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  1. Thanks for the replies everyone. I am leaning towards: A hunter flotilla An aerial battle group 2x Ruler battleships An Avenger fleet carrier I feel like the wolf pack box might not be a good buy at the moment and the bombard kit can wait until I get a few more games in. Is two rulers a bit overkill? I found all of the lists I created tended to try and squeeze in lots of battleships ahead of anything else, it might not be too viable, I will see.
  2. Hello, I have just managed to finally have my first Dystopian wars game over the weekend and was absolutely hooked. I ran with 3 hoods, a Monarch, 3 tribals, 4 attackers and 4 swift corvettes. I went up against some Prussians and just managed to scrape through a victory on points killed. I am not looking to expand my fleet and don't really want to waste money on useless purchases. Listed below is my current model collection and I am curious as to what people would suggest I look at grabbing. If it helps I enjoy fielding big heavy units that do lots of damage (battleships) more so than spamming lots of little ships. 1 Monarch Class Heavy Battleship 1 Regent Class Battle Carrier 1 Lord Hood Class Battle Cruiser 3 Tribal Class Cruisers 4 Attacker Class Frigates 5 Swift Class Corvettes 1 Majesty Class Dreadnought 2 Lord Hood Class Battle Cruisers 3 Agincourt Class Gunships 3 Bastion Class Escorts I found the hoods to be a bit squishy but fairly decent at outputting damage, the tribals were the mvp's of the game and were just solid for the entire length of the game. I was thinking that maybe some submarines would be good and maybe some air units but I am keen to hear what other people suggest.
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