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  1. Hi @Charbe86. I think it would be a pretty safe assumption that the Taskforce T3's will be small units and the T2's will be medium. Hopefully @Spartan_FA_Mike or @Spartan Neil will have time to pop in and confirm.
  2. Wonderful, Patient, detail painting there. They came up really nice. Thanks for sharing
  3. Thanks @clifford, they are looking quite chunky. Thanks @jcee, I am definitely not a fan of the current colours used on the Omnidyne boxes. I am a big fan of how they look in the old rule book though. Thanks @Works Raptor. Nope, I had to search for "Turanic". Definitely similar, though yellow and black on evil starships has appeared a few different places. So, I have focused my time on the Omnidyne Dreadnought and it's escorts. "Old Man" Rob will be next in my Fiction, the Dreadnought "Swift Decision" is his personal ship The Dreadnought comes apart, to give me 2 battleships So it's really just the engine/thruster energy left to go on the Omnidyne dreadnought I also got some more undercoating done And a couple of shots of my work area. I always have a bunch of stuff laid out in various stages. Things ready to clean, just Primed, ongoing. I usually get a basic Idea of a scheme before I start, then much of the details unfold as I go. Having a bunch of stuff laid out like this makes it easier for me to find inspiration Thanks for looking, likes and comments are appreciated WA
  4. Sweet!!!! Awesome choice, keep us posted
  5. Bane Forever. Same Sculpt, no update Bane!!!
  6. Thanks for the cross advertising Excellent build-up before the battle. It is very interesting to hear both sides stories. Though it does make it hard to decide who to cheer for. I look forward to the next instalment
  7. Agreed, FSA 3.0 unfinished, DWA Kickstarter unfinished. Not good timing. But it will fund anyway
  8. Admiral De Veenboer Ivan Dirkie De Veenboer was born to slavery on Terran resource mining station GDX-712. Ivan's mother died in childbirth and he never knew his father. Ivan lived a hard life of labour, in a world where life was cheap and death was free. He quickly learnt that if he wanted something, he needed to take it from someone else. Ivan also learnt that to take something from someone, you had to Dominate them, completely. The Harshness of life in a mining colony did not crush Ivan, instead it hardened him and forged a young man. His Strength and Brutality encouraged many of his fellow slaves to become his followers. Jan Janszoon, Bonnie and Jack Rackham were his most loyal and trustworthy followers. When Ivan was aged 16 a Corsair Raiding Party led by Captain Zymen Danseker attacked GDX-712. Ivan was captured, but not before bringing down more than 2 dozen of Captain Danseker's men with his bare hands. Zymen saw something in Ivan. Instead of selling him to slavers with the other captives, he put him to work and they developed a mutual trust. Ivan became a ruthless and brutal tactician, capable of easily predicting the enemy and leading them into traps. Often using a recently captured ship to lure in a much larger ship. With a rapidly growing victory streak, Captain Ivan Dirkie De Veenboer quickly went from leading a squadron of Outlaw Frigates to a squadron of Brigand Cruisers, to commanding an entire Patrol Fleet. Aged 28, Ivan lead a crippling campaign of raids against Terran Shipping lines. The Notoriety and Wealth Ivan had accumulated was sufficient to buy his freedom from Admiral Danseker. Ivan acquired more ships, and promoted followers who were both Loyal and capable, as their Captains. He took Cartagena Station (A Germinon Class Repair Station) from its previous owners. Ivan's men have fitted stolen Weapons, Cloaking Technology and a Fold Space Drive to the Station. The Station serves as a base of operations. With the Cloaking field and mobility of the Fold Space Drive it has become almost impossible for their enemies to find. Admiral Ivan Dirkie De Veenboer commands his fleet from a Racketeer Carrier, the "Man of War". Admiral Veenboer's men have outfitted the "Man of War" to support more than double its standard compliment of Fighters and Bombers. Highly trained Deck Crews Repair/Refuel/Rearm the Fighters and Bombers at an incredible rate. Ivan purchased the debt of his old acquaintances Jan Janszoon and Jack Rackham and gave them each command of a small squadron of Outlaw Frigates. Ivan began trading with the OSO. This was when Admiral Danseker introduced Ivan to Tom Greyson (Ex Directorate Tactician, gone Private Businessman). The 2 men were from vastly different pasts, but they had the same vision of the future. Ivan was convinced by "Old Man" Rob to create a Partnership. Following Rob's advice the Veenboer Corsairs have grown and strengthened. Many other Corsairs have begun to flock to The call of Admiral De Veenboer. He has expanded his personal assets and created valuable allies. Ivan has been setting his sights on the increased number of Terran Transports in the area. He feels that a person does not deserve what they have, if they can not fight to keep it. The recent successes and expansion of the Veenboer Corsairs has attracted the attention of "The Watchmen of the Stars". The Tarakian High Lord has sent a small patrol force to investigate and report on the threat level.
