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  1. Nicely done wonderful looking models
  2. Sweet looking force. Awesome painting. Thanks for sharing
  3. Directorate are a solid force, but you should build for variety, Cyber Warfare is just one tool on the multi-tool that is the Directorate. Everything is just speculation on the Revised rules at this stage. With Dystopian Wars/Age getting all of the love first, it could be a while before anything changes.
  4. If they shrink the scale on FSA, I would not buy any of it. I have so many models already I would never want to rebuy any. I would not be interested in stuff that does not match the current lines. The mega sized ships drew me to the game, I love all these chunky blocks of Resin
  5. It's time for a restart. I painted through the first few months of the breakdown but in the end group interests changed to another game. I still have the other stuff on my painting spot, but time for FSA to rejoin the mix. Those of you who know me, know I have lots of stuff scattered in various stages. When I get time to paint, I sit Dow and pick something from the mix. I am preparing for the "Painting Challenge" or "Paint Along" that is being discussed in the FSA hobby thread. These are the Factions I am picking from. STL Traders: Very few miniatures, so easy to paint them all. However I have always planned a worn Battleship Grey look, it is a bit boring for a challenge. Oroshan: Extra T2's and T3's mean that if I don't include them in the challenge, I might not easily return to finish them. Also I think the Oroshan will need more time spent getting it how I want. Xelocian: Too many Escorts.... Again, will I paint them all. Dreadnought for the T1.... Well I am still thinking it through. Still plenty of time to decide. Thanks for looking WA
  6. I am all for good fluff in a game, but I don't think the fluff needs to explain every potential conflict. Every time I play Zenian vs Zenian, and even Relthoza vs Relthoza, Works Raptor vs Works Raptor, etc. we either come up with a story at the table or just play the game. I want a rich background. I will be able to tell you why my Omnydine are fighting your Omnydine
  7. Dimdrenzi, Sorylian, Directorate. We are getting a nice variety of fleets for this. I will admit I am getting excited for this. Several years ago when I bought my first FSA miniatures there was a painting challenge on the forum. I joined up and painted my first relthoza. It was a great first exposure. This is bringing back those memories for me.
  8. Excellent thoughts and words there @Overread I agree. Scenarios would suit this game well. Adding to the Beasts.. How about a Hunt the White Wale (harpoon hat optional) scenario. Trying to capture/kill a beast while your enemies are also on the hunt. With Seaforts/Ports it makes Blockade scenarios possible. How about less armed transport ships. Then making sure the cargo gets through is more important than attacking your opponent. I am glad there is hope for this game.
  9. Excellent work there, that's one seriously dangerous looking fleet you have there. Thanks for sharing.
  10. So... I have had a dig through my unpainted miniatures. I am selecting my Paint-along force. I am ruling out anything I have already developed and painted a scheme for. That includes Directorate and Aquan which will be a variation of my Planetfall Scheme. I am also ruling out forces that I don't have a T1, T2 & T3 ready to go. I want to paint something different for this. That leaves me with options of RSN, Sorylian, Xelocian, Traders, STL and Oroshan. I am not going to pick STL as I need time to figure out what I want to do with them. RSN is one of my big fleets, I might skip them because I have a Ton of Zenian League Painted and not much Kurak Alliance. Sorylian I have a really odd assortment of ships and kind of a scheme in mind. Oroshan and Xelocian I have extras in some Tiers and vague scheme ideas. Traders I have a very small fleet, 3 Frigates, 2 Cruisers and 2 Carriers (They were an impulse buy from my FLGS after the closure. ) I will pull out the Oroshan, Xelocian and Traders. If I set them up on my desk for a few days it should help me decide. Has anyone picked which Fleet and Ships they will paint?
