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  1. So have made a start on my RSN fleet, want to keep them dark to tie in with my works raptor fleet
  2. Thanks - will have to try and get a better shot of them to pick up the purple - also got another 8 corvettes to paint now
  3. Done to tabletop ready standard for tomorrow - I can pick out details at a later stage
  4. It is pvc - put it on gaming table and blu tax corners, works fine and the material is durable enough
  5. Got one printed by pixartprinting- 500gsm 6x4 cost about £15
  6. Group shot - 1 of each ship, couple still need their clear coats
  7. Thanks guys - planning to ruin someone's day on Saturday with 3 squads of these :-)
  8. Forgive me if this is a stupid question as I will have my first game on my own on Saturday with my own fleet: Movement bonuses - I understand that you get additional 4" for planetary slingshot type move? There is also a tactical card (think it is engines to maximum) that gives additional 3" - can these be combined so potentially could I move my works raptor frigates 22" in one turn of they were near a planet and I had this card? Second part is if I did this could I still launch a boarding attack as all 4 will have the +2 ap upgrade
  9. Nice - are the stars painted on by hand or did you speckle with air brush and then add details?
  10. Loving the paint jobs - makes me want to strip mine back and start again
  11. First ship finished to what I suppose I am going to have to call my tabletop standard as my painting at the minute looks like caveman finger painting (honestly I used to be able to paint a lot better)
  12. Daughter and wife away overnight so I get to throw some paint around - this I think will be my base to work off want to add a bit of colour but keep them very dark
  13. Thanks guys - was using Vallejo model air primer through airbrush. I believe I have some primer floating around for car painting - might give that a go
  14. Hi all, New to firestorm armada and just starting my first fleet - the awesome looking works raptor. So far base coated black and started one model with a highlight of dark blue/purple. Quick question - painting metal parts, how do you do it without losing the rag? Breath to hard on them and the paint comes off - yes I have washed and scrubbed and even put through a sonic cleaner
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