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  1. i took a look at those ships. certainly let us know how they look and work. i will admit i doubt they will work for what you want. they are cast in epoxy, not resin EPOXY man thats gonna be hard to work with i would think. but what do i know lol
  2. i havent started anything yet but was thinking about some stuff along these lines when this post popped up. I was going to reef some ships and others just sand down so only the top most parts would stick up.
  3. wow everyones ships look awesome. im trying to get mine looking decent, its a work in progress lol
  4. where the link to these cards please. im just getting into the game now. thanks
  5. hmm i chould do bronze didnt think about that. i even have some patina paint i have never used, could try and figure out how to use it i suppose
  6. I just picked up the Battle for Iceland boxset and looking for some ideas. Mainly the oil rig and the sea fort as im not sure which way i wanna go. Was thinking the sea fort could be a off white like concrete or give it more of a rusty metal look but im not sure which sounds better. What do yoou guys think, wold love to see pics of how you painted the oil rig and the fort.
  7. FSA is a great game your gonna enjoy it. im in love with it and not even played my first game yet lol
  8. freakshow1966


    the thing is and how it glot glued in upside down is the part fit seemlessly in place. it not only fit perfectly there is no gap, looks almost like it was made there. I do think it gives the ships a meaner profile. Finally as its not my main fleet just a extra race i think i may just leave it that way.
  9. freakshow1966


    well if you insist lol
  10. freakshow1966


    meh i tried a few times and its glued so tight i cant even get an xacto in the seem lol Its ok really it makes the ships look more menacing i will just run with it as is.
  11. Whats the difference between the large and small tokens? Is it in the book and im just overlooking it or something.
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