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  1. Brilliant!!!! that is a fantastic idea. I look forward to seeing it completed thanks for sharing
  2. Thanks for the great comments I have been focussed on my Dindrenzi Decurion/Velites. more colours applied: The bits needed to make the Starter force complete: basecoat and dry brush applied. Test colours done on the first ship Now it's just a matter or repeating on the others. That's how I always paint a unit. I take time on the first one coming up with the colour layout. Then quickly copy the colours across the others as always thanks for looking WA
  3. @Paladin21 we can go half/half on the Bribery.
  4. No way @Bessemer I am taking the Relthoza Dreadnought in 500p games an taking 2 in 1000p Just noticed I can get 3 stock Praetorian in 1000p
  5. Well looks like the team up's. Just like the Planetfall test docs. I should have guessed I hope the "other" category is sorted out at launch time.
  6. Yep, see how that is carbon Black. Little bit Grey. Add a little super dark grey to a Matt black. Looks like the power is still on in that picture. Were you aiming for that look too?
  7. Thanks @Spartan_FA_Mike For all the Info, all the answers. And thanks for keeping your cool. Everyone will need to try to evaluate the game as a whole, not change by change.
  8. Fingers crossed then. I could be worried for nothing
  9. Sweet Foundry, Excellent standard as always. Not Wonky, Banking... I look forward to your Directorate
  10. Looking great. Needs to be dirty looking. Black/Brown is better than pure Black for holes. Things are rarely Pure Black. Glow would be nice, but decide what is glowing. Fire, Energy, Radiation, Heat, Electricity?
  11. Ok did I miss a comment saying that Natural Allies are under their Parent List? If that is official, than I apologise. Natural Allies solved. Lets hope the same applies to Kurak and Zenian Fleets
  12. In concept I see what you are saying. But Tarakians have 3 Ship types. Full squads, no fruit that's 580 points. Shy of the 600 needed for 1000p. Far from the 900p needed for my Kurak Alliance 1500p fleet. The "all in" or "open book" letting you take a wider selection is the old way. I would like to see that continue. I am not saying take Anything you want. No Terran's in an Kurak Alliance Fleet for sure. I don't see why an alliance can't take an allied Dreadnought. Many "Pure" fleets can get 2 Dreadnoughts in a 1000p force. Relthoza can have 3 Battlestations in 1000p fleets
  13. I hope so @Paladin21 Mixed Marauders, mixed Zenian, mixed Kurak and Natural Allies. I hope these will all still be possible at the current mix ratio's under the new rules. It has always helped the races that have a very limited selection of ship types Even by saying that in a Zenian Support Fleet, a Large, Medium and Small must be taken from the core race. All other minor Zenian races count as part of the main Fleet. No Allies to be taken. All other Small/medium/large/massive percentages apply
  14. I just noticed some of my fleets are no longer compliant with the percentages. Natural Allies being the first issue. Kurak Alliance, Zenian League an Marauder fleets are also affected. Old Rules Unlike Alliance Fleets, Zenian Support Fleets do not contain any models from the three major races, instead, they are comprised entirely of models from this Fleet Manual. As you will see when looking through the following Statistics Pro les, the models within this Manual are grouped into different factions; the Ba’Kash, the Kedorians, the Rense System Navy and Works Raptor. To construct a Zenian Support Fleet, you rst need to select one of these to be your Core Faction. Your Fleet’s minimum required Squadrons from each Tier MUST be chosen from the models available to this Faction, and your Fleet Admiral must be placed on a Tier 1 model belonging to this Faction. Apart from this, you may ll out the remainder of your Fleet using the models available either to your Core Faction, or the other factions within this Manual. The Fleet follows the normal Fleet Building rules and procedure as laid out in the Fleet Building section of the rulebook, with the Composition Tables found on the following page governing how many of each type of Squadron can be elded, and which Tiers they fall into. As with the standard and Alliance Fleets, which Composition Table you should use is determined by the Maximum Fleet Value (MFV) you have agreed with your opponent. I have several fleets that have a Patrol Fleet box combined a Patrol box from another race. They are not compliant with the 60% minimum from core race. The new Percentages will seriously reduce the Flavour of Non-Major Race Fleets
  15. LOL Toilet Humour.... He he he he he he The Principles of SRS certainly look simpler. I like that some Carriers can mix up their SRS at launch. That is certainly more fun than locking Carriers to a single role. @Spartan_FA_Mike thanks for getting all this info out here. Also I don't envy the Beating you are getting. You have been Stunningly Polite, well done.
  16. Wow @Skyhawk they look amazing! I look forward to seeing the complete force.
  17. Thanks for the comments and likes. No @Skyhawk I paint parts of the Infantry bases with Textured Paint, then go for a mixed Grass/Stoney Dirt finish. I don't do Terrain Bases for Planetfall. Partly because of the smalls scale. Partly because of the breakablity of them (I have been hurt before) but mostly because I have so much PF it would take so much time and bits to do them all. For me it has always been about the Painting. I love the miniatures, the neat detail, the wonderful variety of styles. I also like the background and fluff, it makes the Models an Army and a Civilisation That's also why I am more vocal about getting the new miniatures than the new rules. The rules interest me but I will spend 40+ hours Painting to every hour Playing.
  18. This Percentage system is fine, it's fine. It does take the game further from a narrative game and closer to a crunchy wargame. Which is fine. What ever happened to the wonderful flavour of Natural Allies.... Yes it is Fluff, but I like Fluff oh well time for my 800p Relthoza fleet with 2 x Weaver Battlestations. Taking no FSD on them too
  19. Thanks for the comments guys. I really appreciate them I managed to clean and prime 2 units of Dindrenzi Infantry. This is is my colour test for the infantry Infantry always take ages for me. But that's ok, I will work on them between my FSA Dindrenzi Fleet models thsnks for looking WA
  20. That certainly is a lot. Thank you for writing it all and sharing it here. The Black Hammer is a great Dreadnought name. The Dark Knights have a great backstory. It is awesome to see how they fit into your wider Universe
  21. Sweet Light Skimmers! Awesome Table Shots. Your Forces are shaping up really Nice! They look great together. Thanks for posting
  22. So @Polaris when I set out my 850 point fleet in front of you how easy is it for you to mentally check my compliance to percentages. Dreadnought yes/no. Did I bring enough Frigates etc. sure I can calculate out mine to an arbitrary percentage rather than ship limitation charts. But it's harder for me to check my opponent.
  23. @Toxic_Rat You still need 1 Large, 1 Medium and 1 small. Many fleets have limited selection in some of those sizes, same as tiers
  24. I really look forward to Command Points for FSA. It will take a bit to get used to, and I expect it will be tinkered with to get it dialed in.
  25. Oh well. It probably will work just fine. I was hoping for better than just fine though. I really don't like percentages, it is not easy to eyeball a fleet and evaluate if it matches the percentage restrictions. Obviously no rules changes would please everyone. I just hope it pleases enough people. I was hoping to see a refined and expanded version of the Taskforce Hex System.
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