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  1. I was particularly mean to a castled up relthoza player once as the defender on an ambush game and shunted the battlecruisers right behind him. The mines on those things are so godawful powerful that the battlecruisers alone won the game. None of the rest of my fleet even particularly influenced the result.
  2. Those look great! Carrier + gunships is an awful mean combo with the lizards, solid choice there, but I gotta say, I've never had a game with the destroyers where they made me happy. I'd be tempted to drop the assault cruisers and the destroyers, buff the T3 choices and pick up a cruiser squad instead. Or grab yet more gunships...
  3. I like that you can see design elements of a couple generations of Relth in there. Feels test print-y though, there's some big flat empty spaces on that model, which isn't Spartan's style lately.
  4. Highlighting, especially on highly geometric designs like the Sorylians, makes a world of difference. Worth the time investment. Great work!
  5. One of the major Relthoza advantages is never getting hurt from 20in away or more. Take that away from them. Use lots and lots of terrain to cover your movement, and shunt as many frigate and cruiser squads as possible into the flanks of your enemy (watch those mines!). Battleship plus light frigates shunt bombed into enemy fleet as your T1. Throw away your TAC cards, you won't get them, don't let your strategy revolve around it. Cruisers wind up grossly overcosted at 70pts for +1 shield, use those points for more frigates. Bombards make nice openers with torpedo strikes, and a good clean up/counterpunch crew, but if your opponent is clever with SRS and stealth, they won't get much in early, but a nuke could be a game changer. They can also absorb some hefty turn 1-2 firepower sent their way.
  6. Yeah, I had high hopes earlier in the year with projected announcement in October, but after the very well received Indomitable Battle Carrier render and then no release followup at all - I'm not expecting any sort of two player box until there's a kick starter to raise capital for it.
  7. We've actually got a bit of a renaissance going at G&S, we had two old timer's back last week, and I think we had four tables going at one point.
  8. It's just when the game gets slow. Nearly every faction gets slow in a furball (optimize three arcs and a mine drop as Aquans, it's slow as molasses), but Dinz and Xelocians are slow a turn earlier, so they stand out and people think they need "fixed". Its been said over, and over, and over again; this game is won and lost (and therefore IS) the movement system. A friendly and fair system to move squadrons (outside representative model, farthest mover) is probably the best solution. Trying to fix the movement system by eliminating fixed fore is like designing a car where you have to disassemble the engine to replace the oil - extremely complicated and fraught with unnecessary risk.
  9. Oh dear. That could set back well over a month's work the way I paint.
  10. You'll wind up getting the TF reinforcement set, and they're built to accept 2mm magnets, so start there. You'll probably end up using ~2 2mm magnets per side on engines, and at least two on the fuselage section of the Kopis/Falcata. Get a cheap pin vise, but spend a couple extra on the drills. On any bladed tool ever, pay for a good edge, it's worth every penny. Get a 2mm and a 3mm bit. Any job a 2mm magnet isn't good enough for, a 3mm will do great (Relth light cruiser wings). 3mm is also the standard flight peg size, so drill out your mounting hole and file the flight peg square for a really good friction fit to keep your models from listing or spinning around.
  11. Agreed, the end result is very close to the current mechanic and retains the squad size/firepower resilience attributes, but feels like a lot less mental lifting. How do you roll in impairment on this mechanic without replicating the existing mechanics?
  12. Not a bad idea, and close to the SWA turn tool I think, but the turn tool can't be too expensive to my mind. One of the things I really like about this game and desperately don't want to change is that you can play the game with a patrol fleet box only. You aren't locked into buying a starter box that has models you may or may not want for a rule book and assorted other first time purchase only tools and gear. That means any upgraded turn tool needs to be low enough cost to package into a patrol fleet without impacting cost very much. I'm thinking something like the Litko turn template made from acrylic, though it retails for a couple dollars on its own. I presume something articulated is going to be significantly more expensive.
  13. I'm putting a preposterous amount of wishful thinking into this: " Look out for more In Focus blogs from me. Next will be my look at the Sorylian Collective, inspired by the images from Francois, as I discuss why the ground forces look the way they do, and we’ll discuss the future of this race’s space navy. "
  14. Ok, I'm saying better than 50/50 odds on Sory/Relth dual box announcement in a two weeks or less based on the latest Firestorm post on Spartan's facebook page. Anyone else agree?
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