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  1. "The Hubsystems Podcast" Episode 35, has some very interesting talk about the Dindrenzi Saucer, the Sorylian Leviathan, other Sorylian Suits, the Relthoza Dragonfly, Drones and Power suits and more gems.  Some solid talk about the look of FSA models  too. Definitely worth a listen.

    Changes of some sort are to be expected, if I took over the game there would be changes/updates etc. Don't forget how many times Spartan changed the look of FSA models.  

    we are assured the scale will be maintained and old models will be compatible which is awesome. If the new models are great I will buy and paint them. 

  2. Thanks @Wolfgang Jannesen. I used Purple on Black for my Dindrenzi. So I have grabbed green and blue for the Xelocian. Thanks for the compliments. 

    Hey @Skyhawk hopefully you will get time to post some pics soon. 

    Oooh @Brimat loving that Blue, can't wait to see the progress. 

    Excellent Directorate @Bessemer. Awesome to hear you are using wet blending, those colour shifting Paints sound Funky too  

    Brilliant Aquans @Kookaburra. Excellent finish on a great Scheme. Thanks for joining in.

    I got a fair bit done on my test ship a week ago but was unable to post until now.






    I am not attached to the Green Ridges on the Back of the ship. I will either put Blues or Brass over the Green. 

    I have lost a ton of time due to an unexpected emergency surgery and a 6 Night hospital stay. I am recovering well, but it obviously impacted my Painting Plans this month. I may not get the squadron done this month. I only just undercoated the rest of the squadron today. 


    I have managed to get a start on my test Larshan Escort/Corvette. 




    I have decided to just plod on anyway and try to keep the Xelocian Fleet moving. I may have lost the timeline, but not the goal. 

    Thanks for looking. 

  3. Awesome Nullifier's Bessemer

    completed very quickly too. I take it your plans are to do the whole force in a month and not 1 unit per month like me. 

    So I have had very little painting time. I have made a bit more progress on my test ship





    I have decided to continue with the Red panels over Black. I can see myself doing more of them. I have added the old Brass for contrast. I will be doing a few more highlights with it. I still need a thruster colour and maybe another panel colour. 

    Thanks for Looking and it's not too late to join in



  4. Ok so I know it's like the 4th already, but hey better late than never. 

    If you have a squadron of minis lying around that you really want a bit of a push to start on. Now is your chance. Challenge yourself to finish them off this Month. 

    I encourage everyone out there to Paint along, and if you feel up to it, post progress pictures etc right here. 

    This will be a friendly place full of encouragement 



  5. Thanks for the great comments guys.

    So just getting a quick update in on general painting progress. 

    I have been putting brush to Dindrenzi trying to get my Patrol Sized Force Finished. 



    These are the frigates I had done previously:



    I have also gotten some undercoat on my Xelocian T3's. Bad Planning has left me at the start of the month with an almost empty spray can. So I could only paint 2 ships. But as I usually fully paint a ship to test a scheme, then follow up with the rest of the squadron, this should not be a problem 



    I am looking forward to the Painting Challenge next month, hopefully lots of Painters take part.


  6. Looks like a good force, good luck with your game. 

    My Alliance? Not sure what exactly you are asking?

    I have the Core Helix from every Force, each allied helix and many of the other Helix's. Like I said Planetfall (and FSA) call to me...

    I have a Thread under this hobby section. I should put something new in there

  7. I have done some work on my Preparations for the painting challenge



    All miniatures are are cleaned and assembled. I also drill all my peg holes deeper. It helps keep the mini on its base. 

    The Frigates will be the first month, the cruisers second, and thirdly the dreadnought with tokens and 3 escorts. 

    The other 6 escorts will be done in the background across the 3 months. 

    I hope to undercoat the lot before the challenge. I hope to put brush to them on the first of Feb. 

    i still have lots of other branded stuff I am painting. It will be nice to be on FSA again. 

    Thanks for looking. Sorry there is nothing with fresh paint yet. I will do some work on my Dindrenzi fleet for next week. 

    Comments and likes appreciated 


  8. Sweet ebay find. 

    Glad to hear you plan to keep both forces. I Love my Directorate and my Aquan. 

    Game this Sunday... Sweet, how many points are you playing? Which Helix

    Ok I understand about the sweepers, fair enough. The Directorate sweepers are normally hovering blade things. It should be pretty easy to make your own. 

    Eyeing off the Terran's too...... Does The game call to you in the night.... It calls to me. I have much Planetfall

  9. Excellent work on the Painting. The Directorate and Aquans look great. So you started with the full game box?

    Are you on track for finishing in time for your game at the end of the month?

    3 Sweepers in a box??? if it's the infantry upgrade box, it should have 9 Sweepers, 9 Heavy and 3 Command bases. That's enough for 3 infantry squads upgraded. 

    I look forward to seeing your RSN. 

    Thanls for sharing 

  10. image.jpg

    "Old Man Rob" had a long and productive career in the Directorate Naval Command Consortium, before retiring to the life of a Privateer. 


