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  1. Yeah, DW seems to start again. But I also hope that the old ships (not the "useless" landscape models) will be available again.
  2. A whole bundle of classical models switch to status: in stock
  3. Got some models of my missing order. Two Sturginium Rigs - awesome model! And one set of the old iceberg models. The Cerberus Pocket Battleship (RFA) seems to be also available - hope the rest will follow soon.
  4. Being fast on response is and friendly good and nice, but to meet (reasonable) expecations is better. It would be nice if we can get a timeline for the models which are marked as "Restock Expected: Available To Order" or else to get a clear "out of production" for the models where the moulds are broken and the items are taken out of the shop.
  5. I totally agree with the second phrase. And I'm also with Lex Orion and the first phrase. I'm waiting since september.. I'm willing to buy more ships and promote the game in my area (which is IMO very importent for every company - have older players to reach new customers) but I'm still waiting for news and solutions which fits me.
  6. I can confirm this, your customer service is always fast and friendly with his response. I think KS was a very big killer, most of the ~1.000 backers got nothing. I can't speak for the possible new customers, but me, as an existing customer; I'm willing to buy more fleets, especially the classical ones. I like the chinese and EotBS models and had plans to buy complete fleets from both, after the arrival of my KS-Stuff... I'm not sure if I like to buy the new stuff, it seems that the size (and style) doesn't fit to my existing ones. That would be a ko-criteria. So I'm still hoping that more classical models will be available within the next 2 month.
  7. Thousands of hours? Into the classic range, really? Not with the rules, not with (sadly) shipping, only with the online shop? Which have a lot of bugs e.g. smalls (frigates, destroyers) which cost much more than mediums (cruisers). And with the volumes - we (the customers) have only little information with the new rules, the ships doesn't fit with the rules we (or maybe I) know and they are yet not ready published. A lot of the classic modells are not deliverable/shippable... What do you think, you sell tons of miniatures from the classics range? I think most will wait with an order. Maybe/hopefully this will change with the start of 3.0. But from my point of view this start has already been bungeld with the announcment of 2 mediums where you want 3 and 4 small where you want 5 in the new boxes... In different german forums there are a lot of warnings over the past years about wayland and there policy and shipping. Only GW articels seems to work they say. You still confirm them.
  8. Sad to hear! Do you still deliver the open orders?
  9. Played a 2.300 points game with my RoF against my brothers RC last night. I do love this game!!! We had a couple of exiting moments - magazine detonation, sturginium flare caused with my heat lances. Incredible powerful attacks with russian primary guns and a death run bomb attack from 3 Myshkin against my La Rochelle - vaporised it. And a final salvo from my Royans against his Moskva, needing a damaging critical hit in order to finally sink it and win the game, but made only a critical hit but with a hard pounding... I do love this game and hope to get more classical models!
  10. Just had a mail from support, slowly, but some missing models are dropping in. Still waiting for the most of them. I once had the Gustav, but sold him ebay. But you can visit (or fight) my Marans and Royan Gunships here in germany.
  11. And even not a reaction by the wayland guys here in the forum, like the other sides before... so sad.
  12. Not very funny... my ticket has been closed due to no action from my side??? Hey, I'm still waiting for the models or an information / schedule. It's up to you for action and not mine!
  13. Maybe, maybe we get a black friday surprise (as spartan did in the past)? This would be a nice one!
  14. Yes, better wait, "Restock expected - available to order" isn't a valid option. I although have a wish list, but this will definitely have to wait.
  15. Hmm, really? It's not bad to get money for delivering later without a date. I ordered DW-models in september, some where marked as "items in stock" others as "Restock Expected: Available To Order". I thougt not bad, maybe I have to wait but that is not the problem. 10 days later I got a mail, that Wayland is sorry, but not able to deliver all models. But I have to do nothing, they will send me another information the next week. That second information never arrived. Therefore I opened a ticket october the 25th and asked about the models. I got the return, that they are not able to deliver all models. Because of this I asked for part delivery and two weeks later I got the first 5 models. I thanked for this and asked for information about the rest. First I got no information, therefor I reopned (well it was not really cloesed) the ticket and started the discussion here. The warcradle-guys here are again not able to help. Call the helpdesk.. I'm still in touch with them. They can't give me any date when they are able to deliver the models but offered me a refund. I don't want the money back, I like to get the models. They are a present for my boys. Again, in my opinion it's a very bad behavior to mark 100-200 models of DW as "Restock Expected: Available To Order" but can't even give an information about the date, when they are able to deliver. Poor, only poor... And not a good sign for 3.0. But this is only my single opinion and maybe not representative for the rest of the customer.
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