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  1. I use 3x1-2mm they fit perfectly in the turret holes for most boats. some have smaller ones that need to be drilled out. Go for the higher N number also for the turrets i would suggest looking into a 3mm endmill bit. it makes great work of making flat holes on metal turrets. and its big enough to work by hand. or in a drill on low setting. but you will need another 3mm drill bit to start the hole.
  2. I dont think any fleet really have true Trixie tactics. the closest things i think would be Wave lurking which is annoying. BUT there is always hit and run. that can open up a lot of cool tactics like moving, shooting then hiding behind another model or island as a way of damage mitigation. i think Italy works well for that.
  3. I really dont remember the numbers but about half my games involve me doing amazaballs with pot shots at rb4 or 3 often netting quite a lot of single and double crits (soon to be damaging crits) but then by round two i can hit anything to save my life often ending in me losing the game in the long run.
  4. While KoB is going to get a large injection of models its not like its really going to change the game at all. you are still playing with X points and there is only soo many things a boat will do regardless. cant wait to see some renders. if an alliance box kickstarter goes off im totally throwing my hat in for that one.
  5. Well thats kickstarter for you i highly doubt they would drop the game by the time your model is up for being made.
  6. Thats a lot of attackers ya know with the new rules coming out, it might be worth getting a wolf pack flotilla for those awesome dominions. torps are going to be hot and with a trible squad + dominion with a painter can be absolutely devastating. and the small subs are no joke.
  7. Buy all the things. But really cant go wrong with a basic starter set. the bombardment group is very good though. what comes in the old starter set?
  8. honestly would be cool to see some special case tiny subs that function just like tiny flyers small squads of subs that require CC to attack instead of AA but thats getting wacky.
  9. Nothing wrong with a giant something. Super excited to see all the hubub and especially for everything to ship. waiting is the hardest part
  10. Some realism has to go for the sake of game play, otherwise we would be doing some crazy mathematics and playing on tables bigger than some houses just to get an accurate range of weapons for most war games.
  11. Id figure in that time period it would be more about the rockets the Hwacha! would be cool if they had some fancy area bombardment rockets. i cant make topical humor
  12. Im ready to load up my fighters as torp bombers. its going to be big power against shielded ships. especially ones that already have taken a beating for AA and CC.
  13. Iv used Tamaya clear blue, basically the same thing as the new technical gemstone, and let capillary action draw it into the windows from the tip of a brush.
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