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  1. I agree - I was not at all happy with the proposed rules changes and had already decided that whilst I would support the KS (for the models), I would still play V2 rules (which is always an option). I believe V2 as it stands is fine, and simply needs a few tweaks as pointed out and solved by brains larger than mine on this very community forum. I cannot see why games developers believe they need to throw the baby out with the bath water every time the opportunity arises to review a rules-set. Onwards and upwards.....and I fervently hope the lads at Warcradle heed the clever suggestions found in these posts. I mean, why waste good feedback?
  2. I own all of it. Every fleet, every ship (multiples where required), and of every iteration from the start of V1.0......and I own LOTS of them. Same for Firestorm Planetfall. ....and I can't wait to add new models to my collection. Keep the Firestorm faith Brothers and Sisters.....it won't be long.
  3. Now.....how do we resurrect that Firestorm Armada Kickstarter with the new faction and Pathogen coolness?
  4. @ Polaris after his comment: ah good point, dirty hairy it is Ahhh....I think the "Dirty Hairy" is a different type of ship altogether! Lol
  5. To be honest: not one! I own at least one of every ship produced (to market) for this game....and in a few situations paid a pretty penny to wrestle rare OOP models from their previous owners (yes I was ripped off okay....but an obsession is an obsession!). Now I can't wait for my Admiral pledge and the expansion packs. Must add some new shelves to the games room soon.
  6. Just great! So now my local gaming store has multiple corsairs models in stock yet my PRE-order (that I made over six weeks ago) is still stalled in 'processing'. Not exactly inspiring service.
  7. I too am happy with the new releases and designs-in-progress for all except possibly the Pathogen. It's the uniformity of models that just doesn't sit with the fluff: I have always seen Pathogen as the "modellers fleet", and thus our opportunity to showcase our own skills in both modelling and painting to provide the random outcomes of what is essentially space-cancer or space-nano-virus on various ships that already exist in the game. I like the idea that a frigate or a cruiser, or whatever class of ship, from any race, can be corrupted to fit the criteria of a generic Pathogen class; which may look different, but are similar in performance and capability and thus able to be 'classed' together. That's my two cents worth. I still like the ships designed for the SG Pathogen Fleet, but I'd rather see them given to another new race and leave the Pathogen to our own creative genius! I'll still buy them all.....so completely overwhelming is my addiction.
  8. So far all we really know is that they taste like crab and talk like people. After that..........nix. I will be modelling mine with a nice slice of lemon and a small bottle of vinegar.
  9. Impressive map - so many flagged locations......one more couldn't hurt: wrongtrousers Toowong, Queensland, Australia regards to all
  10. You're correct mate - Simple Green in Oz is a waste of time and money (much like the political party ). A light dilution of Dettol works wonders - but beware the 'goop' that it creates.....worse than what I imagine nuclear waste to be!
  11. This is, without doubt, one of the best threads on the website. Watching this fleet evolve from the (old) basic box set to its current size over the past 12 months has been exciting.......and viewing the game images inspiring. Keep it going Karun, as I draw motivation for my own painting sessions just looking at your models. Cheers mate.
  12. Lol - I enjoyed that. Why not make the leviathans pedal-car size so we can sit inside and make space-ship noises? Seriously though - ANY new product is a good thing as long as it's balanced in game-play IMHO. You don't have to play it if you don't wish....and surely any leviathan must be a huge point-trap. Bring it on I say.....one in every flavour please.
  13. Actually you Xysto make the mistake of NOT owning a Dremel..... Best.....modelling....tool....ever! Seriously mate - save, steal, borrow or beg.....just buy one!
  14. Thanks Beth - you had me until you mentioned the word "gym". There's no need for that sort of language! Looking forward to the new website.
  15. Good point Xen - I too would have expected a bigger splash......or even some ripples! Not one member (seriously - not one) of my local gaming club was aware of Taskforce and its imminent release. I feel as if I'm performing Spartan's marketing for them, as I'm the guy pinning printed copies of the website releases on the club notice board and drawing attention to the website on my Ipad! DW and FA were once very well-represented at my club, now I seem to be one of only a few who persevere. This seems so wrong for such great games. There's still a lot of interest, and most onlookers to our games seem surprised that such an epic-scale and well designed game receives so little 'press'. I know gaming is a tough-gig these days, and I know that Spartan attend a lot of shows in the UK - but I believe making waves in cyber-space, coupled with strong interaction with LGS's and distributors is the only decent option these days to reach a wider international audience. Other than that I suppose it's up to us! I'll be doing my bit at my club in a few weeks - my order is on the way (hopefully) and I've cleared my painting calendar in order to have my first two Taskforce Fleets up and running.
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