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  1. @Warcradle Tarnya, I have an outstanding order (and the modells are still at the website) and of course (do you think I'm an idiot?) I'm in touch with the customer support team. Therefor I got a first delivery, but I don't have any information about the rest. These models are still marked as "available to order", unfortunately they are not available for dispatch - and that doesn't change all the time. And nobody seems to be able when this changes or even if. Again, why do you mark mdoels as "restock expected: available to order", but can't tell anything about the shedule since weeks? I have a lot of experiance with plastics and moulds, if this is so crucial, then you should remove all the models and left alone only the few which are "in stock".
  2. I know, that WC is prepearing for the 3.0 telease with new models, thats news from 2018. But how should I trust a company which sells goods and take my money but don't deliver the goods? I hope that they solve the problems, I will wait with further orders and so will my friends do.
  3. I ordered a lot of stuff in september and got nothing. I called the support and got 5 ships this week but the most is even not on stock! Sell goods that are not deliverable? Very poor performance. DW seems to be a very dead game!
  4. Nothing from my fleet admiral pledge till now, nothing from the spuntone as a single model, very disappointing!
  5. @CptEvilstopper how can the pledge be closed before every modell wasn't shown? I would habe been desperately disappointed. Now the egypts are shown and 4 out of 7 busts. Closing timen is near...
  6. Just started my first fleet: The islands are from "The plastic Guys" - thanks Brian, Doug and Mark!
  7. Very disappointing that the stats are not out yet.
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