  11. Aahhhhh some people refer to it as 2 Brush Blending. Or even 3 brush blending, but let's not get crazy. Sinmple explanation, You have 2 distinct colours. You mix them on the miniature itself. Colour A on one edge, Colour B on the other edge. Both are painted to about the centre. You then mix the wet paint in the centre, blending back toward the edges. But don't go too close to the edges, you want the edges to be distinct unblinded colour. Mot people use one brush for each colour, some people use a third brush for blending. I am usually lazy and just work fast washing one brush, but I don't recommend it, you can easily mess up with one brush. Smaller areas are much easier, as paint can dry quick. I wet blended the guns on my Dindrenzi, most engine glows, not sure what else, I plan on wet blending an upcoming fleet. Lots of tutorials online, I use this technique on all my 28mm characters, beasts and warMechs. Hope that helps
  12. Excellent painting there @Wolfgang Jannesen , really nice colour selection. Excellent brushwork picking out the details. Nicely done thanks for sharing. Keep the updates coming
  13. @Wolfgang Jannesen For the Table 4' is a good width. Most games that gives plenty of room to move and is easy enough to reach the centre. For the other dimension larger games usually play on 6'. You could go larger if you have a big room. But I would not go smaller. 4 player 1600p each is a lot of miniatures. There are pourable resins that could make your finished surface, I just don't know if it will be flat enough over that size, also they tend to not flex too well. I don't want your table cracking the first time you use it. I really think a full size Acrylic or tempered glass top would be best. Very expensive at that size though. @Skyhawk Highlight over black: if you want a rough old look, use drybrush roughly, picking only the highlights. If you want a smoother grey-black a softer all over drybrush suits. But for really smooth black shading try a 2 colour wet blend.
  14. An upcoming game is the perfect reason to speed paint. It looks like a solid force you have planned out there. I hope it serves you well. Keep up the speed painting and keep posting updates
  15. Nicely done as always @Skyhawk a very compelling read with a deeper dive into the strategies being employed in the battle. I really like that. The addition of a bit humour is great too. Not too much to overshadow the drama, but enough to lighten the tension. Well done. Thanks for sharing
  16. I personally think the "Paint-along" should get its own thread created closer to the starting date. So it doesn't fill with chat too early. I plan to write my big comments there with selected pics. In my hobby thread I will touch on the Paint-along, but mostly cover other stuff. I think it will feel more like a group activity that way. Many other questions, suggestions, participants?
  17. A base that tracks stats is a massive win for gamers. Let's hope it's not too much cost to make. Ok I will be honest here, I have a metric ton of FSA. I keep the painted stuff in foam. I have about 2 dozen flight bases made up in a drawer for photographing miniatures. I also have a box of bases for gaming, they have the "Forward" arc marked. The possibly millions of other bases are useless to me and stored in my shed. I know it's not possible to sell ships without bases, but personally I never glue them on. No point really, just thinking direct to keyboard. Ok bye......
  18. Nice! Directorate always look good metallic. The Green is nice. Are you Speed Painting for any particular reason?
  19. Whoot!!!!! Interest!!!! I am happy to have this a casual T3 squadron painting in a month. The models can be Primed and Undercoated, but not otherwise painted before February. ( @Skyhawk time to re-prep those Dindrenzi) Participants should Post starting pics, updates, and finished pics. Hopefully everyone will get quite deep into it. Personally I am planning on selecting models from a force that I have not previously developed a scheme for. New force and fresh colours sound fun. I consider it optional to go onto T2 & T1 later, depending on how everyone feels. Comments? Other Suggestions? More Interested Painters?
  20. Sweet teaser for new buildings cant wait for more information
  21. Don't remove any existing rules/abilities, modify/tweak the rules, but don't remove any. Special abilities of each race make them interesting eg, Stealth abilities, cloaking, battle jumps, weapon types, etc
  22. Excellent Painting there. thanks for sharing you Endured the Hatari nightmare well, thanks for posting them
  23. I would be up for Painting a Teir a month in a Paint-along format. Share together and encourage progress. I am not very competitive so I would be quite casual. It it would be nice to start off Febuary with a goal of doing a T3. Anyone else interested?
  24. I just hope for a good foundation year. A nice stable start to a long future of Firestorm Games
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