?
  8. I like that doubles aspect, would be to time consuming for a tourney, but think casually would be fun.
  9. Thanks for these! I just started printing them out and putting them on thick poster card, plan to lamanate them. I tend to resize them down 40% before printing.
  10. I'll be in Miles league, and I was wondering if with things like this how would you do double matches in scoring? And has anyone instituted shunting between tables? You have two players each with a defensive 'table'/planet, and they can shunt or use fdl to move to the other table? So defending and attacking.
  11. Just received my mega bundle and I'm in the states, so anyone else waiting in the US, should be arriving soon.
  12. I mostly game at a, surprise, gaming store, here in Cambridge, MA. They have a few boards that local people/groups can post events and other such things. Right now in our war gaming club I'm probably the front runner in wanting to get this game up and running. I've only played one game, but I've already built terrain, ordered the mega bundle, all three rule books, and ordered some planetfall models. This really appears to be the futurustic, war game that I've been looking for. So far there are 6-7 others in our club with models and about 5 others with some interest. Once it is more established and noticed that we play this game I'm hoping to see if the store we play at might be interested in having some models on stock, but we really need an interest to be shown or demonstrated. Are there, as the topic states, any promotional posters or such that I can print up to feature this game? Anything I'm not seeing on the main site? Cool dice with faction symbols? Shirts? Carrying cases? Other assorted dorky gamer bling? Maybe I'd need to be a vanguard in order to see this stuff and I'd be interested, but I feel I'd need to learn and play the game a bit longer first.
  13. https://instagram.com/p/8L-lYUKEq7/ Based my terquai allies, nearly done with details for main Aquan fleet. All hand blended,
  14. Terquai frigates with long range torps seem nice, add pack hunter and get a squad of 3 with a strong 8 torp shot for 90 points. Or str9 for 120. Other ways to get easier torps, but for frigs pretty good.
  15. Yeah I just got an order I ordered 15 days ago, so not bad for over seas, but that was processed in two days. Minimarket processed and sent my order in 4 days. Does spartan really care if we order from a closer location? Just got the update that my mega bundle has been shipped, but like my last order no tracking number. But it is on it's way!!
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