    Born to wealthy and influential Parents Rob Greyson was given a Full Corporate Education. He grew up in luxury, wanting for no material possessions. His parents felt that discipline and boundaries were more important than emotional attachment. At the age of 8 Rob was selected for Advanced Training & Development. 

    Rob Graduated early at age 16 with full honours. He was accepted for a position at the Resource & Personnel Division, He showed a strong aptitude for Predictive Market Analysis and Product Distribution. 

    At the age of 24 Rob became the youngest analyst to be given control of a distribution team. After a few months his quarterly results were setting new Key Performance Indicators (KPI) across the Division.

    At age 33 Dr Rob Greyson was transferred to the Department of Human/Nonhuman  Resources - Productivity & Development. Utilising a newly created Strength, Weakness, Oportunity and Threat Analsys (SWOT) formula, Dr Greyson Increased Productivity and cut losses. Works Raptor Assault Troop modification and re-training centres were optimised by Dr Greyson's business development techniques. 

    At age 42 The Naval Command Consortium (Influenced by the Works Raptor) transferred Dr Greyson to Zenia where he quickly used his influence to set up a series of Private Consulting Firms (including, Facilitation Process Inc, Strategic Resources Consulting , Strategic Human Resources Development Group), he used his skills to provide Planetary Acquisition Analysis, Personnel Redevelopment Programs and Resource Distribution Plans.  

    Dr Greyson developed an Advanced Contractor Incentive Program, allowing him increased access to Privateer ships. By utilising Contractors, Dr Greyson was able to conduct his less moral missions without fear of audit. 

    Dr Greyson Authorised development of many new weapon Technologies including an experimental fusion of organic and inorganic material forged together by a Directorate-engineered military nano-virus. Final Approval and Distribution of the nano-virus was not under his control. 

    During the following decades Dr Rob Greyson Accumulated Companies, Wealth, Allies and Influence. Dr Greyson worked with Directorate Personnel as well as Allied and Independent Contractors. He found it much easier to achieve his goals through Independent contractors such as Captains Zymen Danseker and John Ward. 

    At the age of 78 Dr Greyson tired of the Restrictive and Short sighted Policies of the Corporate Personnel Research & Development Committee. Rob Greyson sold off ties to Zenia and utilising contacts in the Department of OmniDyne Special Operations Shipping & Transfers, acquired a Foundry class Dreadnought.


    The Dreadnought "Swift Decision" became his mobile base of operations. "Old Man" Rob began working with several independent shipping groups and offering his services. This was when "Old Man" Rob was introduced to Admiral De Veenboer. The two men were from vastly different pasts, but they had the same vision of the future.  Veenboer also introduced his X-31 ally John Ward to the "Old Man". Rob has begun providing John Ward with advanced Intelligence on targets he selects. 

    Rob gathered Corporate and R&D personnel he trusted and built facilities in Admiral Veenboer's Germinon Class Repair Station, "Cartagena Station". Old Man Rob's Personnel Development Teams began improving the operational effectiveness of Admiral Veenboer's staff. 
    Rob uses Predictive Algorithms to develop Bussiness plans, his skills at Market Analysis and Product Development is rapidly growing their combined businesses. 


    (Picture above; Old Man Rob and Admiral Ivan Dirkie De Veenboer meet to exchange valuable intelligence)

    Although Rob has invested considerable resources into upgrading  Cartagena Station as a joint operations base, his true base of power is his Dreadnought, the "Swift Decision". He keeps it mobile and well defended, it is frequently seen supporting his operations in battle. The forces of the Alliance of Kurak are dedicating resources to finding and destroying the "Swift Decision". Old Man Rob's skills at Strategy and Dis-Information has left many Terran Captains believing the ship is a ghost that can appear anywhere in the galaxy without warning and disappear just as quick.


    (Picture above; Rob Greyson re supplies the Veenboer Corsairs)

    Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed it. 

    Likes and comments are appreciated. 


  11. ••Disclaimer 2.0
    Just as I was not associated with Spartan Games, I am not associated with Wayland Games. My Fiction is my own, occurring in a Parallel Universe located between the Fluff of Spartan Games, the Universe that Wayland Games create and this Universe we are in now. 

    My Universe, my rules. 
    If you don't like it, don't read it. 

    With all that out of the way, I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it. 

  12. I am leaning toward picking the xelocians. 

    I only have 1 big Xelocian ship. And I worry that I will spend too much time on the Oroshan if I pick them. I still have other stuff I need to paint over the next 3 months. 

    I think the Xelocian will be my choice. The others can wait. I need to write some fiction for my Xelocian's now. I need to update my Fiction Thread. I have written more, I just need pics to go with it. 

    Speaking of pics, here are a couple of photos from the Forum down time, sorry if I repeat anything old  









    I hope it worked, the image upload gave me lots of trouble  

    thanks for looking


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