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  1. "The Hubsystems Podcast" Episode 35, has some very interesting talk about the Dindrenzi Saucer, the Sorylian Leviathan, other Sorylian Suits, the Relthoza Dragonfly, Drones and Power suits and more gems. Some solid talk about the look of FSA models too. Definitely worth a listen. Changes of some sort are to be expected, if I took over the game there would be changes/updates etc. Don't forget how many times Spartan changed the look of FSA models. we are assured the scale will be maintained and old models will be compatible which is awesome. If the new models are great I will buy and paint them.
  2. If you listen to the Warcradle guys on their Podcast interviews, we can expect some significant model re-designs.
  3. Thanks @Wolfgang Jannesen. I used Purple on Black for my Dindrenzi. So I have grabbed green and blue for the Xelocian. Thanks for the compliments. Hey @Skyhawk hopefully you will get time to post some pics soon. Oooh @Brimat loving that Blue, can't wait to see the progress. Excellent Directorate @Bessemer. Awesome to hear you are using wet blending, those colour shifting Paints sound Funky too Brilliant Aquans @Kookaburra. Excellent finish on a great Scheme. Thanks for joining in. I got a fair bit done on my test ship a week ago but was unable to post until now. I am not attached to the Green Ridges on the Back of the ship. I will either put Blues or Brass over the Green. I have lost a ton of time due to an unexpected emergency surgery and a 6 Night hospital stay. I am recovering well, but it obviously impacted my Painting Plans this month. I may not get the squadron done this month. I only just undercoated the rest of the squadron today. I have managed to get a start on my test Larshan Escort/Corvette. I have decided to just plod on anyway and try to keep the Xelocian Fleet moving. I may have lost the timeline, but not the goal. Thanks for looking. WA
  4. Awesome Nullifier's Bessemer completed very quickly too. I take it your plans are to do the whole force in a month and not 1 unit per month like me. So I have had very little painting time. I have made a bit more progress on my test ship I have decided to continue with the Red panels over Black. I can see myself doing more of them. I have added the old Brass for contrast. I will be doing a few more highlights with it. I still need a thruster colour and maybe another panel colour. Thanks for Looking and it's not too late to join in WA
  5. WOW that table doesn't just pop... It Explodes!!!!! seriousy awesome table, well done. I hope you get many many many Fantastic Games on it
  6. I have picked my Xelocian T3 Shaniri Frigates. My plan is to keep rolling for 3 months and get my whole Xelocian Fleet done. The whole raw fleet This is the start of the Red/Orange And a Bit of Blending my second colour is probably going to be a light grey blend. Hopefully we can get lots of painters joining in and posting
  7. Ok so I know it's like the 4th already, but hey better late than never. If you have a squadron of minis lying around that you really want a bit of a push to start on. Now is your chance. Challenge yourself to finish them off this Month. I encourage everyone out there to Paint along, and if you feel up to it, post progress pictures etc right here. This will be a friendly place full of encouragement WA
  8. Very nice Scheme. I like it. Excellent work, thanks for sharing
  9. Very nicely done. A Dark, Strong and Agressive looking scheme. Nicely executed, well Done
  10. Looks like you have your priorities set perfectly @Frans Nice Collection
  11. Thanks for the great comments guys. So just getting a quick update in on general painting progress. I have been putting brush to Dindrenzi trying to get my Patrol Sized Force Finished. These are the frigates I had done previously: I have also gotten some undercoat on my Xelocian T3's. Bad Planning has left me at the start of the month with an almost empty spray can. So I could only paint 2 ships. But as I usually fully paint a ship to test a scheme, then follow up with the rest of the squadron, this should not be a problem I am looking forward to the Painting Challenge next month, hopefully lots of Painters take part. WA
  12. Sweet 2000points there @OliJ excellent finish and a great scheme. Stunning work getting it done in 10 hours. Thanks for sharing and may they serve you well in all your games
  13. Spectacular Colours!!! awesome table. I look forward to seeing it in action, thanks for sharing
  14. Looks like a good force, good luck with your game. My Alliance? Not sure what exactly you are asking? I have the Core Helix from every Force, each allied helix and many of the other Helix's. Like I said Planetfall (and FSA) call to me... I have a Thread under this hobby section. I should put something new in there
  15. Very nice @Skyhawk i really like your Terran scheme. We will need another group shot once the Hercules is done.
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