  9. Stealth..... now where did I put my Frigates.......
  10. Disclaimer This is not the Official Firestorm Universe. This is MY universe, any resemblance to the Firestorm Universe or Real History is purely stolen. Any complaints that I am wrong in MY Fiction, will be ferociously ignored. I have drawn Heavily from the History of the Dutch Corsairs, Barbary Corsairs the Eighty Year War, and even a little of the Caribbean 1700's. I have Used Some Names (People/Ships/Places) from that time and weaved them and their relationships through my own Fictional future history. For My story I have created colourful pasts and deeds for these characters. I have heavily modified ages, relationships and history to suit My Fictional Story. In some cases keeping the Name only. The history of the Barbary Corsairs and Caribbean Pirates, were times of Raiding, Murder, Slavery, etc. I have tried to keep my text restricted to generalisations and hints of darkness. If I have used your name or the name of a loved one, sorry, no harm meant. If you are a descendent of a Corsair/Pirate and feel I am using their name/life in bad taste, get over it. It was about 3000 years ago. The Intention of this thread is to provide a clean slate for my Fictional Ramblings. My FSA works in progress and general hobby stuff will still appear in my other thread. This thread will be updated as I work to Write a background and paint the force to match. Only completed Mini's will feature here. I don't know how often I will be able to update this. I hope you find it Interesting/enjoyable WA
  11. Fantastic finish Clifford well done. I really like the Ceramic look. I may have to steal it for mine. Excellent Brushwork. Keep painting up a storm
  12. Wow @Ruckdog Awesome Painting, really smooth keep the pictures coming
  13. @Spartan Neil Thank Goodness that SG won't be using Preorder for Planetfall. Or at least that's the plan for now. Oops sorry "Kickstarter" not Preorder, Freudian slip my FLGS does not stock Products sold through Kickstarter. The customer base is mostly lost. I will get some of the new core stuff if/when it comes to regular shops. Maybe Saurians. Only if the Saurian Base is made available outside of KS
  14. So, the Kickstarter...... Saurians are in red Plastic, not real resin I guess. I hope the quality is still good. Saurians look fine, no complaints. The station is cool, but exclusive. Pathogen redesign huh. Finally some Tyranid re-sculpts. First look, I don't like them, probably be fine though. If the little bits don't snap off all the time. It is obviously going to get funded, and I hope it goes well for all the Backers and for Spartan Games. And eventually when the core expansions come out, if my FLGS still stocks Spartan Games I will look at getting a few new miniatures.
  15. Thanks for the great comments guys. Nothing new painted for PF this week. Focused on painting for my FSA Pictorial Fiction (coming soon). With the Death of Communication from Spartan for Planetfall, I have not had the drive tho paint PF either. So how about a bunch of questionable quality pics of my various Infantry styles. Dindrenzi, Directorate, Terran and a single Relthoza base. Close ups Posting lots of pictures makes up for the lack of anything new right? thanks for looking I hope you liked it WA
  16. Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the Unknown Fleet ship is looking fantastic. I can't wait to see them all together. The 501st looking great. What is the custom piece in their pictures? Thanks for the first glimpse of the Dark Knights! Great story advancement too. Thanks for sharing
  17. I suggest you google pictures of Spartan Games Directorate and Spartan Games Terran. Then search for images of Scifi Tanks and real world Tanks. My Directorate are Blue/Silver because the Spartan Demo colours attracted me to that force. My Terran are Camo because I just had to have a Camo force @Frostphoenyx good luck with your decision. I look forward to seeing what you come up with
  18. Thanks @Skyhawk, You should definitely revisit your Dindrenzi, I would love to see the Dark Knights of Dramos. For me, sunny days are for spending outdoors Spray painting. Rainy days are for spending inside with a brush. Late nights are for cleaning and glueing the next batch. That's in a world where life doesn't send work my way.... I cleaned up 6 metal Corsair Frigates and 6 plastic Corsair Frigates last night. Going to clean and glue the terrible thrusters to some new Corsair Cruisers tonight. Later will be the final Racketeer conversion.. I will clear my Planetfall Display area this weekend and set up for Armada pictures. I will get the fiction and pictures for my first character as soon as I can. "Ivan Dirkie De Veenboer was born to poverty on Terran resource mining station GDX-712". Sometimes Pirates have hard lives. I copied names of Dutch Corsairs and Barbaby Corsairs as well as the typical Caribbean Pirates. Please nobody get offended at the names used or stuff. It's just a story
  19. Lovely Colour, very Photogenic really crisp, clean finish keep up the excellent painting, and posting of pictures
  20. No battle shunts for Relthoza and Kedorian. Seriously if you could not even make this work in the new game... im out Painting not Playing
  21. Battle shunting is gone too!!!?!!?!! thats it I'm done. Painting, not playing
  22. Oooh very nice! Great work on the Terran charter fleet. thats some excellent detail work. Great job on the gun turrets in particular. You are making me want to paint Terran again Well done on the veydreth too. Terquai looking good too. Airbrush is an awesome tool
  23. Shunt Matrix or Improved Shunt Matrix or No Shunt Matrix at all? @Spartan_FA_Mike please tell me you have Simplified all Shunt Matrix MAR's to be one roll for the whole squadron
  24. I assume one key to nerfing cloaks is to increase destruction, reducing game time. Halving a fist full of dice is so easy and fast it should not even be a factor. You dump the whole pool on the table and split 1 for 1. Don't fuss about "do I halve each ships pool, before or after damage reduction" i just want to see Strong Cloaks that make a real difference and require a Tactical Decision. Make them expensive, that's fine. Also don't copy Taskforce, let me turn my shields back on again
  25. Can a Rapid Response Squadron field mixed "race" from their "core race"? eg Relthoza Iramon Light Cruisers and Bakash Kelor Frigates or does it need to be Relthoza/Relthoza? also, is a rapid response Squadron small or medium? For percentages of points spent. Or do I count the frigates as small and the light cruisers as Medium
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